T1 Tourny Report and Parfait BANNED!

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By pault on Wednesday, September 05, 2001 - 05:05 pm:

Well a little type 1 action this week at Interzone Comics in Gresham Oregon. My cousin with Parfait and Myself with SRB. We ended up 1st and 2nd repectivly after all the dust settled.

Well first the report then the story eh?

Round 1: vs Andy with UBGR Counters/Monger/Deed deck. Only other person at the shop with power.

Game 1, I get out to a fast start smashing him Down to 2 before he deeds about 5 of my creatures away. He then counters my forking of a fireblast, and the wheel of fortune i tried to cast the next turn by pitch casting a fow he now had no cards left in his hand. I topdeck fireblast before he gets a counter or a threat down.
Game 2: In come Scrolls, PoP, and a few REB's ..
I get an alright start.. drop a scroll and a pup .. burn him to the head tap out to play PoP on turn three.. he undermines.. turn 4 i do the same and he has no answer thats game..

Round 2: vs URG Fat
Game 1: I get 5 creatures out before he can do a whole lot I believe Goblin Grenade + fork finished him quickly..
Game 2: I keep a so-so hand ... I know I have plenty of time to finish him before his slow fat deck gets going. He gets down the 4/4 fetch elemental and I kill him the next turn with a fireblast to the head.

Round 3: vs my cousin Mike with Parfait
We are both 2-0 and undefeated in games .. We decide that he will go ahead and win because if he has to face Andy or the other guy with heavy counters he might be in some trouble. So we play a few games for fun and he gets god hands everytime (why can't that happen with I play parfait??)

Round 4: vs Merfolk w/ Core and lots 'o counters.
Game 1: I burn down his lords and kill his turn four masticore with an Acc fireblast it is all down hill for him after that and I win easily.
Game2: I side in Scrolls, Pyro's and REB's. Turn 1 Scroll Turn 2 Pup.. He drops a merfolk with pro red on it OUCH! slaps down a curiosity and starts going to town.. I empty my hand and start scrolling it .. he plays a turn 6 core but I am able to finish him off before the core becomes much of a problem.

So I end up 3-1 and undefeated in games save for my concession to my cousin..

Now here is where it gets interesting, my cousin mike was paired against andy for round 4. It takes them about 25 minutes to finish game one which saw the pegasi fly in for the victory.. game 2 on the other hand saw andy play counter after counter, all three of his deeds and parfait still having much better board position because of solidevi digger recursion.. mike cast argivarian find about 7 times in game two and eventually after the judge called time (way after it should have been called) mike won the tournament .. then the judge and andy started telling me and my cousin that we could not come back and play that damn "stall" deck here again etc etc .. and apparently every time I had left the room during the day they had been taking every chance to sock it to him as well "does it make you feel good to force your opponents to concede?" yadda yadda yadda... I am not sure if we should even go and play at this store again it is seeming really lame to ban a guys $700 deck because the other players refuse to play with some hate for the best deck there.

Oh well it was good times for mike and me atleast have any of you ever had a similar experiace?


By J-Dog on Wednesday, September 05, 2001 - 06:02 pm:

That sounds pretty lame. If you can get confirmation from other sources that this really occurred, I would write to c***[email protected]***w.com and tell them this. That behavior is certainly well beyond the bounds of DCI floor rules or standards for certified judges. You might also copy n***[email protected]***s.com and a***[email protected]***z.com


By Raven (Raven) on Wednesday, September 05, 2001 - 06:32 pm:

Yeah, that Judge could lose his job for doing this. Get his ass banned! That is totally against DCI rules, and he is stepping out of the judge boundries. If anything he should stop everyone else for telling him not to play that deck, let alone join in with em.

Get his name for us.

By badbadx on Wednesday, September 05, 2001 - 06:34 pm:

Yeah, most definitely stick it to them, you can't let people walk around on T1 players simply because they don't have the skill or drive to build an equivalent deck. My buddy plays a nasty T1 deck which I almost can never beat, but i respect him heartily for it, cause 1) he spent a lot of $ and research making it, and 2) cause when i smack him with a riffle shuffle deck, it makes it all the sweeter ;)


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