Parfait : CTM tournament report; April 6th 2002

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By K-Run, the Pegasus Hero (K_Run) on Friday, May 03, 2002 - 03:49 pm:

APRIL 6TH 2002



Match 1 - Cedric Naoum

Cedric plays a u/r/b deck with lots of artifacts, Covetous Dragons and Karn, Silver Golem. The deck looks a bit like the Funker.

Game 1
The game starts well for me as naoum plays a second turn Phyrexian War Beast, thanks to a Mox. I Swords the beast, Wasteland his remaining land and Seal the Mox. Being screwed, Naoum is unable to stop me using the Tax/Rack combo and after a while I finally kill him with tokens.

Game 2
Naoum has a much better start with him playing Timetwister and Wheel of Fortune early on. Despite that, I'm not too worried since he doesn't have a lot of threats (2 Icies). I'm allowed to use the Tax/Rack combo once again but Naoum plays an Obliterate. Unfortunately, time is out.

Match 2 - Bruno Dumontier

Dumontier plays a Benzo kind of deck, using Entomb, Reanimate and fatties. His deck also contains the Contamination combo.

Game 1
Dumontier plays puts an early Multani, Maro Sorcerer into play and despite a few Wraths/Balance, it keeps coming back for more damage. I lose.

Game 2
Dumontier gets the Contamination lock early on, but I topdeck a Tormod's Crypt to break out of it. I play Moat and he concedes.

Game 3
Once again, Multani hits the table very quickly. Instead of fetching a Moat, I decide to get a Scroll Rack, which gives me a Masticore to block the Sorcerer. But, on his turn, Dumontier plays his anti-Crypt sidboard card, Null Rod, and I lose shortly after, unable to deal with the Multani properly.

Match 3 - Jérôme de Champlain

De Champlain plays a stacker-ish deck using Goblin Welders and Juggernauts, but also with Urza's Lands, Covetous Dragons and Magma Mines.

Game 1
I play an early Aura of Silence and De Champlain seems screwed by the nasty anti-artifact card. That allows me to take total control and I finish him off shortly after.

Game 2
De Champlain is able to keep a Welder on the table and attacks me with Juggernauts, Chimeric Idols and Dragons. I'm killed by an Urza's Rage.

Game 3
I destroy most of De Champlain permanents (Seal + 2 Finds in hand + Wastelands) and take advantage of the situation. I win.

Match 4 - Luc Belleau

Belleau plays a Sligh deck with Charges and Lavamancers.

Game 1
I draw Library of Alexandria in my opening hand + Ivory Tower. I then play Zuran Orb, Land Tax and Belleau concedes when I drop a Powder Keg.

Game 2
Belleau drops me to 1 life thanks to Havocs but I manage to Seal them and still keep some life with Zuran Orb. I then draw all my anti-Sligh cards (Moat, Ivory Mask) and Belleau is trampled on by Pegasi.

I end up being 3-1, and that puts me in the B finals (players ranked from 9th to 16th place).


Côté plays a Deed/Disk control deck, and kills with Treetop Villages and Spirit Mongers.

Game 1
This lasts forever but in the end, Côté prevails thanks to the Deeds, as they sweep all my permanents.

Game 2
Another very tense game. We end up in topdeck mode, and I'm able to play strong permanents but Côté keeps on Deeding/Disking me. I'm finally able to play a Sacred Mesa but at the last possible moment (1 turn before I kill him with 10 Pegasi), Côté plays Impulse and gets the Deed he needs to sweep my army. I'm left with no non-land permanents, 2 7/7 Spiritmongers facing me. I lose.

I still get 5 pts for the CTM players' ranking.

Expect additionnal details from Mordraid and Tatanka (who made finals).

Zazel made the B finals too, but lost in the quarter-finals.
MigHells made the A finals, but lost to another Stacker-ish deck.
Ti-Bonhomme didn't make it with a 2-2 record.

By Green Knight (Greenknight) on Monday, May 13, 2002 - 02:32 pm:

Good report. Thanks for posting it K-Run!

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