Has this tourney died? And Gzeiger, where are you?

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By Begbie on Monday, September 03, 2001 - 01:32 pm:

E-mail me at n***[email protected]***h.com or e***[email protected]***o.com

By Burning Ice, the Elementalist (Burningice) on Monday, September 03, 2001 - 07:43 pm:

The Maxx had some archiving problems, and some people haven't finished matches yet, that's all.

By Gzeiger (Gzeiger) on Thursday, September 13, 2001 - 07:29 pm:

Begbie - I emailed you Monday but no answer. I hope you don't live in New York... :(

By Gzeiger (Gzeiger) on Saturday, September 15, 2001 - 03:43 pm:

----Original Message Follows----
From: Michael Rand
To: Geoffrey Zeiger
Subject: Re: TOC4 match
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 05:44:24 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Geoff,

I think I'm going to drop. Between my complete
distaste for Keeper and the events of this week, I
just don't want to play anymore. Sorry for the delay.

Feel free to forward this message to TheMaxx

Kind regards,

Michael Rand

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