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By SerraCollector (Collector) on Tuesday, April 30, 2002 - 09:19 pm:

Ok, totally weird request, but oh well. Alright here's the deal, I finally decided I am poor, and can't afford, so therefore, will never get, a complete set of Mana Drains. Because of this I have decided to get rid of my one and only...sniff..sniff....Itl Mana Drain.
Now if you want my Itl Mana Drain, it will be extremely simple and easy to get....all I want for it is....(drum roll please)...

As Many Prodigal Sorcerers as you can get your hands on. Thats right, this is gonna be like an Auction where Prodigal Sorcerers are th money. Why? Cause I'm crazy like that. Oh, and this is not a joke, I have done this once already about a year ago for a foil Nemata Grove Gaurdian and a signed English Gravity Sphere, where I recieved only 98 prodigal sorcerers. Thats like $20 in cards for like $2.00 in Prod's! Why? Cuase I'm crazy like that. So start going through your old shoe boxes, go to the local mall and look in the commons penny box, and collect ye Tims!

P.S. I hate 7th Tims, but will takem anyway. Also if one person has 700 4th Tims, and someone else has 698 4th, and 1 Beta Tim, he will win despite having less, because Beta's just dam kool, same thing goes for Foily 7th, and especially foily DCI ( I love'm!) So, just post how many your willing to trade, and I will check this place about once every two days for the next two weeks (give or take) and tell ya who's winning. Thanx. :)

By Guybrush, Keeper of Kookus (Guybrush) on Friday, May 17, 2002 - 12:43 pm:

i have 1...

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