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Beyond Dominia: Mixed/Standard Trading: Selling lots of stuff

By thebiggestkorean on Friday, March 01, 2002 - 10:46 am:

So basically please don't ask for 1 card here or there, I want to sell it all in one sweep.

To tell the truth, I have Spring Break in about 2 weeks. I need cash for my share of a beach cottage. This isn't my whole collection, but enough to get me some cash. I put a weblink at the end of the list for my site which has pictures of some of my cards. This set of cards is also on ebay at this link

I am hoping to get about 500.00 dollars for this piece of my collection. Email me if you have any questions or offers.
My email address is JonWt***t@s*** I check my mail at least twice at day and will respond as soon as I see your mail.

Good stuff-

4x Call of the Herd Super Type II card

1x Wrath of God (Beta)

1x Ancestral Recall(beta)

Armageddon Portal (4)

3x Skizzik

1x Grim Lavamancer

1x Laquotas Champion

1x SkullScorch

1x Overmaster

3x Ball lightning

2x Brushland

2x Shivan Wurm

4x Phryexian Arena

Arena Foil Island

2x Foil Rushing River

1x foil River boa

1x foil probe

1x Ali from cairo

1x Nether void

3x Pox

1x Chaos Orb (unlimited)


Thornscape Battlemage (3)

Hurricane (5)

Quirion Elves (5)

Giant Growth (4)

Elvish Lyrists (1)

Rhox (3)

Creeping Mold (1)

Uktabi Orangutan (3)

Overrrun (3)

Jolrail, Empress of Beasts (1)

Skyshroud Ridgeback (4)

Lumbering Satyr (3)


4x Massacre

3x Diabolic Edict

4x Terror

1x Demonic Tutor

4x Rain of Tears

4x Erg Raiders

3x Ostracize

1x Hatred

6x Despoil

4x Sinister Strength

5x Parallax Nexus

2x Rebel Informer

4x Black Knight

4x Rhystic Tutor

2x Thrashing Wumpus

4x Addle

4x Vendetta

3x Hymn to Turoc

4x Perish

4x Stupor

1x Demonic Consultation

4x Snuff Out

4x Marauding Knight

1x Nether Spirit

4x Dauthi Slayer

4x Dauthi Horror

4x Order of Ebon Hand

4x Dark Ritual

+ Many More


4x Accumulated Knowledge

3x Tinker

3x Brainstorm

6x Rising Waters

2x Boomerang

4x Memory Lapse

4x Spiketail hatchling

4x Obsessive Search

4x Glacial Wall

4x Ophidian

3x Propaganda

4x Impulse

2x Treachery

4x Disrupt

3x Dismiss

6x Lord of Atlantis

4x Foil

6x PowerSink

4x Air Elemental

6x Washout

2x rushing river

5x Merfolk of Pearl Trident

4x Toublesome Spirit

4x Thwart

5x Submerge


4x Shock

4x Jokulhaups

4x Lightning Bolt

1x Pillage (mirage)

1x Gobling King

1x Wake of Destruction

4x Veteran Brawlers

4x Kird Ape

3x Shivan Dragon

4x Incinerate

4x Seal of Fire

4x Gorilla shaman

4x Stone Rain

2x Flashfires

1x Final Fortune

2x Obliterate

4x Raging Goblin

4x Goblin Patrol

2x Boil

1x Earthquake

1x Tangarth, Talruum Heroe


4x Fires of Yavimaya

4x Armadillo Cloak

4x Lobotomy

1x Terifi’s moat

4x Noble Panther

6x Recoil

1x Aura Mutation

3x Hull Breach

4x Questing Pheldagrif

2x Artifact Mutation

4x terminate

16x Split Cards from Invasion on up


4x Phreyxian war beast

1x Scroll rack

2x meekstone

2x millstone

4x chimeric idol

4x tangle wire

2x ring of gix

2x anck of mishra


4x Drawven Ruins

2x Fairy conclave

2x Treetop village

1x Kor haven

1x yavimaya hollow

3x rath’s edge

Bunch of the Invasion duels at least 20+

Some more stuff

Quirion Drvyad (1)

Rogue Elephant (2)

Crop Rotation (4)

Wall of Roots (3)

River Boa (2)

Thicket Elemental (4)

Quirion Ranger (1)

Crumble (2)

Saproling Symbiosis (4)

Wild Dogs (3)

Pattern of Rebirth (2)

Bind( 4)

Force of Nature (1)

Skyshroud Behemoth (1)

Spontaneous Generation (1)

Elvish Champion (4)

Saproling Burst (3)

Thornscape Master (1)

Verdeloth the Ancient (2)

Jade Leech (4)

Planeswalker’s Favor (1)

Wild Mongrel (1)

Worldly Tutor (1)

Kavu Lair (1)

Nemata, Grove Guardian (1)

Killer Bees (1)

Pack Hunt (1)

Gaea’s Herald (1)

Blastoderm (12)

Restock (1)

Emerald Charm (1)

Kavu Chameleon (3)

Elephant Resurgence (1)

Llanowar Elves (8)


Crusading Knight (2)

Crusade (4)

Jhoval Queen (4)

Cho Manno Reno (1)

Savannah Lion (4)

Tithe (4)

Blessed Wired (2)

Light of Day (1)

Ramosan Sky Marshal (2)

Solateri Priest (4)

Spirit Link (1)

Longbow Archer (7)

Warrior en Kor (4)

Story Circle (3)

Steadfast Guard (5)

Solten Monk (2)

Order of Leitbur (6)

Serra Blessing (1)

Serra Angel (1)

Seal of Cleansing (4)

Enlightened Tutor (1)

White Knight (5)

Sacred Mesa (1)

Disenchant (8)

Common Cause (1)

Reya Dawnbringer (1)

Mageta the Lion (3)

Dismanteling Blow (4)

Order of White Shield (6)

Everything that is listed here is in pretty good condition. Have fun bidding and email me for questions. You can view some of my pictures of magic cards on my website.


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