Friend, or foe.

Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: Friend, or foe.

By Seifer on Thursday, January 11, 2001 - 05:42 am:

Seifer slept soundly as he gripped the dangerous dagger in his right hand, ready for any approachers. He shifted as he heard twigs crackling and grass crunching, and his hand tightened around the weapon. Seifer then awoke, and barely opened his eyes, peering through the small slits. Suddenly he jumped up, frightening the approaching figure, who then screamed in suprise. Seifer bound forward, tackling his so-called attacker and pent them to the ground. He looked into the person's face, realized it was a woman, but still kept his guard up, barely releasing the hold on her. She was panting and gasping, pleading for him to let her up. But then, as if a strength from nowhere flowed into her, she pushed Seifer up off her and he flew backwards, his head hitting on a rock. He jumped up, and stood in attack stance. The woman sighed and gestured for peace, in which Seifer loosened a little in return. The mysterious woman spoke strangely, saying, "Me friend if you friend. Me foe if you foe. We friend? Me offer weapon to ground." And she threw her dagger to the ground. "Very well. I shall do the same," Seifer said, but as he looked around for his dagger, he couldn't locate it. The woman grinned. "Be careful weapons, sir. Might get stole." He sighed and picked up his dagger, placing it in his sack. "The name's Seifer. And you, my lady?" He stuck his hand out, but she just looked at him strangely. "My name Sparta." She shrugged, and flowed her hands majestically through the air. "This my home. No one live here but me. No remember past, or family. No remember childhood. No memory but me by self, keeping alive." She sighed. Seifer cut in. "I have a past, I have memories. I even had a family, but they were, in a sense, taken away from me. That is why I have come here, for new adventures, but still I have a purpose. According to my great father, this place holds the secret to releasing them. But where, I have no clue. I must search, however. I must find the way..." Sparta seemed touched. She and him had a connection, it seemed. They were alike in the strangest ways. Seifer continued, "So I will continue this search until the day I die, and if possible, even long after that. Hmm.... would you like to come with me? We can keep each other company, and perhaps help each other. Maybe," he grinned, "I could also teach you the rest of the language we speak." She managed a stiffled laugh, and shrugged and nodded her head. "Sure, me go with you. Me help, you help. Nothing else to do. Which way?" Seifer pointed towards the ocean, and Sparta nodded. As they walked off in the distance, Seifer tried to explain to her the principle that "me" and "I" are used differently, and seemed to be getting frustrated....

The adventure has begun.

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