round 2: Tyger defeats Tir 2-0

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By Tyger on Wednesday, July 18, 2001 - 12:15 pm:

tyger(1-1) wiht skies defeats tir(0-2) with bargain deck.

game 1
i get a an early flyer and hit for 6 b4 he plays abyss. he then plays bargain w/ counter backup. i think ive lost but i keep playin ne way cuz i have 2 psi balsts in hand. he plays dream halls. he then plays gerrards wisdom i counter he counter and i should psi blast him now since hes at 2, but i forget dream halss works for me. he gains 6 draw some more and i psi blast when hesat 3. he draws 2more and counters but hes now bargain locked and im in Time Walk city. i play 2 guys to get by abyss and win.

sb: out : 4 sunder in: 3 misdirection 1 b2b

he plays 2nd turn city of solitude so i have to race with my first tunr guy. i play a second guy and ancestral then i psi balst him to 7. he plays a rector but my guysfly over him. i play 2 more guiys thinking its more likely hell draw wisdom then balance. he draws vampiric tutor so i win!

conclusion: these kinda decks are what my deck is sposed to beat, not stupid u/g beatdown decks!

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