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By Shadow (Shadow) on Saturday, December 22, 2001 - 11:48 am:

The Holidays are, well, actually they're here, I guess. Anyway, I don't have a present for you folks right now, but I hope to have one by early February, that is, provided I get what I want for Christmas.

Let me explain this with a few less commas:

At some point in the last month or so, the idea started getting tossed around of trying to resurrect the E-Zine on which Beyond Dominia was founded. The Zine stopped being published because there stopped being sufficient writing to put it out. Well, as it is, I've already talked to several people about writing, and things are looking encouraging. The plan is to publish this thing quarterly, so that there is plenty of time to collect and screen writing. The goal here is quality. Finding a quality mtg-zine these days is like dragging a whale down a beach.

I would like to have enough articles by January 15th to publish. Though many people have already made offers, I would like to have as much submitted as possible. So I'm opening this up to, well, everybody! If you have some sort of inspiration for an article, please by all means send it to me (e-mail: d***a@o*** Articles shouldn't be much more than 2000 words (they can certainly be much less) including decklists, as people tend to stop paying attention after that.

While I don't want to discourage submission, I feel that I should go ahead and say that I will be screening submissions. Probably with some assistance. This doesn't mean that I won't publish everything that gets submitted, only that I won't definitely publish everything that gets submitted. I might save some stuff until later.
Writers maintain their copyrights, however, when an article is submitted, BD assumes the right to publish it in full or in part without compensating the writer.

Writing on more or less any subject is okay.

Here's the big thing though:

If I don't get enough articles by Jan. 15th to publish, this project will probably get canned. I'm not building the actual zine until I know I have the articles to publish it. So pull out those word processors, babs, and send me some holiday gifts. =p

My thanks and good wishes to one and all,
--Seth Johnson (Shadow)

P.S. If you wish me to read response to this, please e-mail, as I'm posting this thread in more places than I feel like checking up on.

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