Greatest Format Ever??--15 Card Highlander!

Beyond Dominia: The Rumor Mill: Greatest Format Ever??--15 Card Highlander!

By Ocifer on Sunday, November 11, 2001 - 08:33 pm:

Oh my god! This is so fun!!
A game seriously takes about 2 minutes to complete. And the balance between skill and luck needed to get a win makes it just so incredibly FUN!
The format goes as follows:
Each deck is allowed to have exactly 15 cards. You can have no more than 1 of any copy of a card in your deck except basic land. A player cannot lose by any form of decking. If you run out of cards in your deck, you must skip your remaining draws. Each player is allowed but not required a 3 card sideboard. No cards are on the banned list.

I know it looks like the person who gets the first play is going to win... but it's not always so. I know it looks like combo is going to totally rule the meta-game... but it's not always so.
This format has already yeilded me several surprises in just one night. I definetely wanna see a tourney run in this format... perhaps in the BD irc room.
I must say, nothing brought a bigger smile to my face in the past week than when I misdirected some poor guys first turn channelball. All said, I think I'll post one of my 2 decks I've made for this format just for a little deck critique. LOL @ Tweaking a 15 card deck.
Highlander Sligh:
1 Gemstone Mine
1 Black Lotus
1 Lotus Petal
1 Mana Crypt
1 Mox Jet
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Dark Ritual
1 Ancestral Recall
1 Meditate
1 Misdirection
1 Force of Will
1 Necropotence
1 Ball Lightning
1 Berserk
1 Blood Frenzy

As you can see, the ultimate goal is to either draw out a first turn Ball and then Blood Frenzy/Berserk it for 20 points, or to get out a first turn necro and stall them with your Force/Misdirection for a second turn kill using the same method.
So... Either critique my deck, or post your own deck list for this format. I'll love to see what BD can come up with for this. GL and have fun BD.

By Matt The Great on Sunday, November 11, 2001 - 11:36 pm:

1 Voltaic Key
1 Orim's Chant
1 Balance
1 Swords to Plowshares
1 Lightning Bolt
1 Phyrexian Processor
1 Soldevi Digger
1 Plateau
1 Tundra
1 Scrubland
1 Mox Sapphire
1 Mox Ruby
1 Sol Ring
1 Mox Pearl
1 Mox Jet

It doesn't have a name, but it's nifty. Mainly a Processor-kill deck, because unlimited creatures are really, really good in such a short environment. Uses Digger in case something happens to the Processor, and you can recurse Swords to beat the living hell out of creature decks. Can also recurse Bolt to win, Chant-Lock the opponent, etc. There's just enough mana in the deck to Processor twice a turn, and the Digger can also get some of that back, should you lose it.

By Ocifer on Monday, November 12, 2001 - 02:07 am:

I just made another deck. I think it'll absolutely kill the competition (like all decks in this format should). See how you like it. By all means critique it.

Gemstone Mine
Lions Eye Diamond
Mox Sapphire
Mox Jet
Black Lotus
Lotus Petal
Mana Crypt
Dark Ritual
Time Walk
Ancestral Recall
Force of Will
Underworld Dreams

Of course, it works by putting down the Underworld Dreams and using the LED to constantly recurs the Timetwister until the opponent takes critical damage, because of the ritual and LED you will have 5 mana each time, 3U and 2B, to play the twister. The Draw spells are there just incase of a bad opening hand and to pitch to the Counterspells.
Comon now, someone put down a channelball deck for me. A hatred deck? Turboland? Perhaps someone wants to convert the Doomsday combo... What else?

By Gzeiger (Gzeiger) on Monday, November 12, 2001 - 02:29 am:

You've got no way to recurse the Twister there. It will go to the graveyard and stay there...

By mathusalem on Monday, November 12, 2001 - 03:35 pm:

it DOES look like a fun format indeed! I'll try!


By Ocifer on Monday, November 12, 2001 - 05:53 pm:

Well now... I knew I had overlooked something... my aren't I stupid.
None the less, toss in your favorite spell and it's all fun and games.
On another note. Glad to see a few others are interested. Anyone else wanna meet me in the BD chatroom for a few games? I'm all about it. Email me if you're interested (e***s@x***, include days of the week and times you could play, and I'll post here with the possiblity of an upcoming play session or tournament (round-robin style). I'd love to see this develop into something we do once a week or so...
Kinda like a BD exclusive, signature tournament. Every Tuesday night at 10 (or some such thing).
Anyone wanna play?

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