What to do about MTG-O

Beyond Dominia: The Rumor Mill: What to do about MTG-O

By Hedgecore on Wednesday, January 16, 2002 - 01:00 am:

I seem to recal that there are thousands of players out there right now, playing apprentice. The game is free, all the cards are available, and the interface is so horrid compared to MTG-O. Has there been a "Cannibilization" of the magic market due to apprentice? In fact, the numbers show just the opposite. Programs like Apprentice help the magic market, as they keep people in the fold.
If your somone that is relativly new to magic, and you are trying to hone your skills as a player, Once a week tourneys, and a few games with your friends doesnt do much to help your playskillz. The ability to go online, practice with any deck you want, vs many skilled opponents, does. You could say that players that play apprentice have a distinct advantage over alot of players that dont have the opportunity to play every matchup, to play every opposing deck to see how it works, or to draft a set 50 times before game-day.

I think that what becomes neccisary, now that Wizards has reared its greedy head once again, is not protest or boycot, but unity. We need to call for a program like Apprentice, with an interface like MTG:0, with 100% cardbase, with a price tag. We need to ignore the negativity of what wizards is trying to do, and look to something positive.

The magic community loves the solidarity of hatred twards agendas of wizards or the dci, or whomever would threaten our ideals. But what has anyone really done about it besides bitch and moan? The time for action is now, and the time for negative reaction is over. People empowered to make change, DO IT! People ready to support them, DO IT!

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