Load of cards that must go

Beyond Dominia: Mixed/Standard Trading: Load of cards that must go

By skater on Thursday, January 03, 2002 - 06:37 pm:

I sell inside the U.S. only (maybe Canada)

Refs determine sending (MOTL only)


I allow 3 days for other offers come in

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Want List:
PAYPAL is preferred
I also accept

-Checks (needs time to clear)
-Money Orders


Have List:
Consume strength
Riptide crab
Fertile ground
Jolrael, Empress of the beasts
Verdant field
Rooting kavu
Turf wound
Mirror strike
Whirlpool drake
Midnight ritual
Empress galena
Whirlpool warrior
Swamp (MM339)
Plains (IN332)
Mountain (IN346)
Mountain (IN344)


5x Winter orb
5x Storm cauldron
4x Powder keg
4x Horn of greed
3x Nevinyrral’s disk
3x Static orb
2x Tangle wire
2x Meekstone
1x Crawlspace
1x Cursed totem
1x Phyrexian dreadnought
1x Flying carpet
1x Crumbling sanctuary
1x Soldevi golem
1x Naked singularity
1x Barrin’s codex
1x Tormod’s crypt
1x Feroz’s ban
1x Jalum tome
1x Jayemdae tome
1x Juntu stakes
1x Aladdin’s ring
1x Jinxed idol
1x Bottle of suleiman
1x Scrapheap
1x Icy manipulator
1x Well of discovery
1x Predator, flagship
1x Eye of yawgmoth
1x Ice cauldron


4x Demonic consultation
4x Phyrexian negator
4x Phyrexian arena
3x Death pit offering
3x Tsabo’s decree
3x Living death
2x Vampiric tutor
2x Murderous betrayal
2x Recurring nightmare
1x Desolation Angel
1x Aku djinn
1x Oath of druids
1x Desperate research
1x Phyrexian scuta
1x Divining witch
1x Oath of lim-dul
1x Xenic poltergrist
1x Fallen angel
1x Planeswalkers’ scorn
1x Necropotence
1x Infernal denizen
1x Lord of the pit
1x Sengir Autocrat
1x Spoils of war
1x King’s assassin


4x Troublesome spirit
4x Temporal adept
4x Illusions of grandeur
4x Rising waters
4x Stasis
3x Opposition
3x Mahamoti djinn
3x Overburden
2x Back to basics
2x Morphling
2x Sunken city
2x Distorting wake
1x Cowardice
1x Heightened awareness
1x Sibilant spirit
1x Sliptide serpent
1x Fleeting image
1x Dralnu’s pet
1x Embargo
1x Rootwater matriarch
1x Temporal distortion
1x Zur’s weirding
1x Rishadan brigand
1x Archivist
1x Second chance
1x Planar overlay
1x Time and tide
1x Squeeze
1x Ice cave
1x Collective restraint
1x Sapphire leech
1x Duplicity
1x Imaginary pet


4x Natural affinity
3x City of solitude
3x Vine dryad
3x Burgoening
2x Exploration
2x Root maze
2x Dense foliage
2x Recycle
2x Crazed armodon
2x Bind
1x Deranged hermit
1x Erithizon
1x Argothian wurm
1x Living lands
1x Kavu mauler
1x Rofellos, llanowar emissary
1x Planeswalkers’ favor
1x Mirri, cat warrior
1x Greater good
1x Ancient silverback
1x Erhnam djinn
1x Freyalise’s winds
1x Lhurgoyf
1x Defense of the heart
1x Rowen
1x An-havva constable
1x Carnassid
1x Fugitive druid
1x Kavu lair
1x Overlaid terrain
1x Elder druid
1x Brushwagg
1x Aluren
1x Mungha wurm
1x Saproling burst
1x Heartwood giant
1x Clear the land
1x Kavu titan


3x Brushland
3x Karplusan forest
3x Underground river
2x Heart of Yavimaya
2x Gemstone mine
2x Forsaken city
2x Thawing glaciers
2x Dust bowl
1x Halls of mist
1x City of traitors
1x Gaea’s cradle
1x Yavimaya coast
1x Sulfurous springs
1x Pendlehaven
1x Meteor crater


5x Noble panther
4x Questing phelddagrif
3x Suffocating blast
2x Rith, the awakener
2x Dromar, the banisher
2x Death grasp
2x Keldon twilight
2x Aura mutation
1x Radiant kavu
1x Mountain titan
1x Fumarole
1x Earthlink
1x Ertai, the corrupted
1x Sawback manticore
1x Overabundance
1x Meteor storm
1x Phyrexian purge
1x Elemental augury
1x Powerstone minefield
1x Hanna, ship’s navigator
1x Fiery justice
1x Captain sisay
1x Lord of tresserhorn
1x Vindicate
1x Shivan wurm
1x Doomsday specter


4x Furnace of rath
3x Rogue skycaptain
3x Repercussion
3x Earthquake
2x Impending disaster
2x Cave-in
2x Latulla, keldon overseer
2x Flowstone overseer
2x Pulverize
2x Karplusan yeti
1x Searing wind
1x Lava hounds
1x Flowstone mauler
1x Mogg sentry
1x Mana cache
1x Chaos moon
1x Curse of marit lage
1x Territorial dispute
1x Search for survivors
1x Orcish librarian
1x Goblin warrens
1x Oath of mages
1x Desolation giant
1x Bend or break
1x Elken lair
1x Reckless embermage
1x Mana flare
1x Task mage assembly
1x Primordial ooze
1x Dwarven armory
1x Karplusan giant
1x Shatterstorm
1x Magmasaur
1x Shrieking mage
1x Seismic assault
1x Firestorm
1x Skizzik
1x Squee, goblin nabob
1x Electryte
1x Tahngarth, talruum hero


6x Crusade
4x Armageddon
4x Lin-sivvi
4x Parallax wave
3x Reverant mantra
2x Ramosian sky marshal
2x Equnozio
2x Jeweled spirit
2x Sheltering prayer
2x Global ruin
1x Planeswalkers’ Mirth
1x Animate wall
1x Sacred mesa
1x Crackdown
1x Reya dawnbringer
1x Safeguard
1x Honor the fallen
1x Armistice
1x Formation
1x Serra angel
1x Soltari champion
1x Megeta the lion
1x Cho-arrim bruiser
1x Oracle en-vec
1x Pearl dragon
1x Samite elder
1x Planar birth
1x Crusading knight
1x Worship
1x March of souls
1x Paladin en-vec

email me i***1@z***e.net

By James R on Tuesday, February 12, 2002 - 11:18 pm:


i would like 2 forsaken city, 4 armageddon, 4 stasis and 3 winter orb. lets talk about pricing.

l***t@o***o.com is the email

By tom on Saturday, February 16, 2002 - 10:23 pm:

nobody wants ur crap

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