Brimstone Dragon (Keeper) defeats Gzeiger (Academy) 2-1

Beyond Dominia: The Type One Magic Mill: Tournament -- T1ToC4 Archive: Brimstone Dragon (Keeper) defeats Gzeiger (Academy) 2-1

By Gzeiger (Gzeiger) on Friday, August 03, 2001 - 06:14 pm:

Contrary to popular belief, the big problem with the Academy deck isn't counterspells, but an inability to deal with Wasteland in a timely fashion.

Game one I played first and comboed him out one my second turn with 3 Defense Grids in play and a resolved Abeyance. Ouch! And without a single Helm of Awakening.

Game two he plays first, starting off with a City of Brass. A first turn Defense Grid resolves and I think I'm in control of the situation. Unfortunately I don't see a third land for several turns and he plays a Wasteland and Pernicious Deed while I stare forlornly at my Wheel of Fortune and Windfall. The Deed for 2 reduces me to a pair of Underground Seas and only one card in hand, with the Academy in the graveyard, so I scoop.

Game three I didn't have a chance. He lets Defense Grid resolve because he has a first-turn Wasteland, followed up shortly by his own Academy and a Jester's Cap which is of course game for a deck with only two kill cards.

Conclusion: More Abeyance next time.

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