Forth from the darkness

Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: Forth from the darkness

By Seifer on Wednesday, January 10, 2001 - 03:36 am:


Around him, there seemed to be no light, and the darkness overwhelmed him. The man looked around delirously, his eyes blurred and his body sore. The surroundings were, to put it bluntly, not there. There were no surroundings, except for the neverending array of darkness. Using all of his strength and brainpower, the man conjured what he thought to be his solution. In a brief flash of light and a quick black out, the man burst out of the void and into a new world, or so he thought.


The darkness around the figure seemed to explode as it tumbled forth onto the solid ground from, it appeared, no where. A strange light radiated from the mysterious form. He blinked his eyes, and stretched, seeming to come from a deep sleep. The man struggled and stood up, peering around him. To the south, a huge mountain range towered about the earth, and to his west, an ocean appeared to not have an end. As well to his northwest, there was a vast amount of water. To the northeast, all he could see was grassland, with trees dotting the horizon here and there. No people seemed to be around, from what the man could see. He sighed and started walking toward the west ocean, while pulling out a piece of parchment and quill pen from the leatherskin bag strapped over his shoulder. The strange man stopped for a second to carefully draw a rough map, outlining the surroundings. With the parchment and pen back in the sack, he started off walking again, whistling an unfamiliar tune.


A few hours later, the sun seeped below the horizon, and the man decided to call it a night. He pulled out a small dagger, clenched his fist around it, and lay down in the tall grass. Thinking about the home he far left behind, he slept.

Seifer has arrived.

By blah on Wednesday, January 10, 2001 - 04:22 pm:

Yay, originality is still alive and kicking. Where's Cloud and Squall?

By Shadow (Shadow) on Wednesday, January 10, 2001 - 09:31 pm:

*thug tones*

'scuse me. you talkitame? you sayin' I'm not 'riginal? you sayin' this i' 'riginal? 'ey man, dis 's cool and all, but I dunno 'bout 'riginal man. I seen dis stuff before. I seen it all. Ease up off my case yo.

*Shadow is obviously on drugs*

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