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By Shadow (Shadow) on Wednesday, January 17, 2001 - 06:25 am:

The Library of Wrin
January 1, 795 TSR

Häs Aliculnálepèrðs. The translation read: "The "Remaking, a history.

Ley Druid had read the entire book about the Xidani and a few other books, and had ended up with a good understanding of the language, but not much useful information. The other books frequently referenced this one and Ley was anxious to find out what this "Remaking" actually was.

"Occasionally, the need arises to remake a plane. There is a member of the Náleclan that handles this process on each plane. Generally, the remaking is only necessary when the mana distribution of a plane is severely altered.

The last remaking began on the plane of Phaema in the 2nd quarter of The Year of the Fever. Solice, Facilitator in Chief of the Náleclan, began the procedure but, for as of yet unknown circumstances, was unable to complete it. The principle directrix of the Náleclan overrode the procedure and completed it manually. A Náleclan investigation is currently under way to determine what the problem was.

The remaking involved the following shells:

Solice, Facilitator in Chief of the Náleclan
Peire Tenebron, Archmagi of Derinir
Kiara Tenebron, Archmaga of Derinir
Shadow Darkshroud, Guildsenior of Kaat'n
Arcanus Goss, Ley Druid of Kaat'n

Ley dropped the book. He reached under his shirt and slowly fingered the emerald medallion that hung from his necklace. Ley doubled over suddenly. His lodestone implant had begun throbbing in his wrist. Trouble at Kaat'n. It would be several days journey from here and Ley had a gut feeling that this was far more urgent. Ley walked outside, having checked out the books and stored them in a pouch of holding. He looked at his horse. He sighed. Worth the risk.

Ley pulled the necklace out from under his robes. He clasped the Xidani, mentally shuddering over the warnings in the book, and faded out of existance.

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