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By JP 'Polluted' Meyer, the Archivist (Jpmeyer) on Sunday, September 16, 2001 - 03:23 pm:

Taken from AIM:

Kuranes HPL: you know what
Kuranes HPL: in 40 years if there is a romanticized teeny bopper love story about the wtc i am going to protest
LordKinbo: like titanic?
Kuranes HPL: like pearl harbor
LordKinbo: roflmao
Kuranes HPL: i can only imagine now how pissed off ww2 generation people must have been at that movie
Kuranes HPL: Two Towers: starring freddy prinze, IV
Kuranes HPL: there should be geddes cooper the movie though
LordKinbo: that would be AWESOME
Kuranes HPL: like a geddes cooper propaghanda movie
Kuranes HPL: multiple angles of him doing windmill slams vs finkel
LordKinbo: more like the other way around
Kuranes HPL: no, it has to be a propaghanda movie in favor of him
LordKinbo: heh
Kuranes HPL: so in 10 years we can watch it and it will be like cool as ice
LordKinbo: and then he money drafts against god and beats him
Kuranes HPL: hehe
Kuranes HPL: he plays 2x1 with garfield and finkel
Kuranes HPL: speaking of which
Kuranes HPL: i saw a cool finkel vs. garfield lunchbox at wotc
LordKinbo: holy shit!
LordKinbo: i'd so get that
LordKinbo: and be the biggest dork ever
Kuranes HPL: hehhe
Kuranes HPL: i wish it had a thermos
Kuranes HPL: it's like a collectors set
LordKinbo: collector's set like they have dave price vs. mike long and gary wise vs. ryan fuller?
Kuranes HPL: with their decks included
Kuranes HPL: i only saw finkel vs garfield
Kuranes HPL: what?
LordKinbo: i know about that, it's called deckmaster

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