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By SerraCollector (Collector) on Wednesday, December 12, 2001 - 12:50 pm:

I was playing a game of Magic last night, and a friend of mine said that they errata'd all the Cantrips (draw a card at the next upkeep) to now say "draw a card immediatley" to make it easier for newbies to understand:

1) Is this true?
2) If it is, that means Arcane Denial sux 100% worse (I counter ur spell and u draw 2 cards now).
3) If it is true though, with 4 Baubles/4 Foresight/4 "Foresight from Invasion" u could skim ur deck donw to like 10 cards on the first turn. Hmmmmmmmm......

By Gzeiger (Gzeiger) on Wednesday, December 12, 2001 - 12:55 pm:

No, it isn't true. All new cantrips that have been printed beginning in Weatherlight use that formula, but the old ones still say upkeep. Otherwise Urza's Bauble would indeed be in high demand :)

"Foresight from Invasion" does draw the card immediately, as do several more efficient spells (Peek).

By lobo on Sunday, December 16, 2001 - 09:14 pm:

I believe the old cards were errated to take effect at the beginning of the next turn.

By Rakso, Patriarch & Rules Ayatollah (Rakso) on Sunday, December 16, 2001 - 10:14 pm:

And then erratad back to beginning of upkeep.

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