Type I Tourney Report: Fun Goblin Sligh (with Reckless Charge!)

Beyond Dominia: The Type One Magic Mill: Type I Tourney Report: Fun Goblin Sligh (with Reckless Charge!)

By Nathan C on Monday, February 11, 2002 - 11:55 pm:

Hi, I had the most incredible tournament of my life. I had never finished higher than 3rd, my friend Dave had never finished higher than 4th.. This was a good day for both of us...

Nathan's Goblin Burn (with Reckless Charge)
3x Jackal Pup (only have 3)
4x Mogg Fanatic
3x Goblin Vandal
4x Goblin Cadets
4x Goblin Lackey
1x Goblin Mutant
1x Ball Lightning

4x Goblin Grenade
1x Fireblast (only 1)
4x Lightning Bolt
3x Shock
1x Incinerate (only 1)
4x Reckless Charge (VERY NICE...only was dead card like twice)
2x Blood Lust (would take out for more fireblasts or incinerates)
2x Flame Rift

LAND (19)
15x Mountain
4x Barbarain Ring (These really help me, i know some people don't like them)

Now, granted it's not an optimal build (only 1 fireblast, 1 incinerate, 3 jackal pups)
one casual note...my original version actually played with 4 Blood Lust and 2 Blood Fury. I would play Blood Fury, then Grenade...cute little fun combo, but Reckless Charge is just much better.
Reckless Charge worked great, but I had to watch the flashback costs, cause they could possibly interfere with my threshold for barbarian ring. On to the report...

Entrants: 12
Me - Goblin Burn
Jim - Suicide Black
David - Re-animator
Will - U/G Control
Erich - Different version of "Life"
Keith - U/W Control
Mike #1 - Goblin Burn
Mike #2 - U/W/B Control
Mike #3 - Stompy
??? - Discard/Rack
??? - Turboland
??? - Sligh
Only two guys have the P10 here, one didn't show up. The other had NINE of the p10 in his turboland deck..looked VERY evil.

Round 1: vs. Keith, U/W Control
Keith was one of the newer players at our tourney. He has only been playing magic for about 6 months and all his stuff is type II stuff. (Poor guy)
GAME 1: Keith opens with plains and healing salve. You could tell this guy has just started playing. I kinda felt sorry for him. Turn 4, I go Charge on one creature, flashback on another. This one ends quick as he can't draw any lands.
GAME 2: Three Goblins attacking on turn 3 (thanks to a turn 1 lackey) end this one quick. He didn't even see a single Grenade in either game. I found out later that he only plays 20 lands, but he had some 6cc creatures. I tried to suggest some land tips for him after the game.

1-0, 2-0

Round 2: vs. Will, U/G Control
Will's deck had a LOT of islands with a splash of green for Blessing. It had a Morphling and 2 Palinchrons for the kill. Also had Accumulated Knowledge, Fact or Fiction, Capsize, etc..
GAME 1: Will is a lot more experienced player. He usually plays sligh or mono-black, i was surpised to see him lay down an island... I play a pup on turn one, a cadet on turn two, and a vandal turn three. I rush quick, before his deck can get going and put this one away quick.
GAME 2: I side in 4 REB's and 1 Pyroblast for 4 Grenades (in case of counters) and 1 blood lust. I am expecting a ton of evil stuff like Chill, Hyrdro, etc... I was right. My turn 1 Pup gets a hyrdoblast. A turn 2 Cadet and turn 3 Cadet beat for a while. Once will gets to six mana, i might be in trouble (capsize w buyback range). At the end of my fifth turn, with Will at 8, (will has 3 islands, 1 forest) he casts accumulated knowledge. I have been holding my burn spells, so I respond with shock, he responds with another AK, i respond with another shock, and then fireblast. Fireblast and Shock hit, knocking him to 2, he draws a thwart with the AK, countering the Shock. However, all his islands are now in his hand, and he can't do anything when I attack next turn.

2-0, 4-0

Round 3: vs. David, G/B Re-animator
Since there are 12 of us, there are three 2-0's right now. The other is the guy playing The Rack. (The Rack? dang!) He gets paired down vs. Turboland. GOOD LUCK.
GAME 1: I go first and play a goblin, Dave opens Bayou-Ritual-Buried Alive. He puts Spiritmonger, Reya, and Penumbra Wurm in his graveyard. Wonderful. I play a turn two goblin, shock him for some damage. His third turn he necromancies Reya. OUCH. Luckily, on my fourth turn, I attack with a fanatic. Dave blocks, damage on the stack, I sac for a pt to Dave, and then grenade away a Vandal at Reya. PHEW! Dave plays a zombie infestation and gets a couple zombies out, but they both get a shock and a bolt. I attack for 3 and the win.
GAME 2: A VERY good, close game. Reya gets necromancied twice, both times i waste three cards (a grenade, a creature in play, and a burn spell) to get rid of her. Later, I am at 7 life, Dave is now at 4 life, he has a monger (hard-cast) out, I have two golbins. He has All Hallow's Eve (OLD SCHOOL) going off next turn, with Spirit of the Night, Monger, Reya, Braids, Penumbra Wurm in the graveyard). I attack with Vandal and Fanatic, my only creatures in play. Dave blocks the Fanatic, i sac him for a pt to him, plus the vandal pt gets him to 2. All Hallow's Eve goes off, but I have two fanatics in the graveyard now to finish him.

3-0, 6-0

Now, top 8 are announced: *The person with the Rack deck at 2-1, had to drop to go to work...
#1 Me - Goblin Burn 3-0
#2 Dave - Re-animator 2-1
#3 Will - U/G Control 2-1
#4 ??? - Turboland 2-1
#5 Jim - Butterknives 2-1
#6 Erich - Different version of "Life" 1-2
#7 Mike #1 - Goblin Burn 1-2
#8 Keith - U/W Control 1-2
didn't make cut:
??? - Discard/Rack 2-1 (DROP)
Mike #2 - U/W/B Control 1-2
Mike #3 - Stompy 1-2
??? - Sligh 0-3

I'm feeling good, but there are two decks i fear: Turboland with P9 is very quick, and also the 1-2 "life" deck by Erich. It isn't the en-kor version, it has library of leng, ivory tower, gerrard's wisdom, kills by serra avatar or decking opponet (has feldon's cane). But, i don't like doing more than 20 damage.

QUARTERFINALS: vs. #8 Keith, U/W Control
At this point, Keith and a couple of his friends, Mikes #2 and #3 gathered around to watch this game. They are all new players, and unfortunately for Keith, i got my best two draws of the day. GAME 1: I get a Mutant, Lackey, Ball Lightning, Goblin Cadet, and Three Mountains opening. I go Lackey, turn 2, lackey-attack, playing mutant and cadet, turn three play ball lightning, attack for 6+5+2+1 for 14. It was over on my 4th turn.
GAME 2: Amazingly, i get a lackey and mutant again. On my third turn, i get a ball lighting and swing for 14 again! He gets a mine layer, which i sac my fanatic to kill and attack for 6 more.

4-0, 8-0

Now, i had a lot of time, so I played a couple exhibition games.
Exhibition game #1: Mike # 3 stompy. I was saw a lot of elves vs. goblins, of course. He got a better draw, though, and his elves outnumbered mine badly, like 7-3 or so. He then had the elf which had 1: add W or R to your mana pool. I was very surprised when he played serra avatar! Luckily, i topdecked a second goblin grenade, sac'd both my goblins for 10 damage to beat him.

4-0, 9-0

Exhibition game #2: Erich, Life. Erich lost his quarterfinal game, and was really dying to play my goblin deck. He played a turn 1 ivory tower, i played a turn 1 vandal. I killed the tower, but he played a library and a second tower, gaining some life. Finally, i cast two shocks, attacked for 4, and sac'd both my barbarian rings to finish him off. This was a very close and fun game.

4-0, 10-0

SEMIS: Left was #1 Me, #2 Dave, #3 Will, and #5 Jim. For some reason they skipped the semis and just had will and jim played for 3rd and me and dave play for 1st. I'm not complaining but i don't know why they did that.

Amazing. After neither one of us had ever finished higher than 3rd, both of us are sitting here in the finals.
GAME 1: A VERY close game. I play a turn 1 jackal pup, which gets edicted on his 2nd turn. Ouch. A turn two pup with Charge hits for 5. (I LOVE reckless charge in here!) Eventually, he plays a monger when i have a fanatic and a vandal. He attacks, dropping me to ONE. I attack dropping him to 10, then double grenade for the win.

GAME 2: On turn 5, I attack for 2, cast bolt, grenade, shock, dropping dave to 3. Dave double necromancies, pulling a monger and reya. OUCH. Luckily, I topdeck a shock, dropping him to 1, and giving me threshold for the barbarian ring finish. Phew!

FINISHED: 5-0, 12-0!!!!!!!
Props to all.
Thanks for reading, any comments are appreciated!

By Magimaster (Magimaster) on Tuesday, February 12, 2002 - 12:18 am:

hey that's a cool report.....good job on the excellent wins!

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