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Beyond Dominia: The Type One Magic Mill: Community -- Housekeeping and Writer's War

By Rakso, Patriarch & Rules Ayatollah (Rakso) on Tuesday, April 23, 2002 - 10:28 am:

Okay... first of all, please vote I wanted to go tease Alex Shvartsman, but the gag was foiled by Seth Burn. I need to avenge someone who was confident he'd get a bit far in the funny game. ;)

It'd be nice to get BD up somewhere before another webhost problem hits. (Okay, bad joke.)

Seriously, we've been having a lot of technical problems these past two months, considering no one was fixing the scripts and programming anymore. Recently, K-Run had to lock down the Type II Mill, for example, due to incessant Negator spam.

Since we have all the moderators except the Rules and Type I mods on vacation/nonexistence and no one's keeping an eye on this place, please expect it. Feel our frustration.

Next, we also have a bug in the ability to archive posts. So, when a post gets old, you may want to save it because we won't be able to do the old trick of "archiving" them in special archive threads. This is a real problem for memorable threads such as Type I Stompy bickering and the #bdchat quotes, and I'm afraid the only special "archives" that still function are Seriously Casual and Tournaments of Champions.

Sorry again, but we have to avoid those random webhost bugs caused by too many posts despite having megabytes of server space on hand.

Heck, in case you haven't noticed, we don't have access to the Fiction Mill, and can't clean out the garbage there. And the lack of mods is the reason the Rumor Mill is limited to password only access. Etc., etc., etc.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we just got our budget of zero slashed.

Hey, someone owes us a few years of back allowances, so don't complain.

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