i need duals will give up anything

Beyond Dominia: Mixed/Standard Trading: i need duals will give up anything

By 0***w@y***a.com on Wednesday, January 09, 2002 - 03:44 pm:

ok people i need 4 of each dual so look at my list below and pick out stuff. i prefer to trade with people who have alot of duals because its much easier but i will trade with people with few duals.
emial me at 0***w@y***a.com

4 donate
1 foil donate
4 illusions of granduer
2 merchant scrolls
4 intuition
4 sapphire medallion
1 call of the herd
4 spiritmonger
4 hauntaing echoes
1 vindicate
4 arena league counterspells (a little played)
4 undermine
4 birds or paradise
3 swords to plowshares (Foil dci)
4 pernicoius deeds
4 shadowmage infiltrator
4 prophetic bolt
tons of painlands
4 raging kavu(2 foil pre-release latin)
4 black bordered mishras factories(1 from each season)
4 thawing glaciers
8 force of wills
4 sinkhole
4 Elvish lyrist (Dci foil)
4 jugernaght(revised)
4 triskelion(4th)
1 survival of the fittest(foriegn)
1 wild research (Foil)
1 gerrards wisdom (Foil)
1 ring of gix (Foil)
4 teferis moat
1 pedantic learning (foil)
1 galinas knight (Foil)
2 implode (Foil)
2 braingeyser
2 recurring nightmare
1 new frontiers (Foil)
2 impulse (Dci foil)
2 masticore
3 swords to plowshares(foriegn black bordered)
3 plow under(foil)
1 Lich(revised)
4 enlightend tutors (Foil)
1 time vualt (revised)
4 darkwater catacombs
5 upheaval
2 foil exclude
4 foil DCI querion rangers
2 foil pillage
3 spectral lynx
4 death grasp
6 mystic snakes
4 lightning angels
4 devoted caretaker
4 gloroius anthem
4 opposition
4 wrath of god
1 foriegn BB land tax
1 foil tangle wire
4 living death
4 earthcraft
3 worship
4 savanah lions(1 foreign BB)
and other random stuff just ask

By Aragorn on Wednesday, January 23, 2002 - 04:26 pm:

I'll give you
4x tundra

4x shadowmages


By paladin on Thursday, January 24, 2002 - 10:56 am:


3.Underground Sea(15 trade each)
2.Bayou(14 each)
1.Tropical Island(16 each)
2.Tundra(15 each)

For Combo Of:

8.Force of Will(6-7 each)
1.Time Vault(10 each)
1.Lich(10 each)
3.Foil Plowunder(3 each), Dont ask, i just think they are cool
1.Foil RIng of Gix(4 each), Also dont ask why I want this
4.Sinkhole(Unlimited = 6 each, Beta/Alpha = 10 each)
1.Foil Tangle Wire(5 each)

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