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Interested in advertising on Beyond Dominia? We currently receive more than 40,000 unique visitors per month, who view over 7000 different Beyond Dominia pages.

The Beyond Dominia Advertising System
Beyond Dominia's ads rotate around the homepage, each of the mill pages and their messages, plus other sections as we add them. Your banner will circulate through all these positions at different times. We offer monthly and 6-month payment plans, as well as graphic design services. Please see the below table for pricing specifics.

Monthly Plan 6-Month Plan
Price $30.00 $150.00
Banner Design
(optional, feel free to design your own banner)

Banner Requirements
Your banner may be no larger than 440 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall. Your banner may not contain any content (images ore text) deemed offensive by Beyond Dominia.

Other features
This system has the ability to present you with real-time ad
statistics, including number of ad views, and the number of click-throughs.
This can help you to see how effective your banner is; you can also submit
new banners anytime and see how effective they are, too.

Questions and comments are always appreciated.

Please contact Goss Nuzzo-Jones at e***s@r***

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