Acolytec (NecroBlue) over Burning Ice (IceBlue Zoo) 2-1

Beyond Dominia: The Type One Magic Mill: Tournament -- T1ToC4 Archive: Acolytec (NecroBlue) over Burning Ice (IceBlue Zoo) 2-1

By Acolytec on Wednesday, August 15, 2001 - 12:12 am:

First game turned into both my morphling and his resolving with a masticore in my hand and his hand empty. I play out masty and upkeep it for a long time. The masty/morphling end up overrunning his morphling/factory with both of us at very low mana.

Game two he resolves an early rootwater thief and I can't seem to find a solution fast enough. I boarded horribly this match, and lost because of it. I only had 2 mastys and 3 morphlings in - and they all dissapeared. Control magic never surfaced for turns on end (grrrr). I also took a wrong stack, as i miscounted my remaining critters and surrender when i realize my mistake.

Game three i take early control. I actually boarded well this game, taking out misdirections, powder kegs, and the strip mines and keeping 4x morphlings, 4x masticores, 4x back to basics, and 4x control magic with the only other things being mana and drawing. That kind of setup did much much better than the last boarding and morphling comes out early.

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