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By Spiritmonger on Sunday, October 28, 2001 - 09:54 am:

I played my BBS which excludes power 9. It did pretty good and I got second place so I will tell you guys and I hope you enjoy =)

Round I:

1st Game:
Was VS someone playing 10-land stompy. I countered most of creatures early, he played out Rogue Elephant and lost his only forest and then I powder keg'd it and a ghazban ogre. He didn't draw forests for a while and I had FoF'd twice. I played morphling about 9th turn and let a creature go that died to my mishra's factory (they both died), won with morphling.

2ng Game:
This time was a lot easier since I had 2 powder kegs on my opening hand. I played one out and then used a Stroke of Genius to fill my hand up. Once he finally played out some creatures i just used my powder keg and played out my other one. I impulsed for a LoA. after I played it he scooped.

Round II:
1st Game:
This was VS turbo-land. I countered his horn of greeds, a total of 3 of them, by 5th turn. I played impulse and got FoF, played it and got jesters cap. After i played sol ring (about 11th turn, I had countered some more horns of greed and we had a counterwar that i won with a FoW) I played the cap and took out his time warp and time walk. He scooped.

Game 2:
This game was a lot harder and pretty long. Basically we both just drew cards and counter-wars for a while and then I get out masticore. He keeps capsizing it after i discard a card so I just wait and get out morphling. he keeps telling me i cant make morphling untargetable from capsize so we got a judge and after he said since capsize targets he scooped and got pissed.

Round III:

1st game:
he was playing keeper. we had a huge counter-war over around 4th turn BTB. he won it but next card i drew was another BTB and he had no counters to stop it, go figure. He didnt have a signle non-basic land out so all he had was his moxens (he had 2 in play), i won pretty fast.
2nd Game:
Pretty basic early, I wastelanded a LoA and we just kept waiting to counter eachother. I kept not drawing counters so i was scared to play out morphling. he played a morphling and he had 2 mana open to counter, so I FoW'd, he countered. Next turn played Nev. Disk, took 5, destroyed the morphling and a Sylvan library. I misdirected a mind twist and then played out morphling and won.

Round IV:

1st Game:
was vs underworld dreams deck. I wasnt sure how to sideboard so i kind of made a mistake SB-ing. the guy was really nice so it was my favorite game. I actually went down to 2 life through Underworld Dreams and too many Abeyances before I got out Nev disk and took care of it. there wasnt a single spell other then Zorb i didn't counter then, it was cool. finally got out mishras factory and took him to 8, then morphling and he scooped.

2nd Game:
this time i got stomped. he dark rit-lotus-underworld dreams-timetwister-mox first turn and then second turn time walk'd and played wheel of fortune and phyrexian negator, i scooped.

3rd Game:
very long and close, by the end of the game both of our libraries were like 5 cards. he wheel of fortuned so we both actually lost but he let me have the win because he didnt really care. was fun though.

Round V:

1st game:
was vs a black discard deck. he hymn to touroched, got misdirected, then he just kind of sat there doing nothing. i got out masticore and then he overloaded me with like 6 counters and i lost my entire hand, he was left with 2 mana and he terror'd my masticore (not sure why, it wouldve died next turn). next card i drew was FoF and then i played morphling. he kept making me discard until i tapped out, then diabolical edict to me, i force of will and he gets all mad and accuses me of being scared of every single spell. i win.

2nd game:
he firt turn dark rit-hyppie and second turn hymn to touroch. all i had was islands and 2 morphling and a cap, i should have mulliganed. i lost to a mind twist and then hyppie lock.

3rd game:
i played out first turn sol ring, second turn cap and FoW'd a phyrexian scuta with a dark rit (he lost 3 life). i used the cap and removed yawgmoths will, mind twist, and hyppie. countered a lot of discards and he duressed a impulse. but next turn i drew nev disk and he played anothother scuta after i disk'd, but i countered. more counter wars and he played out all 4 scutas kickered so lost 12 life in total, i won with mishras factory.

Round VI:

1st game:
was vs a WW/power blue deck. he just had too many theats, he had all p9 and 4 FoW, then scroll/tax combo. he ended up winning with i think white knight, spirt something?, and crusade.

Game 2:
i get stomped again, he played recall 1st turn and time walk 2nd. lotus and played out crusade and some soltari creatures. i countered some but he just kept getting more through scroll/tax. i was trying to counter but out of nowhere comes black vise and a timetwister'd ancestral recall, so i was stuck with 11 (7 first, LoA, 3 from ancestral) with a black vise in play. next turn he counters my mana leak with a FoW and gets out a 2nd crusade and wins.

it was fun, i think i did pretty good. im especially glad since a lot of people said BBS without P9 COULDNT work. i hope you guys enjoyed reading this, here's my deck list if anyone cares:

4 Force of Will
4 Mana Leak
4 Counterspell
2 Misdirection

3 Morphling
2 Masticore:

4 Fact or Fiction
3 Impulse
1 Stroke of Genius

1 Mana Vault
1 Sol Ring
1 Jester's Cap
2 Nevinryyal's Disk
4 Powder Keg

21 Island
2 Wasteland
1 Library of Alexandria
1 Mishra's Factory

1 Hydroblast
2 Annul
4 Propaganda
4 Chill
4 Back to Basics

By Barktooth Warbeard (Barktooth) on Sunday, October 28, 2001 - 12:17 pm:

Ermm...In round 5 you got a Core terrored? Terror can't target Core.

That's all I cn say without being rude. :)

Cheers, Barktooth

By god_money on Sunday, October 28, 2001 - 01:16 pm:

not like it mattered. the core would've died next turn anyway because he couldn't discard.

By Spiritmonger on Sunday, October 28, 2001 - 03:48 pm:

Yeah, I know, that's why I thought it was strange. I guess I didn't really pay attention or care since he was the one losing a card.

By ikabopo on Wednesday, October 31, 2001 - 09:08 am:

that discard deck player was horrible...terroring things that don't die to terror and killing masticores that were going to die anyway...i would expect a discard deck to beat BBS, but also, i would expect a bad player to lose, so i am not surprised you won...i myself play a discard deck in type 1 and i have never lost to BBS with it since i starting running diabolic edict...but anyway congratulations on beating a discard deck with a BBS deck...

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