T1 Tournament Report - 1st with Suicide Black

Beyond Dominia: The Type One Magic Mill: T1 Tournament Report - 1st with Suicide Black

By Exhume on Sunday, February 24, 2002 - 02:39 pm:

I was playing my normal deck, suicide black. I was finished with everything except
1. I was missing Demonic Consultation (4th edict)
2. My sideboard wasn't complete (I need Masticores!)
I usually place top 4 with it so I was pretty confident. There was a surprising number of 3-color control or arggo. Most everyone there was playing a well-tuned deck (give or take a couple), so it was a good competition.
My deck, I think, is pretty well designed. The great thing was they allowed Torment (wooo!), and I really benifited through that being the only person with 4 Natuko Shades!

Creatures (15)
4 Phyrexian Negator
4 Hypnotic Specter
4 Natuko Shades
3 Phyrexian War Beast

Disruption (17)
4 Sinkhole
4 Duress
4 Hymn to Tourach
4 Diabolic Edict (1 should be a d. consultation)
1 Strip Mine

Utility (2)
1 Demonic Tutor
1 Yawgmoth's Will

Mana (26)
19 Swamp
4 Dark Ritual
3 Mishra's Factory

Sideboard (15)
4 Dystopia
4 Dodecapod (masticore)
2 Powder Keg
2 Null Rod
1 Terror <--------------
1 Phyrexian War Beast <- all 3 should be a 3rd keg
1 Gloom <------------and null rod+1 zorb

It was first 4 matches, then the 4 highest ranking go on to play.
1st Match was vs a 3-color zoo with Factories, Serendib Efreets, Jackal Pups, and Savannah Lions
I win 2-1

Game 1:
He gets a good start with a first turn lions and FoW my ritualed-duress, which makes you wonder what he had, but then I edict his lions. He plays a land and then I get out a shade. He plays sylvan library-mox-wheel. This is good for me, I ritual out a negator and then go on with shade beatdown to win.
Game 2:
I sideboard 3 Dystopia in case of CoP. He takes a mulligan to 5 and plays a factory. I duress and grab his CoP: Black but he topdecks a 2nd one. I play sink. He plays a serendib, I play PWB and we attack for a bit until I dystopia him and get a specter to attack since he sacced his dystopia, but he balances at 3 life and drops a pup. I lose.
Game 3:
I sideboard 4th Dystopia.
I ritual out a shade and let the extra mana go to it. Next turn hymn grabbing 2 serendibs. I attack but StP. He plays jackal pup which I edict. He counters 2 negators before I get a 2nd Shade through. A ritual+will, get a total of 3 ritauls to pump the shade up to 11/10 and win.

Next match is vs a stompy deck that I have no trouble beating 2-0.

Game 1:
He plays 1 land and rogue elephant which I edict. He plays a grant and gets a forest to play ghazban ogre. I play PWB. Next turn shade and attack, he blocks. He plays winter orb, I play another land and sink his signle forest, I win soon after.
Game 2 sideboard 2 kegs:
A second turn sink and then 3rd turn ritual for a negator. He plays 2 compost but I play 2 negators. He gets out 2 llanowar elves but I win in a couple turns.

Next game was vs keeper. I win 2-0 with both turns having a great start!

Game 1:
ritual+specter costs him the game after grabbing moat, abbys, and edict, hes land screwed anyways and 2 factories help me win faster.
Game 2 sideboard null rods:
I duress first turn and get recall (he has moat in hand and 2 tundra). He plays a tundra, I sink it, then 3rd turn negator attacks 3 turns before he plays his Moat. I forgot to SB dystopia, but I soon draw a tutor and get hyppie. He plays morph but I have 3 edicts in hand, except I don't get any through! He gets me to 5 and I topdeck a yawg will, I edict twice and the beast is gone, then tutor and grab another specter, attack, next turn I win.

Next is monogreen land destruction which I beat 2-0.

Game 1:
I sink him, he has elves and stone rains me, then strips me. I draw a land and play ritual+duress+shade. He attacks and I go to 15 but then shade attacks (usually getting +1) followed by ritual+negator. I have 0 lands. I play another shade after drawing 2 land but he kills them. After attacking and him attacking, I block, sac the lands (damn elves) I attack. I end up winning with only Negator left and him at 0.
Game 2 SB terror over edict oh well:
First turn duress, I see hes land screwed and grab his land grant. He plays a wasteland but I get to sink it. He can't do much when I play the PWB and then specter which beat him down. By the time he gets mana it's too late.

I'm in 1st place and will play the keeper deck to compete for 1st/2nd or 3rd/4th. I win 2-1.

Game 1:
A lotus+loa+moat first turn screw me over, 2 specters mana drained and I never draw the others.
Game 2:
I had no business winning this game. He has 2 morphling out and too many cards to count, half my deck is in graveyard, and I topdeck a Yawg will which gets by. You know how it goes, He attacks but 2 specters chump-block and then a rush of creatures kill him (he untaps but I pump a shade up to like 12/11).
Game 3:
A first turn negator attacks 4 times backed up by 2 sinkholes, not much to say.

So now I play vs a suicide black that I helped the guy design competing for 1st, I'm guarenteed 2nd so I don't care that much but 1st place is 8 boosters, 2nd is only 5. I win 2-0.

Game 1:
He lacks negators which is what wins me this game, we both play natuko shades (he has 1 in the deck) but I edict him. He plays a scuta and I play negator, he attacks, I let it through, then dark ritual twice to pump shade and get him to 2. He edicts after I assigned blockers, but then consults for a 2nd edict. I draw factory, he plays another scuta and I'm at 3, then play yawg will and edict him twice, attack, and win with a negator.
Game 2 I sb in dodecapods for specters:
He first turn hymn+sol rings but grabs 2 caps! I play a PWB and he plays a keg, but I attack and then play a shade and win quickly.

It was a cool tournament and I got 2 COTH along with some oddysey crap.

By 42UP (42up) on Sunday, February 24, 2002 - 04:23 pm:

At some points in the games, did you have to decide whether to play the shade or the 2cc disruption?

Good job on the win.

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