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By Valin on Monday, January 08, 2001 - 06:10 am:

Tradarr walked over to Mara. "What news?" he asked, looking into Mara's eyes.

Mara stared back. His eyes were cold, but determined, like Mara's. They were alike in so many ways, Mara knew, but she also knew thye were different.

Tradarr was many times more desperate and hotheaded than Mara. Mara was coolheaded and knew where to find help. She was not too proud, either.

"Our support grows. I've made several speeces in the Poor Quarter of Riveroak City. The support has increased substantially, judging by the amount of people that appeared at my later speeches."

Tradarr nodded. "Congratulations. You've been doing rather well lately. Let Vaylond help you wherever you go. I'm going to have to tell you to speak around the outskirt of town; that's where Gaea worshipping is especially prominent. If Gaea worshipping was disproven in the light of Vaylond, we would have a lot more followers."

Mara nodded, and smiled. She recalled what she knew of the outskirts. They had many Gaea worshippers, and the streets were havens for the thieve's guild. "Perfect." she thought, "A haven for the thieve's guild."

"Yes, High Priest Tradarr. I will do so immediatly in the light of Vaylond, let his name be blessed forever."

Tradarr smiled at Mara as she left. But Mara could tell it was a cold smile, perhaps of envy. Yes, Tradarr was envious of her skill. Her diplomatic "skill." Mara allowed a slight chuckle as she headed toward the tavern to meet her boyfriend.


It was dark outside already. Mara hadn't notice the time had passed so quickly- last she checked it was barely dusk. "Winter's coming. Dusk's falling faster." she thought aloud.

No one noticed her as she walked into the tavern, even though she was taller than most woman her age. Woman her age. She hated that phrase, like most woman. Not because she was older than she wanted teh world to know, it was because she was unlike woman her age.

Woman her age were immature. They lived in their parent's houses and survived because of them. Mara, on the other hand, was mature. She had disposed of her parents and found home in the thieve's guild. There she learned the basic necceseties of life, and now was perfectly on her own.

Only ambition tied her to the thieve's guild. The guild, and the evil that went inside it, sickened her. That was one of the original reasons she embraced Vaylond, the other was the promise. The promise for power.

Power appealed to her. Vaylond was, in her mind, a raod to power. A road to slow for her, but nevertheless a road. And not taking it would be crazy, even though it was inferior.

So, Mara devised a compromise. She decided to embrace Vaylond but not entirely leave the thieve's guild. The only problem was that by actively campaigning for Vaylond and being in the thieve's guild would jeopardize the guild's secrecy and Vaylond's integrity.

Or so she feared. And if both of those happened, all she had done in life would be gone. Everything, all her achievements. Years of life would be lost, all in vain.

So she devised an alternative plan. Her boyfriend Cedis, an influential member of the guild, agreed to do what it took to get Mara to power.

No, he was not a boyfriend. Boyfriend girlfriend relationships were born of love, not of mutual greed. Neither Mara nor Cedis loved each other, in fact they disliked each other. Mara saw Cedis as a a road to power and Cedis saw Mara as a boat to power. Mara was uncomforatable with someone using her to go to power, but then again she was using Cedis. It was a fragile relationship.

At some times Mara shunned those thoughts, feeling herself above emotion. Power was above emotion, and so was she Mara often told herself. But deep beneath her that was untrue. She longed for the caring her parents had given her, she longed for friends she could trust. She had given up all of those when commiting herself to power.

Now, she had to face the consequences.

Mara entered the tavern and scanned the place. It was relatively empty, but in one corner sat Cedis. He was smiling, and Mara could tell Saddan was dead.

Saddan was an influential peasant, who was steadfast in his belief in Gaea. He was poor and often talked among the nobles and merchants about Vaylond. He abhorred Vaylond, and now was justly punished.

Mara sat down by Cedis, knowing exactly the words that would come from his mouth.

"Saddan is dead, sweetheart." Cedis smiled a cold smile. He knew he couldn't fool Mara and made no attempt to feign emotion.

Mara smiled, an equally cold smile. "Tradarr has asked me to do some work on the outskirts of town. I need you to eliminate rich Gaean nobles there as well as Rebalin, and frame Denak. They're two lieutenants in the army and both are against Vaylond. Rebalin is a passive campaigner but a threat to Vaylond, and Denak is already disliked among the army. His frame would eliminate two people with one assassination. Got it?"

Cedis nodded. "I will, sweetheart."

Mara growled. "Stop calling me that. There is no need to call ourselves sweethearts, you dislike me and I dislike you, not use in covering it up, especially among ourselves."

Cedis nodded. "Sure."

Mara for the first time felt free. Away from every bond that ever bonded her in her life. Now, she held the true power. Anyone she wanted could be killed, and no one obliged her to do anything.

Mara had the power.

OOC: Of course this is only a dream. She has obviously limited power, not to worry.

By valin on Tuesday, January 09, 2001 - 12:32 am:

OOC: Oops. Cedis did not break up with Mara just so you know, I had writers block and I thought that would develop her character better but it didn't so she is still with Cedis but is not madly in love or anything.

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