You get T1 For T2 No Bullshiz

Beyond Dominia: Classic (Type I) Trading: You get T1 For T2 No Bullshiz

By quith42 on Saturday, January 26, 2002 - 10:09 pm:

I am tired of the biznastards at my school. ***Ohh no the 1x BOP for the 4x Phyrexian arenas!!**** They can suck me. I used to trade here now I am back and with a vengence. For anyone that ever got screwed in a trade I shall conquer the A$$`s of the school. And take it to the Max Just Read the Want and Have list and email with anything you could possibly want, other than P9`s of Course, and I can, Just maybe, get it So Find OUT!

2x or *3x BOP * I have 1 bop in bad condition I would put that in a trade for 3 bops.
4x Urzas Rage
2x Call of the Herd
1x Mystic Enforcer
2x Mystic Crusader
4x Sabertooth Nishoba
2x Glorious Anthem
1x Tramatize
4x Wrath of God *Prefer 7th
2x Cave of Kolios
2x Yavimaya Coast
2x Shivan Reef
2x Brushland
1x 7th Edition City Of Brass
1x Anthologies City of Brass
4x Might of Oak
3x Phyrexian Scuta
5x Skizzik
4x Spirtit Mongers
2x 6th Edition Karpulsan Forest
4x Kavu Titans
4x Coat of Arms
************************OTHER(LESS IMPORTANT)
3x Zombify
4x Fire And Ice
4x Life and Death
4x Overrun
4x Pillage
4x Aether Burst
Anything to do with squirrels
3x Puppeteer
5x Karpulsan Forest
3x Tramatize
4x Haunting Echos
1x BOP
3x City of Brass
2x Void
4x Ghitu Fire
4x Prenumbra WUrm
1x Sulperous Spring
4x mahoti Djinn
2x Phyrexian Arenas
3x Shivan Wurm
4x Blazing Spectres
2x Call of the Herd
1x Static Orb
3x Wrath of God
4x Noble Panthers
1x Lord of the Undead
1x Extract
4x Dueling Grounds
2x Spiritual Lynx
3x Death Grasp
4x Howling Mines
5x Mana Short
4x Stalking Bloodsuckers
4x Deflection
4x Soul Sculptor
2x Darigaz The Ignighter
4x Inferno
4x Divine Presence
8x Earthquake
4x Planar Portal
2x Tsabos Web
2x Gerrards Wisdom
4x Devoring Strostus
4x Distorting Wake
4x Pariahs
4x Routs
2x Mana Maze
2x mirari
6x Ertai the Corrupted
1x FOIL Aether Rift
1x FOIL Fungal Shambler
1x FOIL Seize the Day
1x FOIL whirpool Rider
1x FOIL Global Ruin
*******************************************TYPE 1
4x Vesuvan Dopple Gangers
4x Time elemntals
4x Icy Manipulators
2x Ring of Gix
1x Jesters mask
2x Bribary
4x eldamaris Vinyard
4x Defense of The Heart
1x Survival Of The Fittest
1x Miris Guile
2x Mishras Helix
2x Recurring Nightmare
4x Phyrexian Negators
2x Lake Of The Dead
8x Sengir Vampire
4x Sorceress Queen
4x Pit Spawn
4x Nightmare
4x Demonic Tutors
2x Rofellos
4x Royal Assasins
4x Mind Twists
1x Yawgmoths Bargain
4x Gaeas Cradles
4x Rhox
3x Argothian Wurms
3x Endless Wurm
2x Kaysa
3x Multani Maro Sorceror
8x Armageddon
3x Wrath of God
8x Lighting Bolt
8x Black Knights
2x Volrath
2x Crovax
2x Crovax Temp
1x Rayne
4x Ball Lightning
3x Shivan Dragons
1x lightning Dragon
4x Noetic Scales
3x Tolarian Academy
2x Stroke of Genius
3x Time Spirals
3x Scroll racks
4x Palichon
4x High Tide
4x Great Whale
4x Peregrine Drake
6x Force or Nature
4x Serra Avatar
4x Living Death
4x memory Jar
4x Delusions of Mediocricity
3x Cabal Minion
4x lord of the Pit
4x Grinnign Totem
9x lifeline
8x Slight of Mind
1x City of Shadows
4x Nevys Disk
4x Chimeric Staff
4x Sunder
1x Yawgmoths Bargain
3x Child of Gaea
4x Zuran Orb
2x Sneak Attack
4x Pattern of Rebirth
4x regrowth
1x Attunement
4x Rootwater theifs
3x gaeas Liege
4x Show and Tell
4x Blinking Spirit
1x Hippie Spectre
4x Second Chance
4x Demonic Tutors
6x Clones
8x Strip Mine *Cliff Picture
2x Statsis
2x bad Moon
1x Urzas Incubator
5x Balance
1x Crusade
2x Teekas Dragons
2x Ashen Powder
4x Academy Rector
3x abundance
2x Plow under
2x Colosus of Sardia
4x Land Tax
4x Grindstone
2x Kill Switch
2x Fault Line
2x Covetous Dragon
3x Pyromancy
1x Crater Hellion
1x Forbidden Crypt
4x Blizzard Elemental
4x Tidal Kraken
2x Mangaras Tome
4x Instill Energy
1x Furnace of Rath
2x Wake of Destruction
2x Crumbling Sancuarty
4x Remembrance
3x Channels
2x Erratic Portal
2x Drifting Djinn
2x Unstable Shapeshifter
1x Volaraths Shapeshifter
3x Rathi Dragon
2x Hammer of bogarden
4x Chain Lightning

Just Findout what you have that I want And Send me the list and what you want for em at the end of the week I`ll send outthe responses.

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