need a ton of stuff...

Beyond Dominia: Mixed/Standard Trading: need a ton of stuff...

By Nix (Nix) on Saturday, August 04, 2001 - 01:15 pm:

heres what i could use:

2 absorb
3 skizzik
4 undermine
any painlands (building set)
4 rages
1 wild research
1 bird
3 vindicate
2 spiritmongers
2 perniscuous deed

4 morphling
4 mox diamond
2 nev's disk
p9 (shitty condition prefered)


2 ancestral memories
2 sliptide serpent
saprazzan baliff
5 teferi's response
4 seahunter
3 psychic theft
2 pale moon
2 karn's touch
2 aerial caravan
stormscape master
mana maze
ice cave
parallax tide
3 rising waters
2 dream halls
temporal adept
2 extravagant spirit
dralnu's pet
3 overburden
3 unnatural selection
3 treachery
2 palinchron
6 daring apprentice
4 drain power
2 shrouded serpent
2 recall
diminishing returns
temporal distortion
psychic transfer
wall of wonder
planeswalkers mischief
alexi, zephyr mage
2 planar overlay
3 hurkyls recall
3 blind seer
empress galina
heightened awareness
energy field
tidal kraken
crystal spray
show and tell
psychic battle
zurs wierding
3 cowardice

2 mogg sentry
2 goblin marshall
2 game of chaos
3 final fortune
2 mages contest
mana cache
mana barbs
2 planeswalkers fury
fickle efreet
flowstone slide
2 wild research
trained orgg
2 battle squadron
goblin warrens
flowstone overseer
stronghold gambit
2 bend or break
goblin warrens
2 goblin game
4 tectonic instability
2 ruby leech
relentless assault
reckless embermage
2 keldon firebombers
flailing manticore
seismic mage
2 tahngarth, talruum hero
collapsing borders
blood oath
3 bedlam
2 territorial dispute
3 mogg sentry
4 desolation angel
bloodfire colossus
volcanic dragon
hammer of bogardan
3 goblin bombardment

2 demonic consultation
sengir vampire
ascendant evincar
yawgmoth's will
tainted aether
2 unnatural hunger
nightscape master
murderous betrayal
3 phyrexian delver
murderous betrayal
2 silent assassin
notorious assassin
2 thrashing wumpuss
2 greed
phyrexian plageloird
planar despair
infernal contract
2 darkest hour
3 twilights call
2 witch engine
breeding pit
do or die
forced march
greel, mind raker
2 planeswalkers scorn
2 rathi assassin
brink of madness
infernal genesis
cateran slaver
eastern paladin
rag man
forbidden crypt
2 abyssal horror
parallax nexus
living death
2 divining witch
ill gotten gains
2 oppression
2 unmask
2 rhystic tutor
nether shadow
western paladin
oath of ghouls
4 desperate research

3 powerstone minefield
3 overgrown estate
fervent charge
kangee, aerie keeper
vile consumption
2 meteor storm
3 fungal shambler
3 dueling grounds
eladmri's call
hymn of rebirth
2 phyrexian tyranny
aura mutation
sawback manticore
2 ancient spider
3 sabertooth nishoba
keldon twilight
2 guided passage
3 yavimayas embrace
3 artifact mutation
blazing specter
2 destructive flow
2 reckless assault
last stand

wintermoon mesa
rath's edge
strip mine
icatian store
2 yavimaya hollow
3 kor haven
tower of magistrate
meteor crater

4 memory jar
3 cursed totem
barrins codex
ankh of mishra
phrexian colossus
2 teferi's puzzlebox
wand of denial
legacy weapon
4 crumbling sanctuary
2 jayemdae tome
mishra's helix
horn of plenty
complex automation
copperleaf ange
2 bargaining table
2 pentegram of the ages
2 keldon battlewagon
4 lotus blossom
aladdin's ring
2 storm cauldron
celestial sword
flying carpet
skull of ramos
2 eye of yawgmoth
iron maiden
grinning totem
feroz's ban
assembly hall
amber prison
the hive
worry beads
dingus egg
tooth of ramos
5 jalum tome
dragon engine
elkin bottle
disrupting scepter
bottle of suleiman
kyren toy
skyship weatherlight

2 marsh of souls
common cause
oracles attendants
animate wall
mageta, the lion
jeweled spirit
cho arrim alchemist
2 armistace
field of souls
security detail
crusading knight
2 planeswalkers mirth
ethereal champion
avenger en dal
kjeldoran royal guard
3 mercenary informer
2 dominarias judgement
divine presence
3 sivvi's valor
death or glory
parallaxx wave
honor the fallen
2 blessed reversal
order of the sacred torch
4 fountain watch
3 lin sivvi, defiant hero
2 celestial convergence
hand of justice
2 false dawn
2 elite archers
samite elder
master healer
2 reverse damage
atalya samite master
icatian town
wave of reckoning
2 gerrard capashen
pearl dragon
sheltering prayers
2 ramosian skymarshall
alabaster leech
spirit of resistance
dega volver
alabaster dragon
global ruin
sunscape master
5 fight or flight

3 natures resurgance
3 rowen
3 early harvest
deepwood elder
2 bind
forgotten harvest
kavu lair
food chain
avatar of might
2 citanaul heirophants
3 gaea's heralds
2 ancient sliverbacks
planeswalkers favor
game preserve
quirion dryad
3 elder druid
3 hurricane
saproling symbiosis
3 kavu mauler
4 symbiotic deployment
dense foliage
dirtcowl wurm
4 endless wurm
overlaid terrain
mammoth harness
vernal bloom
magnigoth treefolk
spike weaver
mana bond
2 pack hunt
greener pastures
penumbra wurm
2 jolrael, empress of beasts

4 city of brass
5 adarkar wastes
8 battlefield forges
4 brushlands
2 cave of koilos
4 karplusan forest
5 llanowar wastes
4 shivan reef
2 underground river
2 sulfurous springs
4 yavimaya coast

other random stuff:
4 intuition
3 city of traitors
4 thran quarry
serra's sanctum
phyrexian tower
4 academy rector
2 enduring renewal
4 yawgmoths will
4 yawgmoths bargain
demonic tutor
2 vampric tutor
devouring strossus
spirit of the night
4 defense grid
3 kegs
2 disks
4 howling mines
2 ivory towers
3 lifeline
4 masticores
4 horn of greed
4 exploration
4 survival of the fittest
verdant force
4 birds
4 elvish spiritguide

email me at a***n@l*** or post here and leave your email address. the offers on "other random stuff" should be pretty good, those cards are usually no trade stuff. will consider ANY offers, though. adios

By the rat on Saturday, August 04, 2001 - 02:38 pm:

i have 3 vindicate, 1 bird, and the painlands
i want nothing of what you have.

By Nix (Nix) on Sunday, August 12, 2001 - 05:15 pm:


2 absorb
3 skizzik
4 undermine
any painlands (building set)
4 rages
1 bird
3 vindicate
2 spiritmongers
2 perniscuous deed
2 lightning angel

4 morphling
4 mox diamond
3 nev's disk
1 reya, dawnbringer
1 apprentice necromancer
1 academy rector
4 deranged hermit

3 sapprazzan heir
4 rootwater theif
4 lord of atlantis
4 thwart
4 foil
4 counterspell
4 rhystic study

jeweled spirit
last stand
sulfurous springs

By Dimmu on Saturday, November 10, 2001 - 06:28 am:

i have a lord of atlantis (foil)
i am interested in birds, masticore, verdant force, some apocalypse painlands.
make a deal and LMK via email.
my email adress is Ct***h@a***

By The Star Boss on Saturday, November 10, 2001 - 04:38 pm:

Hello. You posted about the Foil Undermine and the Foil Elf for your 3 Divert and 3 Call of the Herd. It seems a bit in your favor, so here's what I'll ask:

My - 1 Foil Undermine, 1 Foil DCI Llanowar Elf, 1 Lightning Angel, 1 Academy Rector

Your - 3 Divert, 3 Call of the Herd, 1 Yawgmoth's Will, 1 Demonic Tutor

We can always expand or mess w/ the trade if ya want. Let me know if you have a 4th Call of the Herd, as I need another. I have tons more that you want. Post on my list or e-mail, but I prefer posting. Thanx!

By Nix (Nix) on Sunday, November 11, 2001 - 04:27 pm:

hey, i dont have demonic tutor or will. is there anything else you are looking for?

dimmu, ill give you a shivan reef, and a sulfurous springs for the foil lord. id email you but its not workin. lmk with counteroffer.

By Dave on Monday, November 12, 2001 - 03:36 pm:

I have a lightning angel up for trade for a painland or two.

By Farid on Friday, November 30, 2001 - 12:02 pm:

I have 2 pernicious deeds, lord of atlantis foil,
interested in birds, verdant.
Sorry, don't need the lands any more.
Just compose a message to my email adress, it should work!
So i really would prefer the email, because i rarely check this site.
i also need mono red dragons and uncs like anarchy, pyrokinesis, bottle gnomes, price of progress, so if you have any of them, LMK by email
you know my email adress.

By Lance on Tuesday, December 04, 2001 - 04:12 pm:

Hi I am very interested in trading for your 4 Yavamaia Cost line. Of what you wanted I have

2 absorb
1 wild reasearch
3 Vindicate (*2 Foil*)
2 Llanowar Wastes
a Spirit monger and
3 Pernitious deeds

and 1 Morphling I think I'll have to check
send me an offer
at t***r@a***
or post here

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