K-Run over Benson 2-1

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By K-Run, the Pegasus Hero (K_Run) on Thursday, February 14, 2002 - 02:45 am:

These were fun games.

Game 1 : Benson keeps a hand with 3 Duress and a swamp, but doesn't get anything good in the early turns. I get a quick Story Circle on the board and a Zuran Orb later, it's concession time.

Game 2 : First game 2 is scrapped as Benson's Apprentice gets frantic. Second game 2 I lay a lot of enchantments to protect myself from 2 Negs, a Thief and a Specter. Benson gets a Washout though and swings for a lot (I fall to 7 life). Having 7 cards in hand, I do something stupid : I scroll rack away my 2 Circles, Humility, Land Tax to get 7 new cards, hoping for a Wrath of God. I get lands and get killed the following turn.

Game 3 : Benson plays first turn Negator + Specter. On my 2nd turn I Balance away the creatures. We draw-go for a few turn then Benson wills to get a Dystopia in play and to Washout my cards. I get a few lands on the board and start the Pegasus production, allowing me to negate Dystopia's effect and eventually win the game.

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