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By Burn, the Keeper of the Flame (Fereno) on Friday, June 29, 2001 - 12:15 pm:

this would be shorter, but i kept thinking of more stuff while the boards were down.

Ok, elro wants someone besides him and shadow to respond to everything, im gonna try to do it in this post, while throwing around some ideas.

Ok, 1 thing that you have to realize that this is gonna be a place to role play. So don’t start a story or something and have everything you want to happen already ready. Just start it and see what happens. More towards shadows way then elros. Actually, elro’s way of Rping sucks(I hope you understand what im saying elro, and don’t jump down my throatJ), because its not even rping, its storytelling, so we definitely need to steer away from that. But without some kind of random events generator, its hard to try and be random. So I propose this: we create a huge random events generator. It has to have thousands of entries. I can do this on excel, just give me ideas for entries, and ill have it ready. And once or twice a week, we draw a random event. These events can be anything from tornados and thunder storms rage across dantimos to random character starts campaign tto take over the world to random character gets lost. So theres major ones and minor ones. And anything that says “random character” the first volunteer gets to do. And these events wont have to effect you. If your in beriful (im making up names now) when dantimos is having storms, the storms don’t effect you, or in things like new disease is created, your character doesn’t have to have any interaction with that new disease for a while, even if he/she is near the disease. Another thing, if people wanna have non-related stories, poems, epics, I say go ahead, just put (nr) in the subject so we know, this allows a lot of flexibility so more people come to the mill which leads to more people Rping. Remember these stories don’t have to follow any specific storyline, so if elro and shadow are STILL ending phaema (RBS all over again) then they can just decide to keep it alive and RP together.

On guilds etc…I think shadow agreed to be some sort of “force” if you will that will keep guilds form getting out of control. And at least 50% of the characters shouldnt be in guilds. So if theres too many people in guilds, shadow as this unnamed force/god can say: this guild has too many members, we need a volunteer or two to drop out, and/or more non-guilded characters need to be created. Or whatever shadow can use “forces” powers to destroy the guild, cause corruption, whatever need be. Btw, I already have a semi guild I plan on creating: Warriors of the Flame. Or WotF(I almost tried to make it WotC, but nothing works as fire/flame for C. Btw, it was purely accidental). I have some details in my head about it already, but im not sure so im not giving details, besides that it will have a keeper of the flame, and it wont be a guild, just more of a group of skilled warriors with a meeting place.

On character creation, just describe you character highly, ill use a character im actually gonna use with what id actually say:

Darzim Fereno/Lereno (which last name is better?)
Dwarven Warrior

Darzim is shorter and lighter then most dwarves, but his strength makes up for his size. Definitely stronger then the average dwarf, he also knows his weapons pretty well, and can take some hits. While not the smartest, he has a lot of common sense, while having a personality that’s abnormal for his race. His persona just jumps out at you when you meet him, yet hes not the most liked dwarf, once you get to know him, so he doesn’t have a great deal of true friends. When in battle, he ignores any command given and does what he wants. While at first he looks like a trained warrior that is an expert with all weapons, he goes into a rage in battle, where he cant feel anything, and has seemingly super strength, but he does make some extremely unwise moves. He uses a bastard sword in one hand, and in his other a hefty warhammer. Sometimes he trades both for his bulky great axe that he uses to crush his enemies with. Though hes more of a loner and lives in the wilderness he is a member of the WotF. Hes very impatient, though he shows a trained warriors patience in battle, until he goes into his rage. He likes everything fast, and when questing just wants to fight and get the job done. His only armor or shield is the metal plates on his forearms.

all I have to do is insert a history, and make a few changes that I might end up wanting, and I already have my character….i feel so happyJ

Now to the actual world. I think we can create a major world, but we need to limit ourselves to a small area to keep character to character interaction higher. Of course it has all its landmarks etc…

On to concepts, I like the mtg mana concept more then anything, and that definitely looks like it will stay. As far as the planes concept, use mtg’s(the planes float around, you cant cross to another plane unless the planes are touching, basically) but modify it like this: a planeswalker can only survive so long in the void between planes, so better planeswalkers can walk farther. And while it is possible to be a “perfect” planeswalker, and be able to take the intense mana forever in this void, there are few, if any, in all of the planes of the multiverse/universe/everything. And also, artificial planes will eventually ex or implode(not sure). This way we can have our plane in which our world is in far away from the mtg multiverse, but because planes float around, always have the option in stories of a stronger planeswalker traveling around between the planes, but this is something that will be very rare, and will have to be justified with our force/god (as it looks like it will be) shadow.

On dnd verse theatrical. The only things that should resemble dnd is this events generator I have an idea for, and the fantasy components. This is still writing even though its roleplaying.

On the races allowed, I agree with all humanoids (legs and arms means humanoid) but also, weak demons centaurs, and treants/ents, and any other creation someone wants to be. And the more common races, on the map, can be shown where their kingdoms etc are at, like there can be 3 different kingdoms of dwarves with different variants of the dwarf in each kingdom, and different variants of the elf, etc… I have a couple race ideas, one is a dwarven variant that is similar to the high elf in a sense that these dwarves are more related to the human race then your typical mountain dwarf (wood elf). I think we should make a list of races wanted, and vote for them. Heres an idea, ill store this list on my hard drive, just send any race you can, then we can vote etc. one race that I think will be interesting is the quarterling- half human half halfling.J

Now, on keeping track of whats happening. Theres gonna have to be a homepage which is regularly updated with new characters, stories, etc. and to keep track of time, there will have to be a year and possibly even month posted on the homepage. This way, all stories(with some exceptions, just ask mr god/force of our world, shadow) will have to be a no more then a month or two away from the date.

Also, an updated (yet basic) description of every castle/town etc. needs to be up on the homepage so someone doesn’t just walk across the drawbridge of KAATN, and then find out theres no drawbridge, theres the big golems that will carry you across.(im surprised I remember that, out of curiosity, are they still there, or did shadow decide to kill them or what?) oh, I just realized I have a dungeon making program that puts the finished product in .bmp or paintbrush format. Theres an outside tillset along with dungeon and castle tilsets. We can use this program to make our towns, castles, etc.. its called dungeon crafter. Its made for dnd, but it works fine for other stuff, in fact im in the middle of creating a town with a castle right now. Ill post a link, or e-mail me at r***e@a***l.com for the program.

Throughout this ive been assuming shadow will be our god/enforcer guy, but its up to him. Well, I hope says yes. And hell, if elro wants to be involved, id want him to help too.

By Elrohir (Elrohir) on Friday, June 29, 2001 - 06:54 pm:

I would jump at the chance to be God (I've already been two in the past...) but I think this is something I should stay away from because having an already inflated ego. Shadow hasn't quite reached the extremes I have, but he's been close on numerous occasions. He could have the job, if he really wants it.

I long ago recognized that my style was different from everyone. But check this out: People started emulating it. I think that's what screwed the old RPM quite a bit. I would never claim to be a true role player when it comes to most of my past work; I am a storyteller at heart. I envision how I will end things, and then the story builds itself.

You've never seen me roleplay, I think. The last time I roleplayed was during the Black Monolith war, when the story wasn't mine, but I casually slipped into it and altered things quite a bit. A lot of it was because I was working on a "definite" story for Elrohir in the meantime, and had just ended it, giving him an opportunity to return - wherever and whenever I wanted him. That was my favorite time role playing. Since then, I haven't posted much but stories about my "kids", but now those are colliding with Shadow's characters (and those he controls), so I am role playing again, by what I imagine your definition is.

Anyhoo, I work with my own very loose definition of "role playing." My stories are usually about one person, the "role" I choose to take. Any other characters are incidental most of the time. It's a weakness of my own writing, and also a strength. I will often have a very fleshed out character at the expense of all others. Ah well.

Random events generator. Right. Again, I work on the theory that when it comes to the internet, and this place, that people don't have the time, energy, or enthusiasm to devote massive amounts of time to it, for sake of their real lives. I for one wouldn't contribute to your random events generator, for one because the maybe ten people we've attracted won't come up with *a* thousand ideas, let alone several thousand like you've suggested. Mechanic math tells me that's over 200 ideas per person. At least. Sorry, I don't have time to care about that (don't take it the wrong way). People are our random events generator. When we need something random, enough people present will make things random. A randomness generator wouldn't be necessary.

RBS all over again? What's that supposed to mean? The RBS had nothing to do with ending the world, was epic in the end only because it took a year and a half to finish, and as far as I can tell was only of real importance to the people involved, as it did not affect the world at large. We are coordinating our stories somewhat, though I have no idea of Shadow's final intentionsa and he has little idea of my own. Ideally, I wanted the RPM's tale finished by the end of June. Obviously that's not going to happen (losing the site for about 5 days didn't help either). With no way to post, I had no impetus to write, with no impetus to write, nothing got done. And now I have to go to work. Maybe when I get home in the morning I'll write up something quick to jump start my brain, but probably not. Graveyard shift sucks. :P

By Burn, the Keeper of the Flame (Fereno) on Friday, June 29, 2001 - 11:02 pm:

well, you could be demi-god....with shadow there to put you back inyour pin(for lack of a better sentence) when you get out of hand.

im glad i didnt have to pry you from my throat:)

wasnt around during the BMW, but have heard things

i will do the generator by myself, but anyone with any ideas can contribute. it wont be done for a while, but it will be there, then, if the mill needs pushing, just get a number and scroll down. actually, it will never be finished, but before we go to use it id like to have at least 200 events on it.

by RBS all over again, i mean you run for a REAL long time, thats it. and graveyard does suck.

By Super Autumn Gaeanewt on Friday, June 29, 2001 - 11:26 pm:

Burn, have you read the wheel of time series. In it the Amyrlin Seat is the keeper of the flame. Here's my character.
Autumn Gaeanewt
He is an Aelfin. To be precise, he is the Aelfin's ruler, the holder of the truth. He is the son of Urza, and his mothers are Gaea, Belbe, and Autumn Willow. He can cast a spell that summons a familiar, to be more precise, a Dracolord. A Dracolord is small, only 6 inches long, but it bestows upon the person who uses mana through it, the ability to answer any three questions asked by another. This ability can only be used once for each person. Three questions a lifetime. The keeper of the truth rules from Tar Valon, a great city put together by the finest in Dwarven Masons and Elfin Architects. The City keeps itself in business by selling the water from the fountain in the middle of the town also known as the i{tel'aran'rhiod}. It comes straight from a subterranean spring that flows through a mana pocket. This water has the power to fuse stone together, and was used in the making of Tar Valon. It also has the strength of a fountain of youth, making you age very slowly. There is also a council of 6 advisors to the keeper of the truth. Those can volunteer later. That is basically it. I'll add more later.

By The Maxx,. the Guru of Foolishness (Maxx) on Saturday, June 30, 2001 - 04:35 am:

Once again, I reiterate, this place shouldn't be a "system". It should definitely be more loose than that if people are going to start jumping in at various points. People shouldn't need to be "taught" this place for a week before they can actually jump in. Straight interactive RP'ing would be ideal I think. Like a pe and paper game, without all the dice, and charts and such. Think statless D&D. Stats and charts are limits. And as a few folks have so eloquently put it, "Limits are bad."

The Maxx

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