Looking to Buy p9 nonlotus Items. Paying $100-125 ea

Beyond Dominia: Classic (Type I) Trading: Looking to Buy p9 nonlotus Items. Paying $100-125 ea

By sputnik-pl on Wednesday, January 30, 2002 - 03:55 pm:

I am looking to buy whole p8 set.
I am paying :
$50 for any p9 item, that is tournament legal.
$75 for any p9 in g/vg condition

$100 for ex/ex+ any Mox, Ancestral or Time Walk
$110 for Nm/nm- -//-
$125 for MINT/Neramint+ mox sapphire/ancestral

Payment by cash.
I have abut 100 Gab references, and I am also a motl user (with a rank of 40), so I will ask you to send firs, or we can send to a trusted third party. I send first only if you have great refs.
I live in Poland, so I preffer to trade with people from europe, however I trade to Usa frequently.

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