Type I Survey

Beyond Dominia: The Type One Magic Mill: Type I Survey

By Milton (Milton) on Sunday, May 26, 2002 - 12:03 pm:

1. Your name, your deck and your metagame.

2. In your opinion, what is the health of your metagame? Please rank on a sale of 1 to 10 (1 being awful and 10 being superb) and give a brief explanation for your ranking.

3. In your opinion, what are the prospects for the future of Type I? Will more people leave Type I, will more people join Type I or will the overall number of players remain the same? Explain briefly.

4.List the most competitive decks at the Type I level.


By Israel Casanova (Casanova) on Sunday, May 26, 2002 - 01:21 pm:

1 NotFinkel, Monoblue or Keeper, Monoblue, Keeper, and random beatdown.

2 7

3 They will join type 1. Or 1.5 at least.

4 Keeper, Monoblue, and Void.

By Hero t Mannetje, the Dutch Pyromaniac (Hero) on Sunday, May 26, 2002 - 02:37 pm:

1: Hero 't Mannetje, Keeper or Academy, Metagame is very diverse

2: 8. I see a lot of different decks, ranging from green to blue, to psuedo keeper to various random decks

3: I'm sure more and more people will join our ranks, as the number of people at the Type 1 tourney I go to hasn't done anything but increase in the last year. They are starting to see that you don't need very expensive cards to play it, at least around here.

4: Not too sure what you mean by this, but I'd say Keeper, mono Blue, Void and Academy

By Rebel428 (Rebel428) on Sunday, May 26, 2002 - 02:43 pm:

1. My name is Jesus Roxas. I enjoy playing Parfait/Enchantress, but I mainly take Keeper to tournaments. My metagame is diverse.

2. I would give my metagame an 8. It has a good mix of different decks. It's not a 10 because a few too many people try and play Type 2 decks in Type 1.

3. I believe that Type 1 will see a small increase in players due to the rotation of Extended. However, I doubt that it will continue to grow after that unless Wizards starts giving the format a little more support.

4. Definitely blue-based control decks: Keeper, Ophidian, OSE.

By Stephen Menendian (Smmenen) on Sunday, May 26, 2002 - 04:23 pm:

1) Stephen Menendian, BPB Mono Blue Ophidian Metagame: Mask, Oath, Suey, Sligh, Keeper, and academy.

2) This is sort of an irrelevant question I think - but I would say 5-6. It's not a stable instense number of people who are totally passionate about t1.

3) The prospects for type one: It will continue as it has always been: it won't die, but it won't be an overwhelming success. The key to helping type one be a healthier game with more understanding is to remove the scrubs from t1. Do you know how to do that? I will tell you - get type one players who play REGULAR MAGIC competitively: limited, t2, and extended - get those tournament players into type one - instead we have a situation where bad casual players get into type one and ruin the field. The amount of peolple who play type one will increase slightly over time.

4) For a fully developed meta - Mono Blue is really tbe best way to go. For surprise value, Mask. For a really heavy control meta play Grow. For a heavy mono blue meta play Oath. For a total random scrubby meta play Keeper.

Stephen Menendian

By BeBe, the Redeemer (Bebe) on Sunday, May 26, 2002 - 07:20 pm:

1) Paul Shriar aka bebe, aka felixcat
Any deck with power blue that is different.

2) At least an eight for our metagame as it is varied and powerful.

3) We are finally developing a healthy group of players that will come to play at tournaments regularly (next one July 10th).

4) any deck Lam plays - damn you Lam :) or mono-blue.

By Cuandoman (Cuando) on Sunday, May 26, 2002 - 07:41 pm:

1. Dan Durkee, I generally like to play keeper, but ill play other stuff like beatdown too. Funker, stompy, mono-black, sligh etc. (all of which are my own decks.)

2. -4 There are a whole 2 people in my area (including me) who are genuinely interested in T1 its sad but i really do try to get people into it. most of the time they give it a try and quit for lack of opponents.

3. I hope that ill see increased play from the rotation of extended. that would be the best. honestly though i think that local players will sell off their duals and buy calls and finkels for T2. :(

4. Keeper; or Funker meta'ed against keeper (with bloodmoon and fireball tech)

By CrazyCarlWinter (Carlw) on Sunday, May 26, 2002 - 07:43 pm:

1) Carl Winter
OSE and before FoF Restriction, Mono Blue

2) Probably an eight as many of our players own at least 1 power card, and many more have most of the cards needed to be competative

3) I'm hopeful. The less powered up players in our area have taken an interest in being able to compete, and in in the last 6 months or so, 2 players have aquired a full set of power, where about 6 more have gotten more of what they want.

4) Keeper, OSE, Anti-Control Parfait(AHappyClown's list), Enchantress


By FeverDog (Feverdog) on Sunday, May 26, 2002 - 08:12 pm:

Brian Romano
bad aggro, bad combo, really bad control of all kinds

Meta rating: 2, most ppl around here dont know jack about T1

I believe T1 will see a slight increase post extended rotation

Keepr, OSE, Ophidian are the only tier 1 decks in my opinion

By Jacob Orlove, aspiring paragon (Orlove) on Sunday, May 26, 2002 - 09:05 pm:

Jacob Orlove
*Really* bad decks-someone else played keeper once, but the last tournament featured all of 2 decks with counters (but like 20 random scrubs showed up-it was a fundraiser)

Metagame rating: 0 (it may go up if we have real tournaments, but right now, zip)

I hope to increase the number of T1 players here to the double digits, and this may be possible post-rotation

blue-based control is good :)

By Chu Ozawa (Chu) on Sunday, May 26, 2002 - 09:31 pm:

1. Asmus C. Löwenhaupt, OSE Metagame: a lot of Random stuff, Keeper, Stacker, Sligh
2. 5, there are only five out of fifteen people with power cards
3. I think it will grow, my friends and I convince a lot of players to play in our type one tourney and they enjoy it
4. OSE, Keeper, Stacker and Sligh/SRB

By Kirdape3, the Court Jester of Beatdown (Kirdape3) on Monday, May 27, 2002 - 12:03 am:

1. Rian Litchard; Suicide Black or Gun (R/G/w aggro); random aggro metagame.

2. 2, only two power cards in the area; it often feels like bad Extended with Demonic Tutor and Sol Ring

3. There are more Type One than Type Two players within 30 miles; however the largest tournament we've had is 16 people (Western New York State)

4. Keeper, Forbiddian, Academy, ReapLace, and probably two or three others.

By Azhrei, Paragon of Vintage (Azhrei) on Monday, May 27, 2002 - 01:22 am:

1. Darren Di Battista; Keeper/OSE/Stompy/Reap; shifts from all control to all aggro and back with no pattern.

2. 9. Almost everyone has power, no jerks, and a lot of fun. Same people keep showing up, and more keep coming.

3. It's stable between 12 and 24 players, no fewer than 12 and usually around 16 or so.

4. Keeper, OSE, Forbidian

By Steve O'Connell, King of Metaphors (Zherbus) on Monday, May 27, 2002 - 01:43 am:

1. Bond, James Bond. The Tourist/Devils Bile/Wrinked Ape Sack (My Keeper-loads of foreign cards, My Void-Very aggro, and my 3-Duece)

2. 5, Depends on the given week. Sometimes good people show, other times its pretty much an aggro field.

3. It grows in my area. For the last few years, type one has been nothing but a piece of asscrust lost in Rikki Lakes tarp sized panties. I've since fathered it in my area by offering good prizes (Moxen, Good Rares)in a p10 proxy tournament. It was the only way that I could justify owning my power without traveling which I no longer have time to do. As for the future of our format, the extended rotation have already started donating to our cause. Wizards just needs to give a little more of a shit.

4. Keeper and OSE by themselves. I feel the format is mainly all tier 2. Those 2 are the only ones I feel are exempt from any game of paper-rock-scissors. Well and Noble Panther.dec too.

By Magimaster (Magimaster) on Monday, May 27, 2002 - 02:35 am:

1. Magimaster. Stompy, Sui, Sligh

2. 5. There are a couple of good decks here, but the rest is just aggro, no real control, like Keeper or OSE. Only a few people have power.

3. Because extended is rotating, I have heard a few people talking about moving into type 1.

4. Academy, about half powered.

By HengeWolf, Druid Anarchist (Wolf) on Monday, May 27, 2002 - 02:44 am:

1. Ed Kunkle. I play random decks of my own creation, using a maximum of older cards. I pretty much own all the old power, but only in red, green and black. Isn't that a funny thing? If I had the ability to play tournament level Type1, I'd buy back my blue cards and learn how to play Keeper. Metagame? What metagame?

2. A big fat ZERO. There is one random guy who has power in my area, outside myself. He's a complete jerk, really cocky, and he thinks Academy is still the best deck. He's never heard of Keeper, or BD :), and he thinks there's no such thing as a mono-color type1 deck!?! He claims to win all these tournaments (where?) when he's not ripping off little kids. In other words, it's wretched. I'd so like to build a REAL type1 deck (his academy is "his own creation" by the way) and smash him, but that'd be $100s more dollars to own the good blue cards, just to play with one guy who shows up at random once a month, who I'm generally averse to.

3. In my area, it's already as good as dead. I live about an hour out of Pittsburgh, and although I hear rumors of it still being played at various out of the way locales, I get the feeling there's nothing around that's even remotely worth a 45 minute drive. Especially when I can't get any kind of pickup games or practice, anywhere locally.

4. Since I don't have a metagame so to speak, I'll elaborate on #3 a bit more. I've talked to plenty of people in my area about type1, and I've reached some kind of consensus. A lot of people think it sounds cool. They will not pay for the expensive cards. In our area, magic is so inbred that it's hard to even get cards that aren't type2. Hel, it's hard to find players that even own extended decks, and an awful lot of them only own one substandard type2 deck, and just draft all the time. I wanted to build an extended Spiritmonger deck and I had to go to ebay for over 60% of it. Therefore, I can't even really get people to play one of the cheaper decks. The one or two "serious" type2 tournament players in the area have such giant egos ("big fish in small pond syndrome") that I barely want to talk to them, let alone play more than a few games with them. Misinformation about the format is rampant; I almost got laughed out of a store the other day just for talking about how I prefer Type1 and I don't like Type2. The tourney weenies acted like I was from another planet. I had a long conversation with one of them just to prove my point so he wouldn't think I was crazy, I think he understood, but then just went back to type2 and never even considered trying the format. I get "It's two different games, and I really like this one (type2) so why try that one (type1)" from
a lot of people.

The way I see it, the format won't die out entirely as long as small groups like Ahzrei's (which sounds almost ideal, I must say) continue to own the cards and play with them. I do not see it "catching on" or getting any bigger as long as the situation with the card availability stays the same. Wizards indoctrinating every new player that the format is inherently "broken", ie "garbage," along with their complete lack of support for the format, are dooming it to a small niche at best. I keep waiting for the values on the cards to crash . . . it hasn't happened yet, but I have noticed that a Lotus (or whatever) doesn't carry even 1/4th the demand it used to. If it weren't for ebay, none of us would ever be able to sell anything. Again, I'm speaking locally.

I admit I'm a bit envious of all of you who can actually play the format competitively. I try not to comment too much on competitive matters, but it's only because I gave up trying to do it long ago. Maybe I still wouldn't have the time for competitive play even if there was a local environment that was even semi healthy. The way things stand, any time I spend trying to do more than piss around casually is surely time wasted. Oh well . . . not much to be done about it I suppose.


By Demi God (Demigod) on Monday, May 27, 2002 - 02:55 am:

1. James Ehni, Keeper & Random combos, Meta Game: Random, Anything from Monoblue, Keeper, Stompy, Sligh, Sucide Black.

2. I would say 5. It's really hard to tell honestly.

3. I haven't seen an increase, I've seen a decrease in the number of Type 1 Players. I hope this trend will stop and change with the seasons.

4. Keeper based decks.

Azhrei Where do you play at?

Btw at Judgement's prelease they held a Type 1 tournment for a box. My friend and I made it to the finals we decided not to play and just split the box because it was late. His White Weenie without sideboard verses my Keeper with sideboard. I know I would have won though.

By CF (Cf) on Monday, May 27, 2002 - 07:55 am:

Name: Chris Flaaten
Deck: Keeper (with or without Oath) and Tainted Mask
Metagame: Less play t1 here after Necro was restricted as both unpowered Necro and Sligh (cheap decks to build) did well when it was unrestricted. What's left is spots of suicide black, turboland, keeper, various combo, sligh and kids with green critters.

Health of the metagame: 3 (too few with power)

Right now it is uncertain. The best decks now all need full power, which prevents recruiting. However, the new 1.x rotation may push people into t1 - the only format where they can still use their cards.

Keeper, monoblue and Mask (monoblack or with blue splash) =)


By AHappyClown (Clown) on Monday, May 27, 2002 - 12:19 pm:

Name: Bryce Reynolds
Decks: Parfait(Ether-Soaked Rag)
Metagame: Sort of random, very solid players. A lot of U/x and U/x/x aggro-control and solid aggro and combo decks.

Health: I play at the same place as CCW and I'd give it about a 7.5 since even our scrubs are really nasty to play against. People could use some help in the play area though.

Future: I can't exactly make any predictions, but Type 1 is alive and flourishing here. More people acquire P10 and other Type 1 staples every week.

Most competitive decks: Keeper, OSE, ESR.

By Pernicious Dude (Pern) on Monday, May 27, 2002 - 05:22 pm:

Dan Richardson
Mono blue landstill w/ or w/o merfolk, firearms black
Sam Richardson
Sligh, Squirrelcraft, Replenish
Metagame is basically 1.5 plus Sol Ring.
One serious player with power.
He's playing OSE at the moment.

I'd rate our T1 scene a 3.

T1 is rising, as is the entire Magic scene here.
We got one of our local places to finally schedule consistent formats,
and run games using DCI Reporter and standard tourney rules.
Prizes are decent and so are the turnouts.
As people get better cards, they want to play in formats where they can use them.

Most competitive where?
Around here, the OSE, black, or red usually win.

By Tatanka (Tatanka) on Monday, May 27, 2002 - 06:59 pm:

1. -Sébastien Dubé -Academy and keeper now but I can't remember a deck I haven't tried. -Metagame is like a lot of monoblue lot of bad stompy somes combo(like turboland), discard, a single Parfait player named K-Run, stacker 2 and random scrubs.

2. 8.5 Yeah there are scrubs of course but I guess when there is a T1 tourney arround here you could gather like 10-12 complete P9. T1 tourney rarely gather less than 55-60 players here.

3. Here in Québec there is more T1 players than T2 players :), I guess the number of good players is going to raise as T1 is now cheaper than T2 if you realise a mox is a safe purchase when T2 keep rotating cards out and bringing new cards over and over. The T1 player will often want only few cards in the new sets.

4. Mono blue is first as a bad player can win with BBS with ease, academy and stacker 2 are the next while parfait playet by K-Run would be great if we only had more time for playing games. Other random deck can always make somes surprise after defeating pile of blue cards.

Sébastien Dubé aka Tatanka

By The Phoenix (Phoenix) on Monday, May 27, 2002 - 09:00 pm:

1. Andrew Simard, keeper most of the time, metagame's always different

2. I give it a rating of 8 since it could be so much worse. There are a lot of newbies but also a nice handfull of experienced players (with power) who usually fill up the T8 (myself included). Pretty much every deck sees play, from Pandaburst and Neo-Academy to Forbidian and OSE to sligh and sui, except those like funker which, to know about, you really need to be up-to-date with T1 on the net.

3. More people will join T1. I find that lots of misconceptions are being cleared up these days (T1 is no good cause it's full of 1st turn wins...etc.) and some extended players who liked a format in between T1 and T2 will come over since extended is now T2alized.

4. Keeper and OSC are the best, followed closely by forbidian, Neo-Academy, sui, and possibly funker and stompy (although I've had bad experiences with both of them).

By Azhrei, Paragon of Vintage (Azhrei) on Monday, May 27, 2002 - 11:07 pm:


By Superman on dope (Dope) on Tuesday, May 28, 2002 - 08:10 am:

1. Vincent Cruz, TurboLand and Keeper, metagame comprised of random aggro, some Oath decks, a Funker, one good Forbiddian and Academy, some good Sligh and Stompy, weak control and modified (ex)Extended archetypes

2. 4 normally, many bad players with weak builds, but probably as high as 6-7 when all the good players are healthy.

3.With Extended f#*%ed up, more people should drift to type 1.

4. Keeper, OSE and Forbiddian.

By Max, the Mana Drainer (Max) on Tuesday, May 28, 2002 - 08:40 am:

1 Massimiliano "Max" Manzoni, Mono-Blue

2 6/7 Good decks around, but not much people.

3 There are a lot of new T1 players here. But decks they create are horrible. With extended changed into a kind of T2, I hope even more people will try T1.

4 Mono-Blue, Fastbond

Max, the Mana Drainer

By Matt D'Avanzo, Paragon of Vintage (Matt) on Tuesday, May 28, 2002 - 11:00 am:

1. Keeper (sometimes Academy)

2. Metagame Health: 5

In terms of accessibility to power, my envirionment is a 9. Everyone and his brother has the P10, or at least the appropriate mox/lotus or their mono-red/black/etc. deck.

In terms of deck variety the envirionment suffers from an overabundance of Keeper. Over the last few years I went from being one of the only keeper players to being one of about 12. In general all the good players (and some bad ones) play Keeper and the rest play extremely metagamed or outright hate decks.

The problem's source is two-fold. The non-control players (which are actually outnumbered by the Keeper decks) are at least one of the following: A) terrible players and/or deck builders B) extremely erratic in their attendence (damn college and the allure of more lucrative formats) C) would prefer to play hate decks as opposed to building something that is good by it's own merit.

The other problem is a lack of tier one decks that make use of the power 10. People that have the cards want to play with them, but most of them are also good players that like to win. So none of the top players are going to play Zoo in a tournament, no matter how much they love the deck, because it isn't very good. Sure, the game is about fun, but consistently watching your opponent play solitaire isn't anyone's idea of fun.

Sure, we all create new decks and some of them are good (I'm citing my Academy deck), but still not stronger against a general field than blue-based control. So yes, I could (assuming I really didn't enjoy Keeper), for example, play Suicide and expect to have about the same raw chance of winning, but why should I when I could just play Keeper and not lose to Sligh?

3. Type I will stay as it is or dwindle slightly. People are sold on Limited and standard. There is no pro-tour format in type I or 1.5--and that kills interest in those formats until conditions change. This shouldn't matter to anyone who ins't planning on being a pro, but it does. Fact is that a lot less basketballs would get sold if there was no NBA.

For type I to be a better format in general we'd need to see Necro back in all it's losing-to-dumb-aggro glory and some viable (but not overwhelming) combo decks. Unrestricting Mox Diamond would make WW (using Tithes to offset the land-loss of course) a little less dismal to play.

Lastly, and most importantly, we need to see multi-colored decks become as strong as the mono-colored (as it is Keeper is the only common multi-colored deck in the real world). Sure some of these multi-colored decks are bad now because they are still built as if it were 96 not 2002, but non-basic hosers like B2B, POP, etc. are a serious problem. Type II is infinitely more multicolored than type I and their "dual lands" suck. What does that tell you?

4. Keeper is the best deck for a general metagame. It beats the aggro decks (it's worst matchup probably being Suicide which is never going to be worse than 50-50 unless your varient is off), it beats combo, and beats the hate decks designed to beat it. It's only real threat is mono-U and in the current, FoF-less, era A) there are less people playing that nerfed deck B) the matchup is much closer although still in mono-Us favor a bit.

Mono-U is still the second best, if only for it's ability to pack lots of counters and B2B in the same deck. However it's horrible against Stompy and suicide. If people play those decks in your area and aren't total incompetants, you will get owned. Thus I maintain Keeper is sitting on top of tier one.

By Justin (Justin) on Tuesday, May 28, 2002 - 11:15 am:

1. Justin Hekhuis, I play Keeper, Trix, Void, Academy -My metagame is varied.

2. Id give it a 7. Everybody has the cards to make whatever they want, so most of them make decks for style points. Most own a traditionally tier 1 deck, but opt to go rogue for the "you didnt just play that" factor.

3. In my area, more people are playing "real" type 1, and by that i mean power & proven archetypes. There have been less type 2 players adding sol rings and calling it type 1, which is nice. Hopefully these type 2 players will "see the light" so to speak.

4. Keeper -Cant deny it.

By Dozer, Collector's Edition Disciple (Dozer) on Tuesday, May 28, 2002 - 12:38 pm:

1. Hanno Terbuyken, Keeper and Suicide, casual R/G.
(And here's specially to you, Rakso: I am from Germany!:))

2. ZERO. No metagame here at all. It's just some regular play group of max. 9 people, with all of them having sub-par burn decks, solid or even good aggro decks and bad control decks (U/W, usually). Only two people try to play control for real (i.e. they own 4 FoW's each), and one of them (me) owns any Power (even though just CE) and Legends goodies.

In Dülmen, about 3 hours train ride from my home town, there is a highly competitive metagame. I am going there for their monthly tournament in June, but I don't have any chance for competitive tournaments anywhere around. The next big town, Hannover, features quite some names (Janosch Kühn, for example), but unless there is a hidden playce I did not find yet, no-one plays Type 1 (although there are some casual groups playing with T1-restrictions).

3. I think it will become more once Duals are out of Extended, but most of them won't be prone to spend money on Power and won't join tournaments. They'll play their Extended decks, add Abyss and perhaps Drains and call it Type 1.

4. Since I don't have much personal experience, from my second-hand information I'd say Tubbies, Keeper, Mono-U over here.

Btw, I find it amazing that a competitive mono-color deck still exists for *every color*:
Stompy = Green
Sligh = Red
Suicide = Black
Mono-U = Blue
Parfait (White Weenie) = White

(I know that there's Academy, Black Mask and mono-red Tubbies, but they are too artifact based to count.)


By Tracer Bullet, Better than Spiff (Tracer) on Tuesday, May 28, 2002 - 12:58 pm:

1. Pat Pearce, Pox and Enchantress (when I can find the cards), and occasionally B/u Knives (Once again, cards).

2- It's a 3. There seems to be a pretty good potential, as in the entire LA/Orange County area there MUST be somewhere. I'm in a playgroup of about 8 people, all of whom are very good players, but only 3 of which have full power. Until now, there has been a pretty strong 1.x community, but it seems harder and harder to find any non-TII games.

3- Type 1 as a whole will continue on this downward trend. Too many people believe the myth that T1 is overcosted, and dominated by turn 1 combo kills. Stupid Channel.
In LA, the T1 scene will pick up as soon as I get a car.....I know that sounds egotistical, but in reality, there are people willing to play. The problem is, they want to play somewhere that's 40 miles away. It's all a matter of setting it up.

4-Most competitive T1 decks in my area? The last two tournies we held were won by Mono-B decks (one Void and one Pox), despite people playing Keeper, Funker, or even Sligh. Control doesn't seem to get enough in my area due to so much mono-B running around. The two people who could actually play control really well either don't have the cards (me) or doesn't play anymore (Neenjafus).

By Mako Satou, Rose among the thorns (Mako) on Tuesday, May 28, 2002 - 02:46 pm:

1. A-chan or just A, Beauty and the Beast 5 color Control, anything from 5 color control, sligh, stompy, suicide black, pox, mask naught, nethervoid, to various extended decks - grow, oath, etc.

2. I would rate it an 8 its a fairly healthy metagame other then alot of extended decks being played because there are no extended tournaments other then extended season.

3. It probably will stay about the same or maybe grow a little. There might be some new players playing because of the extended nerf but I would not count on it.

4. The most competitive decks in Type 1 are 5 color control (Keeper), Monoblue, OSE (BU), basically any blue based control XD. Agressive decks ocasionally win but are less consistent. Monoblack suicide or void variants are very good as is stompy.

By LambChopNYC (Lc) on Thursday, May 30, 2002 - 01:57 am:

Raymond M. Lambert, AKA LambChopNYC (happy Matt D, I used my real name first) Keeper and a crazy 4 color burn control deck I invented that I have fun with(have to post it some day before someone else is stupid enough to take credit for its invention). I play at NGNY and am a friend of Matt D so you can read his above post to get info i agree with.

I would like to add that on Friday, a day Matt D is unable to attnd there is a decent amount of Keeper but also a mix of other decks, mostly kids that compete since it is a free tourney and they can use any cards like their t2 crap that just got rotated out. These kids either get blown out of the water and quite or get some addvice form the better players and continue while shaping a better deck as time goes by. On Friday I have played and did very well with a cray deck I invented. So it is not so differcult as on Sundays when the Best Keeper players in NYC(dare I say the World) play.

I got pist when i saw the new bannings for extended( don't know why, I disliked it since lightning bolt was removed) but maybe this will aid our cause.

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