MattTG over Pandemonium, 2-1

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By Matt the Great (Matt) on Saturday, January 26, 2002 - 04:42 am:

Long story short, I win 2-1 over Pandemonium in a very tight matchup.

Game1: I get a first-turn Abyssal SPecter, which he Forces. We fight back and forth over a Nether Spirit, and then when he's tapped out I eat his hand with Mind Warp. Seeing my opening, I get the Soldevi Steam Beast + 3 Helms + Ashnod's Altar + Enduring Renewal combo for infinite mana, then on my upkeep I cast Paralyze on my Rancored Prodgial Sorceror and that's game.

Game2: A septuple-mulligan on his part, I think for sure I'm going to win. But my hand of mox, mox, lotus, sol ring, dark ritual, mind twist, Torsten Von Ursus somehow fails to win me the game. HE topdecks like a fucking GOD, getting out a Tsabo Tavoc to counter my Torsten. ;( He rips Tornado, Yawgmth's Edict, and Yavimaya Embrace. When he casts Worldy Tutor for Zuberi, Golden Feather, I concede.

Game3: I open with a Delusions of Grandeur, Donate [i]on the first turn[/i]. Amazing! He doesn't have the Force. Without delay I get out all five Dragon Legends, but his Mirror Universe turns that game around fast. I'm still coming on strong, but he gets back-to-back Darkness, Holy Day, and Spore Frog. GAH. Finally, I punch through, just before his Anaba Shaman kills me.

By CTT, Stupid Red Burner (Ctt) on Saturday, January 26, 2002 - 06:17 pm:


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