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Beyond Dominia: Mixed/Standard Trading: My 1st post here...

By Thrall on Monday, March 25, 2002 - 03:35 am:

Yes rules are a pain but please take the time to glance these over.

1) Refs determine sending to/from anywhere.
My refs:
2) Cards must be shipped in Top Loaders!
3) My cards are all English M/NM unless otherwise stated. I only want cards in M/NM and I may accept non-English cards but I will not value them higher.
4) Please email all offers to Th***h@x***

DCI Level II Judge


-Miscellaneous Wants-
Any PLAYABLE Beta Common/Uncommons
x4 Phyrexian Arena
x3 Divert
x4 BB Sinkhole (I will accept these at less than M/NM so long as the face looks good. Of course less than M/NM will be valued less)

-Foil Wants-
x1 Solitari Priest
x2 Foil Mother of Runes
x3 Foil Swords to Plowshares

-The Usual Suspect-
xX Nantuko Shades
xX Grim Lavamancer
xX Iriescent Angel
xX Mutilate
xX Spellbane Centaur
xX Mystic Enforcer
xX Shadowmage
xX Morphling
xX Call of the Herd
xX Undermine
xX Urza’s Rage
xX Birds of Paradise

-Bargain Bin-
(These are cards that I will only trade for with the cards listed in my Bargain Bin.)
x1 Ancestral Tribute
x2 Gravestorm
x2 Back To Basics

-Throw Ins-
I am willing to do all throw-in trades so if you're looking for some C/UC stuff just ask!
x4 Spanish Llanowar Elf(will treat foiled as a normal want)

If you do not have any of the cards listed above I'll look at your list! Please include a link to your list.


x2 Alter Reality
x1 Ambassador Laquatus
x2 Angel of Retribution
x2 Balthor the Stout
x3 Cephalid Vandal
x2 Dawn of the Dead
x1 Devestating Dreams
x4 False Memories
x1 Gurzigost
x4 Grim Lavamancer
x1 Hypnox
x4 Ichorid
x1 Insideous Dreams
x5 Insist
x3 Last Laugh
x2 Laquatus's Champion
x1 Llawan, Cephalid Empress
x4 Major Teroh
x1 Morning Tide
x2 Mortal Combat
x2 Mutilate
x2 Nantuko Blightcutter
x3 Nantuko Cultivator
x1 Nantuko Shade
x1 Nolstagic Dreams
x3 Overmaster
x4 Parallel Evolution
x3 Petradon
x4 Plagiarize
x3 Possessed Barbarian
x5 Possessed Centaur
x3 Possessed Nomad
x2 Radiate
x2 Reborn Hero
x4 Retracted Image
x2 Sengir Vampire
x2 Shambling Swarm
x1 Skullscorch
x3 Transcendence
x2 Turbulant Dreams
x1 Vengeful Dreams

-Torment Rare Foils-
x1 Foil Balthor the Stout
x1 Foil Hellbent Raider
x2 Foil Laquatus's Champion Pre-Release
x1 Foil Last Laugh
x1 Foil Overmaster
x1 Foil Petradon
x1 Foil Shambling Swarm

-Torment Common/uncommon Foils-
x1 Accelerate
x1 Anurid Scavenger
x2 Cabal Ritual
x1 Centaur Veteran
x1 Chainer's Edict
x1 Chruning Eddy
x1 Coral Net
x1 Deep Analysis
x1 Hypochondria
x1 Mind Sludge
x1 Soul Scourge
x1 Vi9olent Eruption
x1 Waste Away

x1 Atogatog
x1 Cromat
x1 Death Grasp
x3 Iriescent Angel
x1 Lightning Angel
x2 Mystic Enforcer
x1 Mystic Snake
x1 Noble Panther
x4 Overabundance
x1 Pernicious Deed
x1 Phyrexian Processor
x2 Spiritmonger
x4 Suffocating Blast
x1 Vampiric Dragon

x2 Lifeline
x3 Mirari
x2 Mossfire Valley
x2 Mox Diamond
x1 Phyrexian Processor
x1 Skyshroud Expanse
x1 RV Sol Ring
x4 Tsabo’s Web

x2 Balduvian Horde (6th)
x1 Covetous Dragon
x1 Firestorm (autographed by artist at PT New Orleans)
x2 Lightning Dragon
x4 Mages Contest
x2 Magnivore
x1 Rathi Dragon
x2 Ruination
x1 Seize the day
x1 Skizzik
x1 Sneak Attack
x1 Urza's Rage

x1 Abeyance
x4 Aegis of Honor
x1 Divine Sacrament
x1 Karmic Justice
x1 Pariah
x1 Pianna, Nomad Captain
x1 Radiant, Archangel
x2 Serra Angel (RV)
x1 Serra Avatar
x1 Tithe

x2 Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor
x3 Avatar of Will
x1 Bribery
x1 Extract
x2 Persuasion
x2 Second Chance
x1 Temporal Adept
x2 Thought Devourer
x1 Time Spiral
x2 Time Stretch
x2 Time Warp (TM)
x1 Tradewind Rider

x1 Avatar of Woe
x3 Braids, Cabal Minion
x1 Cateran Overlord
x1 Living Death
x2 Mindslicer
x4 Mortivore (x1 Asian)
x1 No Mercy
x3 Phyrexian Negator
x1 Royal Assassin (4th)
x1 Tainted Pact
x1 Yawgmoth’s Agenda
x1 Vampiric Tutor (6th, ex)
x1 Vampiric Tutor (VI, ex)

x1 Avatar of Might
x2 Bearscape
x4 Bind
x2 Call of the Herd
x1 Child of Gaea
x1 Chlorophant
x1 Holostic Wisdom
x2 Jade Leech
x1 Kavu Titan
x2 Krosan Beast
x1 New Frontiers
x1 Penumbra Wurm
x1 Restock
x1 Spellbane Centaur
x1 Squirrel Mob

x1 Balduvian Horde 6th (Japan Stamp)
x3 Carnophage
x1 Desolation Giant
x1 Dralnu's Pet
x1 Dissipate
x1 Divert
x1 Erhnam Djinn (Beatdown Boxed Set)
x1 False Prophet (not the Prerelease version)
x1 Fungal Shambler AP Prerelease Card (signed by artist at PT NO)
x1 Giant Growth (DCI)
x1 Impulse
x1 Jeweled Spirit
x1 Lhurgoyf (Deckmasters Boxed Set)
x1 Mind Warp (6th FNM)
x1 Necropotence (Deckmasters Boxed Set)
x1 Rakavolver
x2 Rathi Assassin NM Prerelease Foil
x1 Silent Assassin
x1 Stroke of Genius
x1 Terror (6th FNM)
x2 Thorn Elemental 7th
x3 Thicket Elemental MI Prerelease Foil
x1 Twilight's Call
x1 Verdant Succession
x1 Volcanic Geyser (6th FNM)

-foil uncommon/common-
x1 Blastoderm
x1 Blazing Salvo
x1 Concentrate
x2 Island OD
x1 Forest OD
x1 Mountain OD
x1 Plais OD
x1 Urborg Volcano
x1 Rancor
x1 Scorching Lava
x1 Swamp OD

:D -The Bargain Bin- :D
(these cards valued fairly low)
x2 Amugaba
x1 Archivist
x2 Ashen Firebeast
x1 Aura Thief
x1 Avatar of Fury
x1 Battle Squadron
x1 Cabal Patriarch
x3 Cantivore
x2 Conspiracy
x1 Cowardice
x3 Cultural Exchange
x2 Delraich
x1 Earnest Fellowship
x1 Emperor Crocdile
x2 Fleeting Image (UL)
x1 Goblin Marshal
x1 Greel, Mind Raker
x1 Great Whale
x1 Intrepid Hero (US)
x1 Ivory Mask
x2 Ivy Elemental
x1 Karmic Guide
x1 Laccolith Titan
x1 Master Apothecaryitan
x3 Maro (VI)
x1 Need for Speed
x1 Notorious Assassin
x1 Oath of Scholars
x1 Palinchron
x1 Planar Collapse
x1 Pulverize
x3 Pyromancy
x2 Rayne, Academy Chancellor
x3 Rhystic Turot
x4 Rising Waters
x3 Repentant Vampire
x1 Samite Elder
x1 Seismic Mage
x1 Shivan Phoenix
x2 Show and Tell
x4 Somnophore
x3 Stalking Bloodsucker
x1 Sylvan Library
x1 Tahngarrth, Talruum Hero
x1 Tidal Kraken
x1 Tombfire
x1 Twilight's Call
x2 Unmask
x3 Zoologist

-Shiney Real Estate-
Convert your Foil Land into Rares!! All cards below trade 1-1 for any foil basic land. Please include these as a part of another trade
x1 Assembly Hall
x1 Attrition
x1 Barrin's Spite
x1 Bedlam
x3 Bend or Break
x3 Blessed Reversal (UL)
x2 Blind Seer
x1 Blizzard Elemental
x2 Brawl
x1 Chance Encounter
x3 Charmed Pendant
x1 Cho-Arrim Alchemist
x1 Crooked Scales
x1 Distorting Wake
x2 Diving Witch
x1 Dogged Hunter
x1 Do or Die
x1 Dralnu's Pet
x1 Erithizon
x2 False Dawn
x1 Foster
x1 Goblin Game
x2 Graceful Antelope
x1 Honor the Fallen
x3 Jeweled Spirit
x2 Kangee, Aerie Keeper
x4 Kavu Mauler
x1 Kill Switch
x1 Lurking Evil
x1 Magnigoth Treefolk
x1 Megatherium
x2 Mercadian Atlas
x4 Mungha Wurm
x1 Oracles Attendants
x2 Parallax Nexus
x1 Phyrexian Lens
x2 Planar Dispair
x1 Planeswalker's Scorn
x1 Radiant Kavu
x1 Rathi Assassin
x1 Recycle
x1 Saproling Cluster
x1 Sibilant Spirit
x2 Sunken Hope
x1 Stalking Assassin
x1 Thornscape Master
x1 Thunderscape Master
x1 Tsabo's Assassin
x2 Urza's Filter
x2 Verdant Succession
x2 Vernal Equinox
x1 Vieled Crocodile
x1 Vile Consumption
x1 Waterspout Elemental
x1 Zephid

By BWM on Monday, March 25, 2002 - 03:45 pm:


2 Phyrexian Arena
1 Nantuko Shades
1 Mutilate

Interested in:
-Lightning Angel
-Sneak Attack
-Time Spiral
-Y@wgmoth's Agenda

E-mail me at u***u@k***

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