? Survival of the Fittest ?

Beyond Dominia: The Type One Magic Mill: ? Survival of the Fittest ?

By Guillaume (Guillaume) on Sunday, June 02, 2002 - 12:28 am:

This is my fetish deck in type one, it's called Weathies (Built by Jp Meyers) and here is how I made some changes (I playtest this version and I killed all control deck like "The Deck" and "Keeper") :

Main Deck (61 cards) :

White :
4x Academy Rector
1x Moat
1x Enduring Renewal

Blue :
1x Time Walk
1x Ancestral Recall

Black :
4x Duress
2x Recurring Nightmare
1x Krovikan Horror
1x Thrull Surgeon
1x Oath of Ghouls
1x Demonic Tutor

Red :
1x Avalanche Riders
1x Squee, Goblin Nabob
1x Dwarven Miner
1x Goblin Bombardment

Green :
4x Wall of Roots
4x Survival of the Fittest
4x Land Grant
4x Birds of Paradise
1x Spike Weaver
1x Spike Feeder
1x Uktabi Orangutan
1x Wood Elves
1x Quirion Ranger

Artifact :
1x Shield Sphere
1x Mox Pearl
1x Mox Sapphire
1x Mox Jet
1x Mox Ruby
1x Mox Emerald
1x Black Lotus

Land :
4x Savannah
4x Bayou
2x Taiga
1x Tropical Island

Sideboard (15 cards) :

1x Auramancer
1x Monk Realist
1x Circle of Protection : Black
1x Circle of Protection : Red
1x Confiscate
1x Mesmeric Fiend
3x Red Elemental Blast
2x Pyroblast
1x Dwarven Miner
1x Gorilla Shaman
1x Spike Weaver
1x Spike Feeder

Way to kill : I can kill by using creature's attack or with the fruity pebble combo (Enduring Renewal/Goblin Bombardment/Shield Sphere).

Mana base : I only run 11 lands but I have 4 Land Grant wich can makes me search for a dual land with green (Savannah, Tropical Island, Bayou and Taiga). Also, I have the 5 moxen and the Lotus to play Survival of the Fittest at the first turn and they are not land so this makes Land Grant more powerful.

I need your help to choose wich of those cards should be in the deck and what should I remove for them (main and/or side). Here is the list :

Main :
Tradewind Rider
Krovikan Horror (an other one)
Bone Shredder
Githu Sligner
Quirion Ranger (an other one)
Phyrexian Tower
Volrath's Stronghold
-Or any other sugestions

Sideboard :
Light of Day
Spiritual Focus
Chains of Mephistophelis
Elvish Lyrist
Emerald Charm
-Or any other Sugestions

Thanks for your help !

(Sorry for my english, I'm from Monreal and my first language is french !)

By Bo (Bo) on Sunday, June 02, 2002 - 01:17 am:

I posted my unpowered survival deck below. I think a Survival deck is the best way to abuse some of the new judgment creatures, Glory and Genesis.

Against most control decks the graveyard is a much safer place for things than the board (since people rarely use Tormod's Crypt anymore). Genesis is rediculous against control and Glory can nullify The Abyss at a cost of 2W per turn. And once these are going its quite difficult for any deck to remove them (short of a Timetwister).

I'd definately consider using these creatures. Genesis could replace Oath of Ghouls or a Recurring Nightmare. Im not sure what I'd replace for Glory though, possibly an Avalance Rider. Anyways, those are my thoughts.

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