Tournament report: 8 player type 1 in canberra, oath/keeper

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By Andrew, the Sphinx Slayer (Andrew) on Wednesday, August 08, 2001 - 11:25 pm:

Well, that was fun. Last night at Logical Choice (The local gaming store) we had an 8 person type 1. Weeeeeee.

Players where:
Miki Salonen (Parfait)
Anatoli Lightfoot (3 colour sligh)
Tom ... damn. He has a last name, somewhere. (Sligh)
Andrew Vance (me) (4 colour oath/keeper)
Glen Doyle(Academy)
Shane Howard (4 colour draw-go (about 16 counterspells, so not keeper as much)
Jason Scott (Turbo Nevyn)
Chook, playing Nethervoid with Nights and hyppies.

Myself, miki, Jason and Shane have more-or-less full powered versions of the decks we're playing. (I'm short a lotus and a ruby, jason is short an ancestral and (iirc) a lotus, or possibly a mox).

Round one: Toli, 3 colour sligh.

First game: I get out a sylvan second turn, and an oath third turn. I drop a weaver, stalling his two cadets, and then a feeder, stabilising myself at 12. I hold him off for a while, making sure he can't burn me out, get a morphling and kill him.
I side in a couple of kegs, some chills and something - I forget.
It turns out he sided out almost all of his creatures - doh!
Game 2, we both do nothing for a few turns, and he wastes a couple of land. I drop an oath. Then, next turn, I get slightly worried by the fact that I have a weaver in hand, and cast it. mistake! He decides to oath in his turn. The top card of his library is a negator. crap! I last a while, but eventually he kills me (the negator died at some point, but did the job.)

game 3: I almost side out the oaths, but don't.

I drop some moxen, timewalk, drop a sylvan, and say go. He drops a monkey. I can't kill it in my next turn, so he blows up my moxes. Then I drop an oath. He can't kill his monkey, so beats me down. I oath up a morphling, and 'win as only I know how' - because obviously, turning a morphling sideways is hard for some people.

Round two: Chook, playing black beats.

We trade counters and dudes for a while. He manages to sneak out a pump night, and starts beating with it. I go down to about 6, and he has sinkholed two land and has a hyppie out. Things are looking bad, me thinks.
Topdecking a balance makes me a good player, right?
I procede to smash face.

I side in some kegs and a light of day.
Second game is very weird. He has kept a slightly threat-light hand, and after I counter his first turn (hyppie?) with a FoW, he decideds to drop a void second turn. This slows us both down, a whole lot. I get a mashra, and smack with it a bit, and he pays 5 for a knight to stand off with. and pay 3 for a mox at some point. Then, around turn 7, he tries to duress me. I pay 5 to MD it. Then, in my turn, I pay 7 for an abyss. No more void! His dude dies, and he drops some more. I tutor for light of day at the end of his turn. He keeps blowing up my mishras, and I keep blessing them back. I occasionally get to use the oath, but not enough to get morph. The he drops a Tombstone stairwell - killing the abyss. He still can't attack, but neither can I. A few turns later I regrow the abyss, and kill the stairwell (he couldn't pay the upkeep, but I got to beat with the mishras I kept blessing back into my library when the died.) We trade back and forth for a while, until I get a morphling. He scoops - we'd both know for a while that I'd won, as soon as I could find any presure! He'd been waiting for a disk, but I had that covered counter-wise.

Round 3: Jason scott.
I realise I have no real sideboard vs combo. bugger.
Game 1: He gets to duress first and second turn. I then beat him down for 7 turns with a mishra. I'm blessing ancestrals, timewalks and counters back in like a lunatic. Then he finally runs me out of counters, and goes off. (I made a mistake at the end of this game, maybe. I FoF'd,and the cards were: Morph, ancestral, Libx, land, mox. He offered ancestral or everything else - I took the non-ancestral pile. This meant I didn't have a counter (1 land in hand we both knew) but could kill him if I got one hit with morph. Ancestral, otoh, meant I might have a counter but would need 3 more turns to go win.)

game 2: He duresses me first turn. I tutor for an ancestral, which he misdirects. Then he duresses me second turn. The he goes off on the 4th or 5th turn. Bugger.

So I came second. JS won, obviously. I think Miki (parfait) came 3rd, and Tom came 4th. I'll post a decklist later when I have one.

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