Beyond Dominia: Classic (Type I) Trading: I WANT YOUR NONBASIC LAND!!

By paladin on Saturday, December 15, 2001 - 08:50 pm:

Hi, for some reason, i like collecting land cards, no idea why, so im looking for bascially anything that is a RARE land, no matter what set, even if it is totally jank and unplayable(I prefer type1, and 1.5

I WILL NOT TRADE HIGH FOR CRAP, u know what a bad land is and what a good land is. ALL LANDS MUST BE MINTY!!

I have:


1. Kill Switch
1. Memory Jar
1. Mishras Helix
1. Mana Vault
1. Mirari
1. Temporal Aperture
1. SnakeBasket(BB)
1. Thran Golem(SIGNED)
1. Mishras Helix(Foreign)
1. Sol Ring
2. Meekstone
2. Mox diamond(MINTY)
2. Karn
2. Skull of Ramos
3. Scroll Rack
4. Chemiric Idol
1. Null Rod


1. Vampiric Tutor(BB)
2. Thrashing Wumpus
2. Bad Moon
1. Necro(BB)
2. Nether Spirit
2. Phyrexian Negator
1. Ill Gotten Gains
1. Yawgmoths Agenda
1. Necravolver
1. Cateran Slaver
1. Marauding Knight
1. Stromgald Cabal(BB)
1. Mindtwist(WB)
1. Pox
1. Plague Wind(German)
2. Delraich
1. Recurring Nightmare
1. Living Death(Spanish)
1. Volrath's Dungeon
2. Demonic Consultation
2. Perish(BB)
1. Gravestorm
1. Bargain


2. Storm Seeker(BB, Foreign)
2. Recycle
6. River Boa(ALL MINTY, ALL BB)
2. Plow Under
3. Saproling Burst
1. Fastbond(WB)
2. Oath of Druids
1. Jade Leech
3. Creeping Mold(1 BB)
2. Foodchain
1. Magnigoth Treefolk
1. Survival of the Fittest
1. Verduran Enchantress(WB)
1. Spike Feeder
1. Ground Seal
1. Durranged Hermit(Spanish)
3. Llanawar Behemoth


3. Thieving Magpie
2. Dream Halls
2. Mind over Matter
2. Chill(BB)
1. Time Warp
2. Foil
1. Arcane Denial
2. Tinker
4. Parallax Tide
4. Troublesome Spirit
2. Denying Wind
1. Rayne
1. Lord of Atlantis(7th)
1. Hightened Awareness(German)
1. Donate
2. Rootwater Thieves(1 Signed)
1. Mana Maze
2. Mystical Tutor(BB)
1. Treachery
1. Palinchron
1. Drifting Djinn


3. Flashfires(ALL BB, 2 BETA, 1 PORTAL nice!)
2. Magmasaur
2. Squee
1. Flowstone Slide
2. Techtonic Break
2. Crimson Hellkite(WB)
1. Earthquake(alternate art, foreign, nice!)
2. Flowstone Overseer
2. Zirilan of the Claw
1. Relentless Assault(PORTAL)
2. Obliterate
1. Searing Wind(German)
2. Apocalypse
4. Pillage(1 WB)
2. Avalanche Riders


1. Arrest
1. Raka Sanctuary
1. Helionaut
2. Withdrawl
2. Spiketail Hatchling
1. Waterfront Bouncer
1. Vine Trelis
1. Canopy Surge
1. kavu Lair
1. Necra Sanctuary
1. Dirty Wirerat
2. Ancient Spring
1. Irrigation Ditch
1. Rancor
1. Submerge


1. Replenish
1. Gerrard Capashen
2. Landtax(BOTH BB, 1 FOREIGN)
2. Longbow Archers(BB)
3. Mom
1. Elite Archers
1. Intrepid Hero(Saga)
1. Rout
1. Winds of Wrath
1. Tivadar's Crusade
2. Light of Day(BB)
2. Kismet(BB, LEGENDS)
4. Opalescence
2. Exile(BB)
2. Crackdown
3. Reverant Mantra
3. Crusade(ALL WB)
2. Cataclysm


4. Blazing Specter
2. Teferis Moat
2. Yavimaya's Embrace
1. Squandered Resources
1. Cadaverous Bloom
1. Ancient Spider
1. Cloud Cover
2. Absorb
1. Deathgrasp
1. Powerstone Minefield
1. Pyre Zombie
2. Fungal Shambler
1. Rith
1. Lord of Tresserhorn
1. Sol'kanar(BB LEGENDS)
1. Last Stand
1. Goblin Trenches

I will post what i have already traded every 2 days. Enjoy!

By Charlie on Saturday, December 15, 2001 - 10:17 pm:

I could use the following cards:

1xtime warp
1xvampiric tutor
1xnull rod
1xphyrexian negator
1xmarauding knight
2xscroll rack

I have the following:

1xtarnished citadel
1xkeldon necroplis
1xforsaken city
1xglacial chasm
1xfoil shivan reef

E-mail me at p***c@a***a.com and we'll work something out.

By rmn on Sunday, December 16, 2001 - 12:25 am:

Hey, I need from you:

2 Absorb
1 Survival
1 Treachery
1 Living Death
1 Recurring Nightmare

I have:

1 Tarnished Citadel
1 Veldt
1 Wintermoon Mesa
2 Yavimaya Hollow

Emal me at r***o@i***i.com.

By tome on Sunday, December 16, 2001 - 11:28 pm:


i have the following non basic lands for trade:

high market
yavimaya hollow


caldera lake
salt flats x2
scabland x2
cinder marsh x2
vec townships x3
mogg hollows
thalokos lowlands
rootwater depths
ancient tomb x5
maze of shadows x3


dormant volcano
everglades x3
coral atoll x6
jungle basin x3


teferi's isle x2
bad river x3
grasslands x2
flood plain
mountain valley x4
rocky tar pit x2


school of the unseen x7
soldevi excavations x2
heart of yavimaya x2
balduvian trading post


wizards school x2
an-havva township x6
castle sengir x5
koskun keep x4
aysen abbey x4

ice age

river delta x2
land cap
veldt x3
ice flow x5

the dark

city of shadow x3


oasis x2
safe haven 2x
urza's mine - all four pictures
urza's tower - all four pictures
urza's power plant - all four pictures

i am interested in the following:

mana vault
sol ring
scroll rack
chimeric idol
deranged hermit (spanish)
earthquake (foreign)
foil canopy surge
foil rancor
miscellaneous foils

i was thinking about ten nonbasics for each card that i want (you chose) does this sound fair to you?

practice peace


By paladin on Monday, December 17, 2001 - 12:17 am:

well, id like 10 RARE lands a piece, as i specified above.

conisder this, my cards are playable, and most of that land u wouldnt even use to wipe your ass with


email me @ a***a@h***l.net
if that doesnt work, than, w***i@h***l.com

By paladin on Monday, December 17, 2001 - 12:37 pm:

plz specify which of those are rare, cause n some i am not even sure =)

ill trade with u for sure, u got lots of crap to offer me, thanks

By tome on Monday, December 17, 2001 - 07:49 pm:

sorry about misreading your initial post.
i tried emailing to the first address and it was returned. i have sent you a list of the rares to the second address. email me with a response or if you do not recieve this one. thank you for your patience.

practice peace


By paladin on Monday, December 17, 2001 - 11:08 pm:

ya, my email acount is really screwed up, i got a new computer and for some reason, my email adress got switched from.com to .net, i have no idea why, so a lot of the stuff on my computer are just well, malfunctioning, so just post me a list here


By tome on Thursday, December 20, 2001 - 04:24 am:

here is the list of rares

3x veldt
land cap
2x river delta
2x soldevi excavations
balduvian trading post
2x heart of yavimaya
high market
yavimaya hollow
2x scabland
2x salt flats
2x teferi's isle

what could you offer off my wants from the previous post?

practice peace


By paladin on Friday, December 21, 2001 - 03:17 am:

well, i want all of that ass-wiping material, and ill offer you:

1.foil canopy surge

what other foils u want??

By HolyAce on Friday, December 21, 2001 - 03:18 pm:

I have a bunch of duals!!

These are the cards that Im interested in:

1. Mirari
1. Sol Ring
2. Mox diamond
1. Vampiric Tutor(BB)
2. Nether Spirit
2. Phyrexian Negator
1. Recurring Nightmare
1. Survival of the Fittest
1. Lord of Atlantis(7th)
1. Treachery
2. Squee
1. Earthquake(alternate art, foreign, nice!)
1. Rout
4. Blazing Specter
2. Teferis Moat
2. Absorb
1. Deathgrasp
1. Pyre Zombie
1. Rith
1. Sol'kanar(BB LEGENDS)


By paladin on Friday, December 21, 2001 - 10:55 pm:



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