3rd War Mill Planning Board

Beyond Dominia: 3rd War Mill Planning Board
Welcome All! Shadow speaking, and quite excited if I say so myself.

What do we have here? Nothing. That's right, a clean slate, naughta, zip, nothin'. Well, that's not exactly ture. We have you. You and your ideas, your inspirations.

The War Mill and the Role Playing Mill were truly unique phenomena, but their time has long since ended, and now the time has come for something new.

I know two things about this thing we're going to create, and that's it. Everything else is up in the air until you give it some substance. My RPM compatriots and I are newbloodthirsty for ideas.

The two things I know are:

a) It must be accessible to newcomers. That was the problem with the RPM, it was nearly impossible for newcomers to get involved and thus it stagnated and shriveled into nothing.

b) It will involve some fashion of roleplaying, but probably not your traditional dice-chucking D&D madness. I've always liked the idea of interactive storytelling, we're you make plot twists in other people's stories, but mainly we should strive for flexibility.

So I'll lay down a goal, and maybe we'll see where the rest of the chips of fall.

Make this:

A forum that is flexible, inviting, enjoyable, and exciting.

That last above all else, I think.