CTT (sligh) beats K-Run (parfiat) 2-1

Beyond Dominia: The Type One Magic Mill: Type One Tournament of Champions V Messages (Please do not delete me Rakso, I want to LIVVVE!!!!): CTT (sligh) beats K-Run (parfiat) 2-1

By CTT on Thursday, January 17, 2002 - 11:26 pm:

Well, they were hard games...and I hate playing against lifegain...K-Run seemed to be having land screw, while my deck gave me perfect draws game 2 and 3...

Game 1
I'm sorta tired, and I don't really notice his land tax...until he starts gaining 10 billion life a turn with that+ivory tower+zuran orb...and people call my deck hate :(

Game 2
Side in 4 anarchy. Never see my sideboard, but I manage to get 2 pups and a cadets into play, than sac away my land to a fireblast...he can't find an answer...

Game 3
Like game 2, except he gets mana screwed (sorry man), I only draw 1 creature, and I sac 4 mountains to fireblasts.

All in all, good games...and I suddenly have newfound respect for fireblast in type 1.

By Nebrindil (Nebrindil) on Saturday, January 19, 2002 - 06:26 pm:

report to my e-mail :[

www.geocities.com/MTGontheIRC has on the info on the TOC

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