T1ToC4 -- JP (Dark Keeper) over ThaWise (Bridge Black) 2-1

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By JP 'Polluted' Meyer, the Archivist (Jpmeyer) on Monday, July 09, 2001 - 10:05 pm:

This has been archived in the T1ToC4 archives; I just wanted to put it here as well since it's mad annoying scrolling for pages to find that blasted thing. Anyway...

Game 1 I have an explosive hand. I drop Academy, Jet, Zorb, DT for Ancestral and Ancestral. I stall on two land and 2 Moxen and ThaWise punishes me with a Sinkhole on the Academy, a flurry of Hymns and Duresses, and a Keg a few turns after he hits my Academy. I manage to Edict an Order and drop the Abyss. I slowly rebuild my land and artifact base, however it occasionally gets hit. I cast Morphling but ThaWise answered with Ensnaring Bridge. I only can hit him for 2 damage with my Morphling before ThaWise gets a Disk out which I cannot kill and Disks away my Abyss, Morphling, and 2 Moxen. He eventually gets out a Mishra's Factory, but I have the Wasteland for it. I drop Moat and cast a FoF off of a Mana Drain (which hit a 6 point Mind Twist) eventually, but it ends up being 2x City of Brass, 2x Wasteland, and a Yavimaya Coast. I take the pile of City/2x Wasteland with the reasoning that I have enough land in play, want to be able to hit Mishra's, and want to be able to use LoA once I draw it. Nothing happens for a similarly longer time until I TD Will and with Academy, all my artifacts in my graveyard, a lot of land in play, and Time Walk and both Morphlings in the graveyard he concedes.

-1 Moat, -1 Mind Twist, +1 Seal of Cleansing, +1 Ivory Mask

Game 2 runs pretty much the same way that Game 1 did. He hits me hard and early. We reach the topdecking time, however he draws Will this time and brings back a Mishra, a Keg, and a Hypno. I manage to Mana Drain a Hymn which I use to power my own Will, but I can only handle the Mishra and the Hypno kills me 3 turns later.

-1 Wasteland, +1 StP

Game 3 I get turn 1 LoA and think I'm in good shape. Then ThaWise goes Swamp, Lotus, Sinkhole, Hymn. And on the Hymn he takes Mystical AND Timetwister. Frown. I lay the other land in my hand and don't see another for a while. I Force aggressively. I drop my Lotus in case I draw a FoF. He drops Disk so I bait him with Mox Pearl and he takes it. I still haven't gotten a land yet and he drops a Factory which starts taking bitesout of my life. Then he drops another one and I'm on a 3 turn clock. He drops an Order to finish me off which lets me cast Mana Drain! Wow, I just pulled victory from the jaws of defeat here! I use the mana to cast Will, replay LoA, Lotus, Pearl, FoF (I take a pile of Edict and VT over Wasteland, Regrowth, and City) the VT from FoF (getting Wasteland) and Time Walk. I Waste on Factory, Edict the other when he attacks with it, and start drawing cards. I eventually have a Morphling in hand, but I'm scared so I cast DT for Mana Drain...which ended up being a VERY good move because he just TD'ed a Sinkhole for my LoA! I use that mana to drop Ivory Mask. A few turns later I get Morphling so I cast Duress. ThaWise had his only other Disk in hand, and with all his Mishra's dead and Ivory Mask on the board, he had no way to win and conceded. Wow that was a scary one!

So I'm now 1-0 in matches and 2-1 in games. Looks like I called my match correctly.

By JP 'Polluted' Meyer, the Archivist (Jpmeyer) on Monday, July 09, 2001 - 10:29 pm:

Oh, and I forgot to save the logs.

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