Round One Makeup- [2-0] Acolytec (NecroBlue) over Brimstone (Keeper)

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By Acolytec on Sunday, July 22, 2001 - 02:39 pm:

Typical Blue/Keeper matchup in that back to basics functioned as a B2 "target keeper player loses the game if this stays in play for over one turn." I have a knack for not drawing back to basics until midgame... Thus, Brimstone's duresses did very little to me as all he could throw away were a few force of wills. I started little counterwars each game to exhaust Brimstone's mana and hand, and then promptly found a back to basics. Red elemental blast is still the most annoying card that a keeper deck can side in against blue. I think keeper needs about 7 of the things sideboard if blue is expected. Or just restrict mana drain and fact or fiction and allow us to play lands that do not have to count as islands.

Second game, I waited with my wasteland in my hand until Brimstone dropped library. Black vise was really fun, with Brimstone getting rid of it, but exhausting his counters. I ended up being capped for 3 morphlings with a shaman pinging me, but back to basics gave me a lot of time as I rushed through my deck to find my last morphling and enough mana to protect him. I had sided out the last dead card in my deck for a Blue Ele Blast that really should have been a grindstone. Morphling was not among the last 3 cards in my library, so he did what supermans do best.

The Maxx- I would be glad to make up the match against Chaos with someone else in addition to playing round 3. Cause either a draw or a win against a no show is no fun.

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