Necronis begins his assault of Dantimos.....

Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: Necronis begins his assault of Dantimos.....

By Necronis on Wednesday, January 17, 2001 - 02:17 am:

(OOC: I made a mistake in dating my last post with Necronis; it was supposed to be dated December 24th, not December 10th. Just mentioning that. End OOC.)

-= January 2, 795 TR =-

Necronis walked out through the gate to Chesire Castle and stepped out into the night. Before him were legions of demons, zombies, vampires, ghouls, fiends, skeletal abominations, imps, liches, and wraiths. At the fore of Necronis' army was his pack of were-creatures, led by Fenris. At the rear was Ven'rathil, the lord of the vampires, and beside him the ancient mummified sorcerer-king Cerebor, and next to him the liche lord Voraj. With them were the wraithen priests of Kurusk, and the liches Necronis had enslaved at the ruins of the cult's fortress. Necronis smiled evilly as he viewed his legions. He would conquer Phaema and use the souls of his fallen enemies to bring about Kurusk's rebirth, and the Dark Genesis would be at hand! And in the wonderfully hellish world that the Clawed One would make of Phaema, Necronis would be general of Kurusk's army, and would lead the assault on every world of the multiverse and conquer them for the Clawed One! He would have untold power, glory, and command of the mightiest army ever to walk Phaema or any plane of the multiverse!

Necronis walked over to the rear of his army and gestured for Ven'rathil to approach him. The vampire lord snarled and complied.

What do you wish, my lord?

Ven'rathil sneered as he spoke the last two words.

"Yes, servant. Convey my orders to the rear portion of the army. We are to move out in ten minutes." Necronis ordered. Then he left and walked around over to the front of the army, and told Fenris the order. The werewolf barked out the order to the front portion of the army, and Necronis' legions set forth. Their first target would be the dwarven nation of Loebar.

It would take them a few days to march to the edges of Loebar and strike at its outermost cities and fortifications. And then the Apocalypse War would begin, and the end of Phaema would be at hand.

(OOC: I'll continue this thread tomorrow. End OOC.)

Arkhandus, Blue Mage
Necronis, Lord of Undead
Traug, Troll Mage
Shard, Sword Mage
Aphiron, Novice Warrior

By Shadow (Shadow) on Wednesday, January 17, 2001 - 06:51 am:

Outskirts of Loebar
February 15th, TSR

"Excellent. We have arrived. Ven'rathil, send --"

Necronis was startled to note that the vampire lord was not listening to him. Necronis rode up beside him.

"VEN'RATHIL! What in the nine hells do you think you are doing? Loebar is that way!" The vampire turned slowly towards him and stared him straight in the eye.

"The Clawed One Calls," he said. "Due north, to Crn." Necronis protested, not understanding how he could possibly have lost control of his forces. It simply wasn't possible, but the vampire ignored him and continued marching north with the rest of the horde following. They did not even seem to notice Necronis.

By Mist Phantom on Thursday, January 18, 2001 - 10:20 pm:

Erm, Shadow? Might I ask what you're planning on doing? I intended to continue the story right now, but then I noticed that you intervened.... I'm not sure what you have planned, but please continue it soon or I'll be taking over again and resuming my storyline like I planned it. I don't want this storyline to be dragged out too long, because I want to be able to make my next posts with Shard and Arkhandus. But I can't do that until I've gotten this story with Necronis to a certain point. So please hurry and continue whatever it is you're planning to do with this story, so I can continue what /i{I} was planning to do with it. :) Don't know if this sounds mean or childish or anything, if so, I don't mean it to. I just want to hurry this story along so my plans with my others characters don't get messed up and end up not making any sense. Bah, now I think I've confused myself. Anyway, just hurry up and continue this story today or tomorrow to get it moving along.

~ /\/\ist Phantom ~

By Shadow (Shadow) on Friday, January 19, 2001 - 05:54 am:


Mist, I don't want to sound mean or anything, but it doesn't matter to me what you do with the story as long it makes sense continuity-wise with the bit I wrote above. It looks like Necronis has lost control of the army of undead and they are being controlled by something else now. The vampire lord says it is "The Clawed One," but that sounds rather odd.

I don't ever have a definite plan; I'm not a fan of definite plans in the RPM -- too boring, I might as well be playing solitaire. I just do things that I think will make stuff more interesting.

Do you read the other stuff I write here? Interesting stuff going on in the area around Crn. Few months ago, Ley Druid found something in this weird book that prophecized the return of Shadow Darkshroud. Then the book somehow corrupted one of the apprentices or something and made him waste one of his friends. Oddly, the same book popped up with Rhisiart's new evil guy and suggested that evil was returning to "the house." Mmmm, isn't Crn where that vampire said they were heading?

Anyway, don't bother waiting for me, just go ahead and write whatever you want, so long as it makes sense with what's already been written.

By Necronis on Friday, January 19, 2001 - 04:57 pm:

Necronis cursed for several long minutes at this sudden turn of events. Why in the name of Kurusk were they doing?!?!!? Why wouldn't his army obey his commands?!?! Necronis just stood and fumed for awhile, cursing loudly. Then he began to calm down. Fine, if his army wasn't going to obey him, then some other force must be manipulating them, a force as powerful as he, maybe even more powerful than that. No!!! What was he thinking? That couldn't be. No silly mortal on Phaema was as mighty as he, Necronis, Lord of Undead, and champion of Kurusk!!! Of course not! Necronis mentally chided himself for being so foolish, then turned his attention to the army. It was marching steadily northward, and showed no signs of turning around and obeying his orders to begin the assault of Loebar. But if his own army wasn't obeying him, then what could possibly be manipulating them or interfering with his command? Perhaps some powerful artifact was calling to them? If so, he would have to destroy it before he could resume command of his legions. So be it. If that's what he'd have to do, then he best get to it and regain control of his legions as soon as possible. Fenris and his fellow were-beasts wouldn't be pleased about this detour, and Kurusk won't want his rebirth delayed. Necronis began running to catch up to the head of the army. He would pass them up and run to Crn ahead of the legions and destroy whatever was interfering with his command.


By Mist Phantom on Friday, January 19, 2001 - 05:09 pm:

Erm, Shadow, I just noticed the date on your post too. I had said in my post that it would take a few days to reach the edge of Loebar, but your post is dated about two weeks after mine. That kinda screws up some of the stuff I had planned for this story, and, um, I kinda already had my other stories synchronized with this one and set everything in motion for this story. Now either you'll have to change the date of your post to more accurately reflect what I had stated in my previous post (i.e. about January 5, 6, or 7) or I'm gonna have to totally change my plans for this story to accomodate that overly-long march to Loebar. Just mentioning...

By Shadow (Shadow) on Saturday, January 20, 2001 - 01:55 pm:

Well, where is Cheshire Castle? I was trying to do a realistic travel time for an army containing foot soldiers (dead or otherwise). I would consider two weeks a few days, but the date isn't of particular importance to me.

If it makes that much of a difference to you, we'll pretend the posted date was January 10.

By Mist Phantom on Saturday, January 20, 2001 - 09:45 pm:

OK. Well, Chesire Castle shifts positions every night at midnight. When Necronis left it, Chesire Castle was maybe ten or so days' walk to the west of Loebar. However, since Necronis and his legions are for the most part walking corpses :), with no need for rest, eating, drinking, bathroom breaks, :) or anything of the sort, they can travel nearly twice as far as a normal army could in a certain amount of time. So, I think January 10th should be a workable date. I'll just assume that Fenris and his fellow were-creatures had to take a short break each day to hunt for food and rest a little, since they're the only living creatures in the army, and so the army took a few short breaks in their trip. So an 8-day march would be alright. But that means that it should only take another 4-5 days to reach Crn, or else it'll still screw up the timeframe for my story and the other stories that I have running. Since the army is apparently under some kind of trance or something, they probably won't be stopping in their march like they had on the way to Loebar, so it shouldn't take them quite as long to reach Crn. Besides, Fenris and his fellows are probably fairly full and shouldn't need food for a few more days or so, I guess. But please continue whatever you were going to do with this story soon.

By Shadow (Shadow) on Wednesday, January 24, 2001 - 04:56 am:

sure thing, response should be up later tonight (would have come earlier; been consumed by exams).

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