WWu -- Good enough ??

Beyond Dominia: The Type 1.5/1.X Magic Mill: WWu -- Good enough ??

By Zeta on Sunday, August 12, 2001 - 11:59 am:

The WWU decks at Worlds kinda impressed me as i was also running a quite similar version. But how does it measure up ? Is it really that good? Judging from Ruel's play at Worlds, his deck seemed strong enough..

Here's my take


4 Tundra
2 Undiscovered Paradise
4 Tithes
12 Plains

4 Meddling Mage
4 Mother of Runes
4 Warrior en-Kor
4 Soltari Priest
3 Soltari Monk/LongBow Archers
2 Paladin en-vec
1 Knight of Dawn

4 Swords to Plowshares
4 Disenchant
4 Cursed Scroll
4 Crusade
1 Seal of Cleansing

One : Is running a short rebel chain in Lieutenants and Steadfast Guard good? .. arent Longbow Archers or extra Shadows(Soltari Monks) better ?

Two : Running Brainstorms .. Good ? or is running something else betteR?

Three : I seem to do okay against Forbidian and Morphling Blue, but i seem to lose , about 35-65 to Counter Phoenix ...

I feel a similar version running Geddons or Cataclysms with Empyrials are far weaker. Sure, if u managed to Geddon or empyrialed a shadow critter, thats good. But its no fun when it gets Misdirected (oh .. now my Ophidian is a 7/9 kickassed snake!!) or a countered Geddon. You lose advantage.

Who's gonna counter a Crusade? .. C.Scroll is fast on turn one..??

By BrianB, the Patron of Elves and Silly Combos (Brianb) on Sunday, August 12, 2001 - 01:57 pm:

The rebel chain is handy. Turn 1 sarge (not louey) is a real threat against some decks. Sligh will want to burn it or get it's ground assault shut down. If you can survive to the midgame, recruiting will ice the match vs. stompy. And adding the chain gives you 8 more cheap cards that give stasis decks nightmares (in case pikula and seals weren't enough). Brainstorms have a nice synergy with tithe, but they're hard to fit in, slow you down a bit, and require more commitment to blue. I'd lean against it. Seal is usually better than disenchant, so run 4 of those. Crusade will be bad if ww picks up in popularity. Armor will be better in that case. Phoenix is just a tough matchup. Seal over disenchant will make you slightly better able to stop their kegs and disks, so that your priests and scrolls can finish them off. Wastelands are important, too, buying your little guys time to beat and denying him the ability to use thawing glaciers.

By DarkmorSoceror on Thursday, August 16, 2001 - 04:31 am:

Though having the rebel chain will help vs stompy, it's too mana intensive for the likes of the white weenie deck. You'll need around 3 mana before you can effectively run the deck as compared to the original build with longbow archers and shadow creatures which only requires at most 2 mana to run your opponent over. I don't think you could be fast enough to match up with stompy.

For an edge against counter-phoenix, you'll need to sideboard. The typical sligh sideboard should work, ie including chills and hydroblasts. I would even play phyrexian furnace just to eat up the shard phoenix and hammer of borgarden that's in their graveyard.

Don't you think that knights of dawn and paladin en-vec are a little slow for a rush deck? I'll suggest white knights over that. That'll leave the extra mana on the third turn free to deal with threats.

I don't know about the brainstorms though. Having access to more cards on the 1st turn is good but it'll serve little purpose there other than drive deeper into your library.

By BrianB, the Patron of Elves and Silly Combos (Brianb) on Thursday, August 16, 2001 - 12:54 pm:

You shouldn't look at a rebel chain as something you HAVE to use. Sarge is a 1/1 for W. Steadfast guards is a 2/2 notapper for WW. Niether is TOO terribly suboptimal. If the recruiting thing happens, great. If it doesn't (and it usually won't), you didn't give up that much. You won't gain the life that you would have gained off of soul warden (the next-best 1-drop to MoM). You won't have first strike and pro black like white knight or block flyers like the archers. As for brainstorms, the reason you run them is to bury useless cards and score a free reshuffle with tithe or recruiting. The problem is that recruiting is a late-game phenomenon, and you want to use brainstorm effefctively earlier. Moreover, the deck should only splash blue. 4 tundras and 4 tithes. If you have to use your tithe to get blue mana for brainstorm, you won't get the benefit of the shuffle. The biggest reason not to run brainstorm, though, is that this is an aggressive deck. You will have other stuff to do with your mana for the first 3-4 turns. It's tough to find the time to cast brainstorm. And the 3cc creatures are a little pricey. If you run crusade, keep the creatures cheap and plentiful. Those 3cc slots should be 1cc.

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