A Visit To Xanthos

Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: A Visit To Xanthos

By Shard on Wednesday, January 10, 2001 - 01:07 am:

After a week's travel, the two young swordsmen finally approached the center of Deepshadow Forest. Shard and Aphiron stopped by a stream to refill their flasks of water and took the chance to pick a few berries from nearby bushes for them to eat. 'At least we'll be able to replenish our food and water supplies a little bit while we're here,' thought Shard. The two were flat broke again and had to forage for food for the past two days, hunting game and picking fruits and berries.

After a short rest and lunch break, the two got up and continued walking towards where they thought the center of the forest was. It took them another half an hour of walking before they came to the small clearing where the ancient treefolk Xanthos stood. The old treefolk beamed a smile at them and greeted them.

Hello my friends, it's been a while since last we met, hasn't it?

Shard and Aphiron both smiled, and sat down before the treefolk.

"Yes it has, my friend. We have been traveling a lot since leaving Deepshadow, and have been through a lot. We have come here again seeking guidance and assistance. I am afraid it is a most urgent matter and that we must leave again tomorrow, but we could really use your help, old one." said Shard.

The old treefolk's smile faded a little and he thought for a moment.

Well, what is it that you need my assistance with, or what is it that you would like to know?

"We need to know if you can help us find someone. A black mage called Necronis, who has done much evil and must be stopped. I had been tracking him until a few weeks ago, when I got delayed and lost the trail. Now I need to find him again so I can prevent him from committing any more atrocities. Do you think you can use your sorcery to locate him, or just point us in his general direction at least?" asked Shard.

The treefolk pondered the question for a few moments before answering.

Yes, I can point you in the right direction, but I cannot tell you exactly where he is. Is that all you require?

Shard thought for a moment then said, "I believe so.... But do you think you could give me a refresher course on spellcasting and using green mana? It's been many years since I last cast a spell with my own power, and I have trained so intensely to improve my swordsmanship that I have all but forgotten how to use magic. Aphiron may like to learn some sorcery as well, right, my friend?"

Aphiron raised an eyebrow at this, then said "Sure, I might be able to use it I suppose... I haven't exactly had the training in swordsmanship that you have so my fighting skills aren't exactly up to par anymore, but maybe I can surpass you in magical skill..." and smirked.

I do not understand, I'm afraid.... It was only two years ago since you first came here. Please explain.

Shard nodded and started his story....

(OOC: I don't have time to finish this up right now, I'll finish this post/thread later tonight probably, maybe tomorrow morning. End OOC.)


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