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Beyond Dominia: Mixed/Standard Trading: Need to sell or trade collection

By dustin on Friday, November 09, 2001 - 11:33 pm:

2x shivan gorge
2x teferi's isle
1x taiga (3rd)
1x soldevi excavation
2x sheltered valley
1x yavimaya hallow
1x tower of the magistrate
1x gemstone (foreign)
4x Mishra's Factory (4th)
1x Thawing Glacier (foreign)
1x Winding canyons

4x jet medallion
4x emerald medallion
4x pearl medallion
4x ruby medallion
4x sapphire medallion
1x urza's incubator
1x thran golem
1x scroll rack
2x heartstone
1x memory jar
1x worry beads
2x ankh of mishra (3rd, 4th)
1x thran lens
1x urza's blueprints
1x scrying glass
2x cold storage
1x damping engine
5x helm of awakening
2x thumbscrews
1x mercadian lift
2x assembly hall
1x crawlspace
1x jade monolith (5th)
1x bosium strip
1x distorting lens
1x horn of plenty
1x storage matrix
1x metalworker
1x bargaining table
2x ivory tower (3rd)
1x soldevi digger
4x sol ring (3rd)
4x colossus of sardia (4th)
4x jester's cap
2x fluctuator
4x jayemdae tome (one 3rd)
2x defense grid
2x time bomb (5th, iceage)
1x wand of denial
1x altar of dementia
4x zuran orb
4x grindstone
1x jester's mask
6x mana vault
1x emmessi tome
2x jinxed ring
1x lodestone bauble
1x sword of the chosen
4x dingus egg
7x millstone (one 3rd)
2x bubble matrix
1x scrapheap
4x snake basket
3x junk diver
2x noetic scales
4x booby trap
4x vexing arcanix
2x icy manipulator
10x howling mine (3 5th, 6 3rd, 1 4th)
4x meekstone (3 4th)
3x anvil of bogardan
1x caltrops (foil)
1x jhoira's toolbox (foil)

1x ebon dragon
1x revenant
2x baron sengir
1x reprocess
1x distese dimenticate
1x plaguebearer
3x darkest hour
2x skeleton scavengers
2x contamination
1x witch engine
1x abyssal horror
1x entropic specter
1x coffin queen
1x crovax the cursed
2x rapid decay
1x flow of maggots
2x silent assassin
1x apprentice necromancer
1x carrion ants
1x stupor
2x stronghold assassin
4x attrition
4x bad moon (5th)
1x death pit offering
4x lord of the pit (3rd, 4th, 2 each)
4x nightmare (4th, 3rd)
1x eviscerator
3x cosmic horror (1 foreign)
6x nether shadow (3 5th, 3 4th)
2x notorious assassin
5x royal assassin (3 signed by turny winners)
1x volrath the fallen
1x catacomb dragon
9x will-o'-the-wisp (1 3rd, 8 4th and 3 near mint)
3x sorceress queen (3rd)
4x hell's caretaker (1 legend)
1x body snatcher
1x mindwarper
4x the wretched
1x bellowing fiend
1x demonic tutor
4x eastern paladin
4x western paladin
2x yawgmoth's bargain
3x delraich (1 foreign)
1x tethered skirge (foil)

8x propaganda
4x sleight of mind
4x magical hack
1x bazaar of wonders
3x second chance
1x embargo
3x aura thief
2x palinchron
4x deflection (2 iceage, 2 5th)
4x opposition
4x silver wyvern
4x tidal kraken (1 foreign)
2x rayne, academy chancellor
4x time warp
4x energy field
4x blizzard elemental
4x time elemental (1 5th)
4x mahamoti djinn
4x sibilant spirit
1x anthroplasm
3x rootwater matriarch
2x leviathan (1 foreign legend)
1x parallax tide
2x imaginary pet
3x back to basics
4x clone
1x volrath's shapeshifter
2x braingeyser
1x archivist
1x aerial caravan
1x sand squid
1x drifting djinn
1x rishadan brigand
2x fleeting image
1x ancestral knowledge
3x ransack (portal)
2x time warps (portal)
1x veiled crocodile
1x mist dragon
2x mystical tutor
1x benthic behemoth
2x palinchron (foil)
1x brine seer (foil)
1x telepathic spies (foil)

4x elvish archers
4x might of oaks
2x canopy dragon
3x birds of paradise
4x killer bees
1x skyshroud behemoth
1x multani, maro-sorcerer
4x fungusaur
4x elven warhounds
2x plow under
4x verdant touch
4x sylvan library
1x thorn elemental
3x nettletooth djinn
2x regrowth
2x rofellos, llanowar emissary
1x whirlwind
1x mwonvuli ooze
1x nature’s cloak
1x erithizon
4x reap
1x endless wurm
2x pattern of rebirth
1x winter’s grasp
2x hidden stag
4x gaea’s blessing
1x eladamri, lord of leaves
1x food chain
1x weatherseed treefolk
2x survival of the fittest
1x earthcraft
1x force of nature
1x elder druid (5th)
1x greater good
1x hermit druid
1x midsummer revel
4x emperor crocodile
1x ancient silverback
4x aspect of wolf (1 foreign)
1x megatherium
4x birds of paradise (gold)
1x yavimaya wurm (foil)
1x lone wolf (foil)
1x stamina (foil)
1x yavimaya scion (foil)
1x simian grunts (foil)

3x squee, goblin nabob
4x covetous dragon
2x shivan hellkite
4x two-headed dragon
4x blood lust (legend)
8x shivan dragon (2 3rd, 5 4th, 1 5th)
1x laccolith titan
4x wake of destruction
5x thundermare (2 portal, 1 foreign)
4x earthquake
4x rukh egg (3 type b)
1x goblin marshal
3x final fortune
3x lightning dragon
3x chain lightning
6x winds of change (1 foreign, 1 5th)
3x goblin festival
4x jokulhaups
4x magmasaur
2x rivalry
4x sneak attack
1x thieves’ auction
1x volcanic dragon
1x mana cache
4x ball lightning
4x inferno (2 4th, 2 5th)
2x ratthi dragon (1 foreign)
14x mana flare
1x mana barbs (6th)
1x blood hound
1x orcish squatterrs
2x rock hydra (1 foreign)
2x impatience
2x bloodshot cyclops
1x impending disaster
1x pyromancy
2x wheel of fortune
2x marton stromgald
2x shocker
1x atagonism
2x fault line
1x electryte
1x invasion plans
1x molten hydra
4x furnace of rath
1x chaotic goo
1x maraxus of keld
2x roc of kher ridges (1 unlimited)
1x lightning dragon (foil)
1x laccolith grunt (foil)
1x sowing salt (foil)
1x colos yearling (foil)
1x flailing soldier (foil)
1x repercussion (foil)

4x serra avatar
4x serra angel
2x radiant, archangel
3x noble purpose
3x spirit link
2xarchangel (portal 1 and 2)
2x herald of serra
5x animate wall (3 5th)
4x contemplation
4x divine transformation
4x academy rector
4x savannah lions
4x personal incarnation
1x planar birth
1x blessed reversal
1x purify
1x karmie guide
1x pearl dragon
2x land tax
1x rolling stones
1x common cause
1x cho-arrim alchemist
1x spiritual focus
2x balance
2x caribou range (5th0
2x flicker
1x soltari emissary
1x order of the sacred torch
1x hanna’s custody
2x tethered griffin
1x elder land wurm
3x false prophet
1x empyrial armor
2x knighthood
1x remembrance
4x northern paladin
4x southern paladin
1x replenish (foil)
1x fend off (foil)
1x serra advocate (foil)
1x field surgeon (foil)

I also have all of the unglued rares.

About 10,000 land, commons, uncommons and some rare but I will sell them all of at once with some new page selves and selves for decks.

Hello my name is Dustin, and I’m selling off my card collection. I will trade but for only PS2 games, or DVD movies or computer parts.

By Charlie on Saturday, November 10, 2001 - 06:37 am:

How much for the foreign thawing glacier?

By dustin on Saturday, November 10, 2001 - 07:25 am:

give me a good price and it is yours.

By dustin on Saturday, November 10, 2001 - 07:29 am:

my email address is s***b@t***

By lp357 on Saturday, December 22, 2001 - 05:32 am:

4 howling mines, 4 spirit links, 4 birds of paradise, 1 taiga. let me know what you still have of these cards, condition, and asking price. email me at: m***a@l***

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