The 4 Wizards, first person get's to make the next 2...

Beyond Dominia: 3rd War Mill Planning Board: The 4 Wizards, first person get's to make the next 2...

By Sideath on Saturday, September 29, 2001 - 03:55 pm:

The great Wizard of the East, Sideath, landed on the Great Plains of Octopius([i know dumb name]); where after seeing the vast creatures there from the yellow elks, to the brown zebra's... he decided this would be a good place to settle for the time being. As Sideath started practicing and strengthining this spells against his arch nemesis, The Wizard of the North, Hades, for his arival to vanquesh Hades shall be soon after Sideath is strong enough for hades has the power of 10 different locations([by that i mean control of 10 lands like in the game]). Sideath was working on new spells where he came upon his newest and greatest spell yet, New frontiers, but he was yet not strong enough to use it's power for he only controled a plains and a forest was needed for the spell to work.
10 days later Sideath of the East has explored 4 more lands, 2 forests off the coast of yavimaya, a swamp nearby the plains of Octopius, and a very small island near his friend, Gerrard's home, which was a present from Gerrard. He now decided to try his new spell to gain control of a total of 9 lands. "Here goes nothing," Sideath said hopefully, "I cast you, New Frontiers!" It worked, as 4 new lands nearby formed; a forest, 2 mountains, and a swamp to give a total of 3 forests, 1 plains, 2 swamps, 1 sland, and 2 mountains. Sideath decided he should explore his new lands. Since his lands were so close together he decided just to anme the area, The Vance Utopia, and explored the lands as if they were one. He took notes on the creatures there were on the land and he found a suprising amount of Atog's. Thus, he decided to make his army.
5 more days later Hades now has 12 lands and yet Sideath only posses' 9 but has been working on this spells the past 5 days............

By Sideath on Saturday, September 29, 2001 - 08:20 pm:

5 days later The Wizard of the East, Sideath has found an incredible amount of spells, which were all possible because of 1 spell; Phyrexian Arena. From that spell he learned 2 in the time of 1 spell, Sideath now has enough to control the atog's in a few months ([mana untaps every month]). Sideath also learned another New Frontiers, a Time Stretch, and has found the legendary atog, Atogatog. :::Sideath casts his second and yet last ever New Frontiers ability and increases his land control range from 9 to 17. Sideath of the East also casted his only Time Stretch which Hades' Realm has been frozen for the next 2 months, plenty of time for Sideath to gain more abilities in time to conquer Hades.
2 months later after the Time Stretch being cost Sideath now posses 26 spells at his disposal and also to this spell book to record his spells he cannot forget them so easily, and also a graveyard book to keep track of old spells he may recurse; Sideath also posses 1 Atogatog, 1 Spirit Monger, and 16 other Atog's.

Sideath has made a few small realms for certain purposes, to train his atog's, strengthin this fire abilities and this killing abilities. Sideath of the East is now ready to face Hades of the North...
The battles wages off the coast of.............

By Sideath on Monday, October 01, 2001 - 08:40 pm:

The battle wages off the coast of Yavimaya in which suprisingly Hades had the first strike not Sideath, for Hades was using one of his spells all along to see waht Sideath was up to; Hades struck with a Shock. Next Sideath burned him up with a Ghitu Fire for 16 damage; Hades is down breathing hard and yelling in pain as he is now almost dead. Sideath of the East asked him for any last words for he had a sonic burst back waiting to be shot, Hades then said you will never... Hades was cut off by another burst of energy by the wizard of the south, Crovax, Crovax then vowed this planet was his as he showed he was superior with 39 lands, and 4 blaze back; Crovax toyed with him and blazed him for 17 leaving the great wizard of the north, Sideath, at only 1 life point remaining; as Crovax of the south taunted him waht he didn't know was one of Sideath's spells was to return to 20 life, as he so just did. As for that minute he just learned the great art of counters. Sideath unleashed his wrath of atog's including this legendary atog, Atogatog. Crovax responded with ...

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