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By Tyger on Thursday, July 05, 2001 - 11:34 pm:

wow. I just lost to u/g stompy skies.

Game 1
I get 1ts turn ancestral he gets some moxen out i second trun time walk then play efreet. i have to force a indentured djinn or i would have 12 cards in hand(i know i dont have to draw the cards, but then its too good for him) i force another djinn having wasted a psi blast on a skyfolk. i realize why my deck is called SUICIDe blue afeter takein 5 or 6 from efreet and 4 from FoW/PsiBlast. i play sunder but he has two moxen and recovers quickly. Some flying men take out my 1 toughness guys and he wins when hes at 5.

SB: 4 propaganda 3 misdirection for 3 thwart 3 foil 1 sunder

i play 3rd tunr propaganda instead of a one toughness guy b/c he has 2 elves in play (what was i thinking?). i play and efreet and let 2 djinns resolve draw psiblasts off both of em. he gets a skyfolk out which takes out a 1 toughness. i play sunder b4 blockers at one point to which he taps 2 land signaling for might of oaks, but i have the misdirection. i sunder again but now he has sol ring and elves go all the way with some efreet and psiblast (and beserk) help despite 2nd propaganda

conclusion - my deck has too many one toughness guys and his flying men / unstable mutated birds traded with. his pump efects arent too much - unstable mutation is more scary that might b/c might gets used to kill the opponents larger creatures, mutation goes for the kill. if anyone has any suggestions on what i should replace the one toughness guys wih let me know cuz i really like playing suicide in blue

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