ETP over sssmwc in the battle of the fat artifact beats 2-1

Beyond Dominia: The Type One Magic Mill: Type One Tournament of Champions V Messages (Please do not delete me Rakso, I want to LIVVVE!!!!): ETP over sssmwc in the battle of the fat artifact beats 2-1

By ETP on Friday, February 01, 2002 - 05:22 pm:

Wow, good games. I thought sssmwc was gonna kick the crap out of me, because his deck is a really cool deck, with alot of hate against my stacker deck. Fortunetely Team Midmorning has luck-tech on its side, and i got some pretty great opening plays.

Round One:
first turn workshop, mox, juggernaut and im off to the races. He wastes my shop right away, but im not really hurting more mana with the hand i had. Next turn i hit him for 5 lay down a welder and a land. It becomes rapidly apparent to him that he will not be killing my juggy fast enough, and he casts Ice on it to stall, despite the extra turn, he doesnt find the brokenness he needed and gets killed. That round was pretty one-sided, he just couldnt draw a bolt to save his life literally.

I sideboard out my teekas dragons, due to the unlikeliness of my opponent playing a moat in the near future and grab an extra trisk to kill shamans and welders etc, and another random card.. i really was not prepared for all the tubbies styled decks.

Round two was all him. I cant remember the exact series of events but it looked from my end like a colossus of sardia, a couple lands, and the entire restricted list being thrown at me by satan himself. Ok, it wasnt that bad, but with a colossus tinkered into play on the second turn (or was it first.. it was really very disgustingly fast) and voltaic key in play and a handfull of restricted cards in the grave i was so incredibly dead. The only thing i managed to do in that match was feed the colossus a couple of juggernauts and watch as the remanents of my chances were shredded by my opponents newly acquired Memory Jar.. time to pack up and go to round three.

I take the teekas out again, grab the trisk and a cap this time.. there is no way i am letting him have the colossus and key again.

Round Three: I get a good hand, but with only one mountain, i keep, there be some brokenness here. He has to paris (and i kiss god's ass for that smile sign of hope). First turn: mountain, lotus, sac lotus for Metalworker and a goblin welder, . A good first turn, but nothing that can swing for 9. He plays a badlands and a mox. Turn two, tap the metalworking, show 2 artifacts, tap the mountain, play Karn. Then i sac the metalworker for my Lotus. Next turn he plays a tolarian and a vault, luckily he is cannot cast anything just yet, he clicks the end turn button and i stop him. Black lotus goes to the grave for 3 red, i poke the mox, and then make the vault a critter and bolt it. In response he casts Fact of Fiction. He gets a strip mine, a yawgmoths will, a wasteland, a badlands and a masticore. I divide them into masti and will against the 3 land. He has only one mana by the end of karns raping and pillaging and has to take the 3 land. Since i am now swinging for 9 with the two fatties i take a huge lead. This is made worse by the introduction of more and more goblin welders. He stalls a big but is finally overrun before he can regain a mana base.

So in the end, it was pretty much luck with my wins, i got what i needed and he just didnt get to draw the solutions in time, but they were good games and i was freaking out the whole time.

Go Team Midmorning!!!

By Sssmwc, Keeper of the Funker (Sssmwc) on Saturday, February 02, 2002 - 07:03 pm:

Really good games....It seemed like there was a first turn Jug every game....

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