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By Magimaster (Magimaster) on Thursday, January 17, 2002 - 02:57 am:

Razor (White Artifact) defeats Magimaster (Suicide Black) 2 - 1

Game 1: Ass draw for me. 2 negator's, a sarco, and the rest land.

Game 2: First turn Necro

Game 3: Made a bad play. But probably wouldn't have made a difference. 3 Chimeric's are pretty hard to deal with.

By Razor (Razor) on Thursday, January 17, 2002 - 03:48 am:

MagiMaster, thanks for the games! Good luck in future matches. This is great fun.

In what I expected to be a very tough matchup for me I came out on top 2:1.

White old-school deck versus SuiBlack thing Round 1 precis:

Game 1. He wins initiative and we both keep.
He Rituals out a Negator. I scream! Magimaster says:'I heard you were playing pandeburst'. [He's heard wrong.]
I drop Mox, Sol Ring, Plains and cast a turn 1 Chimeric Idol.
Magi draw-gos.
I say: "Come get some," and cast Cursed Scroll: "Torture time!"
I fail to C.Scroll targetting Daddy when the odds were 50/50....
He Edicts my Chimeric and hammers me once for 5.
I fail to Scroll again 50/50.
I Plow the Horror on his next attack. He drops a second Negator! Sheesh. I Plow the second one immediately. [I'm at 15 he's at 30!]
His Hymns help me to keep Scrolling him down.
I Armageddon. He has 1 permanent. I have 4 [C.Scroll, no cards and lotsa mana].
Jade Statue hits and starts laying the boots to him simultaneously.
He Duresses which helps me keep Scrolling.
I do 5 damage per turn for awhile then Balance all his cards away leaving him with one land.
He concedes game 1.

Game 2.
We SB. I SB 2 cards. He chooses to play. I keep, he might have Mulliganed - can't remember.
He Rituals out a Necro. Oh oh.
We land destroy each other - I even Waste a Strip.
But, otherwise, I don't scratch him. I defend for awhile.
He Hymns, Sinkholes, Duresses, Daddy hits.
Is he tearing me a new a$$hole or wot?
I concede to a nasty little Null Rod which cripples me whilst I face down a Masticore at 3 life.... [1 game each now]

Game 3 [tie-breaker]
I SB in 2 more Seals and a Wrath. I choose to play. We both keep.
I get lucky. I proudly drop Mishra's Factory (I'm from Oshawa, a GM factory town see), and cast Sol Ring.
He drops swamp: "Go."
I cast Chimeric Idol and drop a plains.
He casts Null Rod with his 2 swamps. I scream. [Later, he admitted he should have Duressed first]
I Seal the Rod and send in the Idol. I cast a second Idol.
He Wastes my Factory and Sinkholes my Plains. Yawn. (landhate.dec) (Land is for the weak!)
I Balance him down to 2 cards from 5 and swing for another 6. [Life: 20:11]
He plays a swamp.
I swing for 6 and cast a *third Idol* !
He concedes game 3 at 5 life after my fourth turn.

Final Round 1 score, Razor versus Magimaster = 2:1.

* I wonder where the Hyppies and Skirges are?



By Magimaster (Magimaster) on Thursday, January 17, 2002 - 04:03 am:

I would've duressed if I had one ;)

I drew 1 duress out of the total 3 games. Game 2 was all LD, and 2 hymns.

sigh...looks like ir's gonna be a rough goin...

Peac I'm out.

By Nebrindil (Nebrindil) on Thursday, January 17, 2002 - 10:57 am:

pls post all reports under the Toc5 subfolder

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