R/G Snakebeats (Wakefield inspired??)

Beyond Dominia: The Type One Magic Mill: R/G Snakebeats (Wakefield inspired??)

By Cursedscr (Cursedscr) on Friday, May 17, 2002 - 08:28 am:

on sideboard, there was a 3 part article on Jamie Wakefield, and how he wanted his beats do have interaction, as opposed to non-interactive cards like FoF, and so i wanted to see if I could put somehting wakefield-Ish, in light of judgment..
This probably belongs in 1.x but the 1.x Mill is dead/not worth getting an opinion from, because the t1 mill is the only mill worth a damn to begin with. The main idea is to rush the heck out of them with useful assortment of interesting creature, the way many jank decks work. THe main creatures that may inhabit extended regardless of rotation announcments (IMO) are Shadowmage infiltrator, morphling(still), and quirion Dryad... barring that the stuipd dragon deck will still be around, i wanted to create a deck that keeps the hits on coming, regardless of winter orb, pernicious deed, oath of druids, etc... And have a high land count, according to the wakefiled philosophy. THere are 28 lands (4 of which are wastelands, so there are roughly 26 lands counting the wastelands as half a land drop). There is little non-interactive cards as possible, no land grants, hull breaches, etc.... The idea is to just to weather through the Pernicious deeds and FoF's and counterspells, and eventually overtake them with the beats. the deck will fall to phyrexian furnace but oh well.

i think sideboard will be more important in this deck than most decks, as phyrexian furnace ruins the party.

Mana (28 sources)
10 Forest
6 Mountain
4 Taiga
4 Karplusan Forest
4 Wasteland

(Utility & Diverse creatures)
4 River Boa
4 Blastoderm
4 Uktabi Orangutan
4 Elvish Lyrist
4 Flametongue Kavu
4 Genesis

(Some more nice cards)
4 Browbeat
4 Call of the Herd

Let me know what you think. ANd please rasko i want this post to live!!!!!!(here)

I am contemplating putting werebears instead of call of the herd in.

What do you think of the decks viability assuming dragon deck doesnt exist, and possible sideboard?

By BeBe, the Redeemer (Bebe) on Friday, May 17, 2002 - 10:29 am:

Just as a thought. Living Wish would be better in place of four of all of your utility creatures. This frees up space maindeck for some cards like Sylvan, Kirds etc.
That being said the deck looks awfully slow and awkward as is. I know Type 2 decks that would run it over.

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