The Spell

Beyond Dominia: The Role Playing Mill: The Spell

By Shadow (Shadow) on Wednesday, January 17, 2001 - 06:00 am:

Kaat'n Castle
Evening, December 31, 793 TSR

Level paced back and forth in his room, unable to sleep. It was not fair. He had read all the stories about mages. He had the creative flare that Sage Advisor talked about. He was the one that truly wanted to be a mage. He would know what to do with magic. But his two friends, who'd never cared in the least for magic, never appreciated the beauty and grandeur of the art...THEY WERE THE MAGES!.

And then there was that arrogant ass Arasus, always hard on his case. Today he had stopped him (just out of the blue!) and told him: Some things are not meant to be. Learning to accept the things that are initially dissappointing is a large part of life. It isn't easy, but it is the only way to live happily. What did he know?! The fool wasn't even a mage himself, how could he understand what Level was feeling.

Level opened his door and paced out into the hallway. All of the fuming had agitated his bladder; Level had to go to the lavatory. He exited his quarters and entered the Great Hall. Up the staircase. Door at the end of the second corridor.

"Level...come take a look at this."

Level spun around, but nobody was there. He noticed an open door. It was a room he hadn't really noticed before, but he heard a gentle humming coming from inside and decided to investigate. Level walked into Ley Druid's room.

He looked around for the source of the humming, but nobody was in the room. He noticed an open book on the table, and sitting on top of it was a little sprite. The sprite was humming.

"Who are you?" he asked. The sprite stopped humming. It looked at him, then pointed down towards the book on the table. Level shrugged and reached for the book.

Level...lies...your teachers....lie...with be a will tell you how...

Level spun around again, but nobody was in the room; the sprite had disappeared. Level looked at the book.

The Häs Naledák: A Magic primer

Any person may make use of magic; it is only a matter of acquiring the proper tools and learning the proper procedures. We suspect you want to go straight into spellcasting, so try this simple spell first. It will greatly increase your spell-casting propensity to ease future lessons. In five easy steps:

1. Make a circle of blood. Use a black-knife. The blood must be drawn from an innocent, but you needn't cut deep. It doesn't take much.

2. Poor the contents of the bag attached to the front cover of this book into the circle.

3. Place your hand on the emblem that is engraved on the front of this book and trace it in the powder with the black-knife.

4. Recite the words written under the emlem (they're pronounced phoneticly).

5. Touch the forehead of the innocent to the center of the powder-emblem.

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