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By Burn, the Keeper of the Flame (Fereno) on Monday, July 02, 2001 - 09:38 am:

here ill put all the race descriptions i or anyone else do so we can throw them on a homepage as soon as we get one. i wont do the soldevi or aelfin, as im sure their creators want to add on to what they got, but i have the dwarves done, and will be working on the 3 elven races(high, wood, drow/dark) and gnomes. Ill just do races that have interest of me in this world, orcs, half elves, humans and halflings are probably the only others ill do, so if you want the newbs to see a mnotaur, youll have to do it if i dotn get around to it.

By Burn, the Keeper of the Flame (Fereno) on Monday, July 02, 2001 - 09:40 am:


The Dwarves are short, stocky fellows, with long, white beards. They can take amazimg amounts of punishment and have a very good strength. They live to be about 150-200 years old. Dwarves reach maturity at about 20-30, but learn to fight and forge armor well before then. Dwarves can normally fight and forge until about 130 or so, then the aging process starts to kick in... Dwarves weigh about the same as humans, but are usually 4-5 feet tall. They distrust magic and generally frown upon anyone in their kingdoms attempting to learn it, but those born with the gift are usually taken in by one of the few mages in dwarven society. In some dwarven societies, these dwarves are banished and sometimes even killed, but both are rare. Typically, dwarves favor longer beards, and except for the fact that most female dwarves shave their facial hair, its hard to tell the difference between the a male and female dwarf unless you’re a dwarf. Scattered around the world, they typically live in mountains and are constantly fighting, whether it be a dragon, or a drow invasion, or just fighting for their homeland, they are always fighting. This has made them very adept at warfare, and making weapons. Along with their capacity for ale, their fighting, and blacksmithing is known everywhere, and dwarven weapons and armor are prized possessions among all warriors. Dwarves organize well, and will follow a commander very easily. They are a sort of greedy race, maybe moreso then humans, but not much more. Dwarves are typically peaceful with elves, and humans, and love gnomes for their ability to do things with metal that they cant. Some dwarves, though, have begun to dislike elves and feel that their constant fighting with the drow is because the elves are forcing them to, but these are false accusations, most likely started by drowish prisoners in one of the many dwarven kingdoms. Technologically, dwarves are slightly above average, but other then weapons and armor, the only thing that stands out as dwarven made is mirrors. They make the some of the most beautiful mirrors, when they do make them. If dwarves weren’t so busy making weapons and armor, they could make other metallic wonders, especially with the technology of the gnomes, or of the soldevis.

1 down, lots to go....

By Burn, the Keeper of the Flame (Fereno) on Monday, July 02, 2001 - 04:35 pm:


Wood elves are a reclusive race that love the forest. They are typically taller then dwarves, but shorter then humans. The are lightly build, weighing from about 90 to 140. They live 1000-2000 years normally, and are very skilled at magic. They can work with wood and magic as good as dwarves can with metal and stone, making the most prized bows in the land. They don’t venture far from the forest, as they don’t need to because everything they need is right there. Elven cities are rare, but usually, a group of high elves rule over the wood elves. The wood elves birthrate is low, and, by pure chance, from 2 wood elves, a high elf can be born. Wood Elves blood is extremely potent, and upon mating with a different race, a wood elf will be born.


High Elves are born by pure chance from to wood elves. High elves cannot reproduce another high elf, and the wood elf blood in the elf is so potent. In some rare cases, more likely when with a human, a high elf that cross breeds will create a true half elf. High Elves are basically wood elves with an extremely long lifespan. It is unknown whether a High Elf will die of old age or can only die from disease, getting killed, etc. They look more human then wood elves, and typically are better with magic. The only real way to tell an elf is a high elf is at birth, for a short time, it will emanate green mana. Other then that, its impossible until the elf is around 2000 years old. High Elves are typically banished when they come of age by the High Elven lords of their tribe, because they feel threatened. In some extreme cases, they are killed upon birth. High Elves are common where humans are, and interact with them extremely well. Near the city of Tar Valon, High Elves are even more common, for some currently unknown reason.


While not closely related to wood elves, the drow were given the monicker “dark elves” most likely from dwarves. They look exactly like Wood Elves, except they have a dark gray skin, and have white hair. They live underground and sometimes in mountains, and are constantly contesting with dwarves for living space. The drow have an underground city under spyre known only to the drow and their closest friends. Drow can easily live in forests, and small bands of them raid the wood elven encampments in the southern area of Misilya forest. The drow have tunnels that span the earth, but have to share these with other underground creatures such as dwarves and orcs. The drow tend to by slightly stronger then regular wood elves, and have amazingly good vision in the dark. While not actually evil, most drowish mages are very good with black mana, and necromancers are common.

By Skelly on Monday, July 02, 2001 - 11:18 pm:

Undead-These are the basic undead you might encounter.

Skeletons-The bones of long dead warriors usually with armed with rusty weapons and tattered clothing. Slashing and piercing weapons don't do as much damage against skellies for obvious reasons. But bashing weapons are extremly effective.

Zombies-A recently deacesed corpse risen from it's grave. Usually half rotted with skin falling off and smelling horrible they are extremly dull-witted and never use weaponry.

Ghouls-While not REALLY undead, ghouls are humans with a curse to hunger for rotting human flesh. There skin turns strangish hues and the teeth grow long and they also smell. While cowards alone and defeated, they are extremly fast with a natural resilance to damage. They arm themselves with crude weapons such as boneclubs and there long claw-like fingernails.

Now on to more powerful undead.

Vampires-Not your traditional blood-sucking fiends. The vampires here are of the Blood-Dragon Clan. They drink and bath in the blood of those who recently died in battle. Ferocius in battle they charge in with blades screaming with the souls of those who have fallen.

Wight-An extremly powerful man in life becomes an extremly powerful undead in unlife. Wights are upgrades from the classic Zombie by being armed with scythes that constantly are as hot as the underworld's fire.

Mummies-Powerful kings and fighters of an ancient civilazation who used the desert as there home were mummified. A practice where a body is perserved using many things than wrapped in linen. A powerful sorcerer can bring these men back to life. Slow and plodding but unstopable in close-combat are these things. But linen burns easily.

Lichs-Powerful Wizards who have keept alive for thousands of years using dark rituals and dark pacts. These men's bodies have withered but there magik stays even stronger. There magik is powerful enough to challenge the most talented mage and overwhelm the young(Compared to them) wizard in dark energy.

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